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Established A.D. 2000, March 19.  Now in our third calendar year!
   Number 107 (Vol. 3, No. 15). This edition is for the week of April 8--14, 2002.
Here and there...

Fortunately, the middle-east situation referenced in last week's PCR has calmed slightly. Tha doesn't mean we should rest easy...only that the worst is stalled for a little longer. I'm more and more disappointed in our administration's seeming tactics of lengthening this. I was shocked to hear some official say "This isn't about finding Bin Laden anymore. We have to look at the big picture."

Isn't about Bin Laden anymore?? What the heck does that mean? He's off the hook? He's so damned clever that all of our best resources have failed to smoke him out of his cave? We've bailed on him to find even bigger fish? What do we tell the victims of 9/11? That we're no longer concerned with Osama Bin Laden? That's an outrage. And yet, sadly predictable. They've discovered there's a cash cow in the war business (an old seduction) and they'd just HATE to end it all by actually, you know, finding the bad guy.

BEATLES FOREVER....? I was surprised that I got zero reaction to my article last issue about Paul McCartney's announcement that The Beatles were poised to film "Lord of the Rings" around 1960, but J.R.R.Tolkien poo-poohed the idea. I finally forced a comment out of Terence and Count Poffula who both basically said the same thing: that McCartney's either delusional, or that it was such a minor episode in the Beatles history that it wasn't worth documenting up to now.
Considering the trivia madness that went on around here following the death of Waylon Jennings, I expected at least such enthusiasm over the Beatles/Rings thing. So much for my predicting powers...
"THE WORLD OF NOLAN", my public access talk show, had a remarkably successful inaugural episode. Will Moriaty, old friend and author of "La Floridiana", came on for the full hour to talk about his TREE organization and Florida agriculture/horticulture. He showed many slides from his trip to some Orlando gardens and we got some interesting live phone calls. As soon as I can find time, all the new World of Nolan episodes will be more thoroughly chronicled over at Crazed Fanboy. Watch for them. This season's schedule is posted over there, too, and frequently updated!
THE X-FILES. Anybody check out that weird-ass X-Files last Sunday night? I think Chris Carter is trying to clear out his closet of the weirdest scripts he ever wrote, but never produced. Burt Reynolds starred as some sort of ghostly shaman who follows this serial killer around and spooks him by always being near the scene of a murder. Then he sets up a game of chance nearby, entertaining strangers, until something happens..then disappears. Every once in a while he or one of the background characters would break into song..usually an Italian torch song. The episode was ended satisfactorily as far as the serial killer goes, but that whole thing with Reynolds, well, I'm just not sure I got any of that bidness!

I made the papers!! And I didn't even have to have a controversial public access show to do it. A reporter from the St. Pete Times called me a couple weeks ago to interview me. Seems he was curious as to the origins of the name my neighborhood was given last year--Sun Bay South--and the only site he could find any info on---using three internet search engines was--ready?---NOLAN'S POP CULTURE REVIEW! LOL! Yep, it was in Issue 51. So we talked for a while, he said he and his editor had considered doing a more extensive piece on the PCR later on. I'm really jazzed about that, even if it may have only been to loosen me up. That said, altho the newspaper came out last Friday, you can find the Sun Bay South newspaper article, with me and crazed fanboy mentioned, online here: Know it or Not, They Live in Sun Bay South. To reference the original PCR article in question, see issue 51.
AND BEFORE I FORGET ABOUT THIS AGAIN: I've been meaning to update the URL for Mike Clark's Big Thirteen TV website: www.big13.net. Mike Clark is an ex-employee of that Tampa television station and the Big 13 website chronicles the many highlights of its notable tenure here. So now you have it!

La Floridiana This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
Amidst the bright subtropical skies and warm waters that define the place we call home, namely Tampa, there was, and to a degree still is, an undercurrent of darkness that has ruled, terrified, financially ruined, and even killed a large number of its citizenry. That force of darkness is known quite simply as organized crime and Tampa has historically had more than its fair share of it.
When most people think of where organized crime has flourished, they often think of cities such as Chicago, New York, or Las Vegas. But one of the biggest organized crime cities in the country was, and by some people's estimations still is, right here in good ole Tam-pah! .......................................................Click here for more.

The Digital Divide
New column!
Terence Nuzum and I have conspired to rectify an old sore point: there's been no regular music column in the PCR. As of this issue, we hope to kick-start this into higher gear. Like the movie-review page, it's open to any and all comers!
First up: Terence reviews several new albums and reports on current band news!
Music review by Terence Nuzum..................................Click here for more.

Deadguy's Dementia He's back!
Deadguy's Dementia by Michael Scott

CGI--COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGERY: FRIEND OR FOE? I wondered if some of the folks that like to whine about CGI have ever really thought about what the core of their arguments consist of. It's not my intent to change anyone's minds about the topic, nor even try and open anyone's eyes. I just wanted to point out some of the things that at least APPEAR to be overlooked by the hardcore "anti-CGI" folks. Predominately, I've noticed a trend towards using blanket comments like: "Itís not art," "it looks fake/unrealistic", "it's overused, and irritating", and "it's a cop-out"...... ............Click here for more.

Matt's Rail This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
BUCS BACK TO WORK. Believe it or not, Buc fans, but the team has just completed their first minicamp under new head coach Jon Gruden. Not suprisingly, the energetic Gruden had everyone, including coaching staff, in a very up tempo, go get 'em frame of mind. Even 20+ year Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin noticed a major change from the stoic demeaner of former head man, Tony Dungy. EDUCATION PLAN "BUSH"WHACKED. As is the case much of the time in politics, promises made during a campaign are ones made to be broken. The platform of education that Bush hung over Gore's head like stinking garlic is all but lost, now that Bushy has decided to all but eliminate funds approved by Congress... .................................Click here for more.

Mike's Rant This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith
WELCOME BACK........AGREEING WITH THE "MATTSTER"........BASEBALL UPDATE........FEAR THE TURTLE (and the idiots that cheer for him)........ MOVIE NOTES........WHEN MY BABY.........SAY GOODBYE........IT WAS........ .................................Click here for more.

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.
   Thanks for the piece on Arafat/Sharon, very good and accurate.
   Thanks to Will for his indie reviews...because of him, I now want to see "El Lector" however it'll have to wait till I'm back, since it's very unlikely they'll offer a screening here (and the sepiatone is a favorite of mine for certain period pieces, as well as very grainy monochrome). I am tentatively planning on checking out the indies here, as a comparison to U.S. indies.
   Matt Drinnenberg's piece on "televangelists" is very good and it's nice to know Christians feel that way.
   Arafat/Sharon: If they were to take "religion" out of this equation and fight it out in court, then perhaps, it could be settled. All things must change/change is inherently unavoidable. With that in mind, the "promise" of that particular piece of land changes as well. The rest of the world can change and the Jews can't? I realize that they (Jews) are the "persecuted" (yeah..right!), but hell, we've all been persecuted at one time or another....."Ariel, GET OVER IT!!! YOUR "PERSECUTION" WAS OVER 2,000 YEARS AGO!!! I really don't know how best to solve the Mid'east situation, however I do know that as long as religion remains a part of the strategy on either side, that it'll never be resolved. When one uses religious reasons to resolve anything,especially governmental issues, the result WILL be skewed, forevermore.
   Ronda Storms (Public Access issue) sounds like a female version of Bob Buckhorn, what's eating her anyway? We need more Libertarians in local government....AND we need at least ONE television channel that cannot be censored!!! Doesn't the U.S. Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights mean ANYTHING to these people???

Your friend in New Zealand,
Steve [Beasley]

Kudos to Mr. Drinnenberg for his past two Rails, the first concerning televangelists, the second concerning G.W., "the eja-makayshun" President. I want to express my 100% support, and hope to discuss such issues at his e-mail address in the future.

I have been a registered Independent voter since 1973. Presidentially I voted for Ford(R) in '76, Reagan(R) in '80 and '84, No one in '88 (Bush Sr. and Dukaukis were both out of touch with this country) Clinton(D) in '92, No one in '96 (Clinton turned out to be a two-faced lying and shameful sleeze bee and Dole, bless his heart, was just too stale by that point in history) and Gore(D) in '00.

I am basically moderate in my politics. I dislike Democratic social spending programs, and I dispise Republican efforts to create welfare states for big corporations. Democrats too often treat morality as if it is an evil, and Republicans too often cling to the belief that anyone else's sense of morality is an evil.

I'm not holding my political silence any longer. The Republican Legislative and Gubernatorial branches that are now running this great state are the most arrogant and corrupt that it has seen in decades, and possibly ever. They have made a mockery out of Sunshine laws (i.e. House Speaker Tom Feeney for starters), have gutted years of progressive environmental protection laws, have raped the State's civil service work force, gutted growth management laws, have tried to make our public schools an extension of the PTL Club, and have handed big business absolutely every wish that they have had on a silver plate that will end up costing tax payers even more. I have seen what "Jeb!" has done to this state's government--up close and personal. I'm not surprised by any stunt that the Bush brothers pull off because it should be obvious to anyone that their end game is to create a political dynasty-- and remember, if you speak out against their excesses I've described above, they'll just caveat that with "Where's your patriotism at a time like this?"

I don't like to feel this way--I don't like branding a political party any particular way any more than I would want to brand an ethnic group any particular way--but it's blatantly clear that for all the sincere and good things that I believe that Ronald Reagan tried doing for this country 20 years ago, today's Republicans are using his good name and intent in the same perverse ways that opportunistic terrorists and politicians invoke the name of Jesus Christ, God and Allah for less than honorable things.

Yes Matt, you and everyone who reads PCR and has a brain to think with should have every reason to be scared and discouraged at this situation because there is no longer a balanced political system in this country. All semblance of moderation and openess to differing views is being washed away by a one-party system that has no intent on listening to anyone else's views but their own. How sad--how sad that the Republican majority has chosen to take this opportunity and blow it so badly--oh, and don't anyone out there think there aren't a boat load of Democrats in that same sorry company that prove that "power corrupts--absolute power corrupts absolutely."

I thank the Lord God Almighty that there are Christians like yourself who are fundemental to the God's Good News and can sniff out when the false prophets amongst us are trying to lead us astray. I'm thankful that your good words have given a side of the Christian to people like Nolan, Terence and Steve to let them know that there are Christians who are not intent in injuring, defaming, and even destroying those who are not in the Christian ranks. That from a fundamental sense, this a belief system of great love, compassion and hope for all of mankind if applied in its proper God-inspired doctrinal manner. I'm also grateful that you have the wisdom to know that God is neither Democrat nor Republican.

We may not like the Bush boys, but we can pray for them to make the right decisions. Even if such prayers go unanswered you'll have done the right thing--that's what truly matters most. This State and this Nation--this world for that matter--could really use our prayers right now in these critical times. Even if you don't believe in prayer, try to hope for the best--for you have a stake in this world too, regardless of your real or perceived place in it.

Will [Moriaty]

To send an email to Letters to the Editor write to: Crazedfanboy1@aol.com.  Any emails sent to this address will be assumed intended for publication unless you specifically instruct me not to. I can and do respond privately, if that is your preference. Frequently, it's both ways.---Nolan

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