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PCR #96 (Vol. 3, No. 4) This edition is for the week of January 21--27, 2002. PCR Spotlight

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The Gilmore Girls
Plot synopsis and review of the 1-22-02 episode by Lauré Piper

This week's Gilmore Girls was the beginning of the season, I guess, as the last few weeks have been reruns. We open in Lorelei's kitchen and the girls having breakfast. It is a beautiful, cold winter day.. Lorelei steps out onto cold, snowslick porch to get some air and *bang!* she falls through a slat in the porch. Horrified, she calls a repair man. They are told they have termites and, as their foundation is being eaten away, it will cost the girls at least $15,000 to get it fixed. ::sigh:: They don't have that kind of money.

Then cut to the next scene and they are in Luke's diner and Rory runs in with a letter in her hands. She received her PSAT--something like 750 math and 710 verbal and is just floored that her math score is higher (*laughs* I can relate!), but Lorelei reassures her and demands she gloat!

That night, Lorelei swears she hears the termites gnawing away at her house and they pack up and go to spend the night with Sookie. In a comedic scene, the girls realize she is not alone. Jackson was spending the night. When they finally convince him to come out of the utility closet, they find him wearing PJs courtesy of Kinkos that have photos of Jackson as a high school wrestling team member on them. They do try so hard not to giggle at the poor man! Unsuccessfully, I might add.

So Lorelei goes to every bank in town, only to be continually turned down. Bleak, out of options, but determined to solve this on her own, she constantly turns down help from her rich mother. Rory begs her to ask, but she will not. When they have dinner that night with Emily, Rory spills the truth about the situation and Lorelei damn near grounds her she is so livid.

Meanwhile, we have the PSAT scores. Everyone at Chilton is passing theirs around and gloating and Rory will not give hers out. Parris is livid! She tries every trick in the book to get her to tell, even having her friend call Rory, lying about compiling a list for an article. Rory will not budge and Parris fumes.

In a second subplot, it appears Rory and Lane have not spoken in weeks, and Rory finally confronts her friend about it: And? Lane is wearing a cheerleader outfit--the pinnacle of uncool. :o) They get angry, and stalk away from each other.

Meanwhile, Luke steps in, inspects the house and pronounces it "not so bad" and offers to help her, with some help from some "guys he knows." (Erm, vague on what happened here. Sorry) Back at the Independence Inn, Lorelei receives a phone call confirming her appointment with a banker. Confused, but suspecting, she calls her mother. Yes, Emily set up the appointment and it is only through constant begging from Emily and Rory that she goes.

Emily is waiting for her, but Lorelei is still stubborn. She will get this loan on her own or not at all. She makes Emily promise to only ask about the man's wife (a very cute scene). So, into the office they go, and Emily is a good little girl, listening as Lorelei points out how she wants to do this on her own, handing over all her papers and references and credentials. She is turned down flat. She doesn't have enough credit or collateral. She's stuck, until the banker suggests a co-signer would help. Emily smugly steps right up, and out the door they go, loan in hand and all is well--Lane and Rory are still not speaking, and Parris is still insanely jealous, but the girls will have their house repaired in no time.

And that was this week's Gilmore Girls. A very good episode, on my list, and one I hope they will replay again for all we fans to enjoy.

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