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Established A.D. 2000, March 19.  Now in our third calendar year!
   Number 114 (Vol. 3, No. 22). This edition is for the week of May 27--June 2, 2002.
What a week!
Reflections on one of the strangest weeks I've ever had.          by Nolan B. Canova
Old home week...blasts from the past continue to turn up---some more surprising than others; which ties into
Back from the dead...An old colleague given up for dead resurfaces at the movies!
The fallout over Matt's Rail...Matt Drinnenberg's "exposé" concerning our nation's founders' dubious religious roots reaches critical mass.

Possibly my most personal PCR to date...
Running a website like this one and producing a TV show like mine can be very stressful, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some odd perks. I've met a lot of interesting people through these channels. Some people I "met" over the internet I may never get to meet face-to-face, but I'm grateful for their input and support. One of the greatest things is when someone special from the past makes contact after sometimes decades of separation just by surfing the 'net, or locally, watching public access TV, and stumbling on my ugly mug. This year has been the most amazing, in this manner, than any I've ever had.

It wouldn't behoove me to name every name right now, because the lion's share of my audience won't know who I'm talking about anyway, and, for all I know, the folks in question may not want their names splattered all over the 'net (but you know who you are). This past week alone, however, I've encountered no less than FOUR people from the moderate-to-distant past who suddenly turned up at once.
   First I got an email from Bebe Williams (the one in last week's Lettercol), commenting on an old PCR article about fanzines. I haven't had contact with Bebe (pronouced: "Bee Bee.") since the '80s.
    Then last Friday, I got a call from Doug Deal, who I used to have a band with (Sniper). Doug is the son of retired local newscaster Arch Deal. Doug's sister Karen is married to ex-Jefferson Airplane singer Marty Balin (who I nearly toured with--long story). Doug and I always got along famously, but he was forced to leave Tampa 11 years ago due to personal problems. It was great catching up with him.
   This year I even heard from two of Corey's ex-girlfriends. This past week I got an email from one, Vicki, a girl who knew us both....almost 25 years ago! I am always moved when someone like that cares enough to write.
   Sometimes it's one of my TV shows, other times it's this website, but whatever it is, I'm glad when it happens. (Doug just remembered my number--LOL!).

But nothing.....NOTHING...could have prepared me for what happened last Friday afternoon at a showing of "Attack of the Clones".

Dead Man Walking? Forget Elvis---The Tom Bowles sighting...
Once upon a time there was a Tampa book store called Your Book Nook Newsstand. For about a year in the late '70s, it was managed by a young man named Tom Bowles. Most of us in the "old gang" used to hang around there then and got to know Tom. He and I never got to be close friends or anything, but we were involved in a lot of the same activites, and you get used to seeing a person over several years, you know? In January, 1979, I took a job at the Book Nook and Tom left. Around 1980 or '81 he opened The Fandom Zone, one of Tampa's earliest direct-shop comics outlets. The Fandon Zone eventually begat The Comics Café. I was a fairly frequent customer to both. After the Café closed sometime before 1990, I lost track of Tom.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I have been referring to ex-Book Nook/Fandom Zone/Comic Cafe fixture and comics fan/dealer Tom Bowles as "the late Tom Bowles" for many years now, following compelling information gleaned from other comics dealers in the mid-'90s that Tom had passed away (or was not expected to live) from an inoperable brain tumor. Over time, the whole "gang" came to say his name with that touch of reverence the dearly departed inspire.

I got the surprise of my life, however, last Friday at a showing of "Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones". Apparently the reports of Tom's death were greatly exaggerated. Here's the VERY strange story...

As mentioned in my newsletter and TV show, I had planned on seeing "Clones" at a digital theater in Pinellas County (Parkside Mall) with Patty G. Henderson (aka Adriana Gomez, in a previous non-de-plum) and Terence Nuzum at what we thought was the 1:00pm show. We bought tickets and discovered we had another half-hour to kill as the movie had changed to a 1:30pm showtime. We decided to grab a bite to eat at Chick-Fil-A.

Patty and I talked about old times and fans we had known or forgotten. I brought up Tom Bowles, who Patty definitely knew, as having died. She said she never really believed that, but she had no idea whatever did happen to him, either. I reminded her that several people who knew Tom had repeatedly inquired about him and had done internet searches and came up with zip. The tracks stop right about when he "died". He was either dead or severely missing.

We go inside the theater and get seated. While chatting, I asked her if she remembered other dealers and stores from the '70s and '80s. That went on a couple more minutes.

We went back to talking a bit more about Tom, when a couple of male figures passed by in the row in front of us looking for seats. I said, "It's funny, I got Tom on the brain now, because that kid who just passed by looks just like Tom!" The two male figures find seats about 7 down from us in that row. Patty looks at the closer one and said, "Nolan, that IS Tom!"

My heart skipped a beat and I said, "Oh, c'mon, that's not funny....I just meant that that's some kid who kinda looks like Tom." (The dim lighting really played hell with me here; he looked young in the dark.) Patty squints real hard and says, "Nolan, I'm telling you that's TOM BOWLES!"


She challenged me to call out to him. I said "No way, I'm not calling out...YOU call out!" So she did. "Tom?" she said. The figure turns to us. "Yes?"

GULP. Then I say, "Tom...BOWLES?" He says, "Yeah?" (The voice nails it.) Patty says, "Hi, how ya doing, it's _____ !" (I don't remember if she said "Pat" or "Adriana"). He seemed to know who it was. She points to me and says, "That's Nolan". Tom says, "That's NOLAN?!?!?!" (Yeah, the grey hair and weight gain...I know). Obviously we're in the presence of THE Tom Bowles.

My next brilliant utterance was, of course, "I thought you were dead!" He said, "As you!" I went over for a close up---yep, no doubt about it. We agreed to meet after the movie.

Tom explained the situation. He does have a brain CYST, not tumor, that occasionally swells when he gets excited, nervous, or over-heated, and can make him very sick. It forced him to more-or-less retire from public life (as it were) for a while and move back home with his parents for health care. He said he understood how the "death rumor" could get started, but that he was never out of the Tampa phone book (one of those entries where you have to know the trick, tho) and he is now working with his brother. Internet searches failed because he never cared to establish a website. Over the last several years he decided to pretty much avoid people to avoid stress (I know the feeling).

He related more personal details from his life and, suffice to say, he's had a rough time. (Interesting to note, Patty thought she remembered a comics store up on 30th St, not far from the old Fandom Zone location, where she saw Tom after he "died". Tom confirmed he DID have a store there about 1996, but it only lasted a few months.)

The friend who accompanied Tom to the movie was introduced to us, and I'm sorry I've forgotten his name, BUT he knew me from an encounter at the old Book Nook Newsstand that must've happened between 15--20 years ago!

Tom gave us some personal contact information, said I could share it with "the gang", and with that, he was off.

What are the odds, you know? A theater I've never been to at a time I'd never go otherwise, talking to a guy I never expected to see alive again. Too weird...glad I had witnesses.

HELLZAPOPPIN'. The controversy over "Matt's Rail"...
As a capper to an already bizarre spring season I'm having, this one takes the cake. I haven't had this much mail feedback since the first "Terence's Tantrum" back in 2000. For those of you just gettin' on the boat, I'll try to summarize briefly: Old friend and colleague, Matt Drinnenberg, writer for "Matt's Rail", wrote me a while back that he wanted to do a Rail about end-time Revelation. When he called into my TV show a couple weeks back, he said something similar. I thought, "Yeah, well, kinda religious, but whatever...". I figured he'd do one column and get it off his chest.
   What he had in mind, however, or at least how it turned out, was a multi-part series "exposing" the founding fathers as Freemasons and implying they were Satanists. Most of this was gleaned from the internet and from a book called "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike.
   I didn't feel good about the first chapter, but I went along with it. The second chapter went so much farther into conspiracy and religious dogma, that for the first time ever, after uploading that chapter, I pulled the plug on any future installments. Not the columns, but the subject--it was not appropriate for the PCR, I felt. It's one of those things I just couldn't know until it was right in front of me.
   This issue's Lettercol has pretty much all the email I received on the subject and it's all good stuff. It might be a good idea for new readers to bone up on the controversy by reviewing Matt's Rail, PCR #112, and Matt's Rail, PCR #113. My response to Matt and to the first letter writer (Christian Dumais, whose letter appeared in PCR #113) are included in those issues.
   It should be noted that Matt and I exchanged several personal emails and we're OK. The "Rail" returns this issue with our boy back in more normal, less hysterical form. HOWEVER, contact info is provided there for any readers who wish to continue reading his exposé series---Matt will send it to you directly.

La Floridiana This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty

Matt's Rail This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
As you know, Nolan is disallowing further installmennts of my series on "The End Times". However, in this week's Rail, I include contact info for any of you who wish to continue receiving it directly.
END TIMES SIGHTING? Some people believe that, in the End Times, the dead will walk the earth. I had no idea when I began my quest that Nolan would actually run into one of the dead.... ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Having been menaced by the phantom a couple years ago, I went into this with 'some' reservations. Putting a lot of thought into my possible reaction, I decided to view this void of preconceptions or expectations, and take it for what it was. While there were a couple things that bugged me, as a whole I enjoyed 'Clones'....
..................Click here for more.

Wake Up and Smell the Comics This week's issue
Wake Up and Smell the Comics #17 by Drew Reiber
Well, who saw this coming? Seriously, I didnít think it would be THIS big. Just four weekends and Spider-Man is well on itís way to hitting the $400 million mark. Itís being talked about everywhere, from the television to the trade magazines. Everyone from children to adults, boys and girls, making their way to a comic book movie... who would have thought? Even more impressive, it outperformed Star Wars for an opening weekend and general/critical response. A guy might get the idea that comics are on their way to the mainstream again. One can only hope..... ......Click here for more.

Unique to this issue!
"Musings of a Make-Up Artist"   by Corey Castellano
Will also be linkable from the Crazed Fanboy homepage.

The Digital Divide This week's issue
Music Review by Terence Nuzum
For some reason, this year Tom Waits has decided to grant all our wishes by releasing not one but two albums, oh yeah, and they're great. Alice and Blood Money are both concept albums which consist of compositions that Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan wrote, based on two plays....
.................................Click here for more.

Mike's Rant This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith HE AIN'T HEAVY.........HERE'S A LIST........TOM IS DEAD (miss him, miss him, miss him)........ ALLOW ME TO CLARIFY........EXPECT GOOD THINGS FROM THIS GUY........MOVIE NOTES........MATT'S IN........ .................................Click here for more.

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.

Nolan (and Christian Dumais),
Just thought I'd comment on Matt's article, and the apparent "debunking" he got in the letters column. (Re: "Matt's Rail" #112 and #113, plus last issue's Lettercol.---N)

If I showed up at your door with a chain of skulls around my waist, and a machete in my hand, you'd be a bit taken aback by it, and probably assume that I'm there to harm you. However, if you knew that my religion incorporated skulls to indicate my sexual prowess, and a machete which can only be used to indicate my shame for having been caught masturbating in public, you'd be giggling about it for years, and have pictures to show your friends.

Now, if I were a Demonology Satanist bastard typically covered in the blood of sacrifices on a constant basis, poked out my own eye on purpose and decided to tatoo a pentagram to my forehead, would there be any discussion about what pentagram interpretation was being represented? Would it be a mere coincidence that it also happened to be a symbol incorporated into my belief?

You folks must notice all KINDS of coincidences on a daily basis, like when the streetlights go green, you may have noticed a tendency for cars to start moving forward. Isn't that kinda weird?

That's pretty much the point Matt is making: he illustrated what the groups were that were affiliated with the capitol's design, and then listed the various items of construction, and layout that are known to be key elements of these group's symbolism. Ever look at the back of a dollar with the pyramid eye thing? Is that the next coincidence in an amazing collection of hundreds of governmental coincidences? It's probably not affiliated with anything, and may refer to a legend about how this one "god" that this country is apparently under, used to watch over Egypt's people with his supernatural eye.

Yeah that's it.. any other link is SURELY a coincidence. Makes you wanna go get a lottery ticket, because the coincidences are CRAZY today!

You're attempting to prove a negative, with NO BASIS, except to say, "Well gee, although the symbolism matches precisely and the architectural endeavor was planned out by folks that followed that specific symbolism, and there are dozens of pieces of similar evidence, but, you must be making blanket statements, because other groups.. groups UNRELATED to the building of the capital may have imput THEIR symbolic designs onto the architecture, and you don't know that for sure."

Please try to have some substance when you attack a guy (and his faith, with your side comments) like that. He has provided substance for you to evaluate, yet you brought only straight denial, a source credibility attack, and are content to rest on your laurels and complain, with no basis for your claims.

I, for one, found it to be very interesting, and it is INDEED a part of our culture. Hell, considering the prevalent goth movement, I'd consider it a nice strong component of our pop culture these days too. It's more of our pop culture than the 9/11 events will ever be.

I usually have Nolan on my side if he prints my articles [Deadguy's Dementia] to begin with (he's only held back a few non-PCR-related articles) Ya'll kinda took Matt and strung him up.

To some, it most definitely is a pop culture item, and is indeed begining to shown some startling global trends that fit (however seeminly coincidentally) with the various religion's senses of the "end times".

Please let his articles continue; you let him start, now let him finish. If necessary, I'd like the rest of the articles sent directly to me.

--Mike ["Deadguy" Scott]

Dear Matt,
I, in fact, did find the first part of your new series interesting but the minute the second part hit the "press" I just had to stop reading. It was too religous. I remember when I first started writing in for the PCR and I asked Nolan what kind of subjects were not "allowed" on the PCR. He basically told me no sports, politics, or religion. Now that doesn't mean that we can't talk about them in passing, but a series on the "end times" is too much. I consider myself a Christian, but I don't buy into the Revelations. From my knowledge, God and Jesus taught that you were not to focus on the past or future, but the present. I found your religious comments way too Fundementalist, so I stopped reading. I think if the PCR delves into religion, it will get out of hand. Religion is not pop culture.

On that note, I'd like to bring up the fact that you discuss Satanic prophecies from which I can only guess you got from the Satanic Bible. If that is so, then your article is really empty on facts because the Satanic Bible was written by Anton LaVey who all sane people know was a just a showman and charlatan and if anybody thinks that his "Satanic Bible" has any value, they really need help.

In the end, the PCR should stick to what it is: our opinions on pop culture and not a platform for our personal or religious agendas. I mean, for that matter, I could write columns about my own movies and how great I think they are and that would be shameless as is blatant religious grandstanding. Get back to what you used to write--at least I read it then.

Terence Nuzum

Nolan and Matt,
There is no real "great mystery" or "dark side" to the designs incorporated in the layout of the Nation's Capitol.

Simply put, the design intent was one of forced perspectives, visual cuing, connections and transitions. It was meant to draw the attention of the observer from one focal point to the next. For a center of government, or even a large private business, this is not an inappropriate design response, but a means to convey to the observer the gravity, importance and solemnity of said government's or business's purpose.

This is a basic premise of landscape architecture that dates back before Christ, and is seen in repeated themes throughout the world. The Taj Mahal, the ailees and layout of Paris, the great villas and manors of Europe and the British Isles, and the Moorish works of the Middle East all incorporate this premise in part or in entirety.

I found Matt's column to be interesting reading, nonetheless, and in his defense, we (fellow PCR writers and publisher) occasionally "rail" ourselves about our conspiratorial views on non-religious matters in this publication from George Reeves and the assassination of Kennedy to the War on Terror and the downing of commercial aircraft. With the exception of George Reeves, and to a lesser degree, the assassination of Kennedy, those matters are not typically of a pop-culture nature. I do not believe, however, that the limited publishing of such views denigrates or minimizes the mission or intent of your publication.

Will [Moriaty]

Hey Nolan,
I was pretty amused to read Matt's column the past couple of weeks. I've seen this behavior in him before, when Mike, Rick, Mark (LSD RULES!) Goshen and I (was Ben Gregory there?) had that beer blowout party at the house Mike's dad was renovating so that his girlfriend could burn it down a few months later. As when Matt went bananas then, you should do what I did: try to knock him out with repeated blows to the nape of his neck. If that doesn't work, do what Mike and Rick did next: throw him into a shower with the cute hitchhiker girl who mysteriously showed up at the party. Then puke a lot.

Seriously, I'm glad to see Matt throwing off the shackles of mental Republicanism. But as a practicing Satanist, I am insulted that he'd think our community would have anything to do with George W. Bush.

Okay, really, seriously I hope the old boy gets a job soon and has less time to dwell on metaphysical politics. Although, you know Alan Moore read that Pike book and ended up writing "From Hell" (and getting f*&king filthy rich) as a result. Maybe this can't help but do Matthew some good.

Re: Tom Bowles. Actually, I knew that Tom was alive, but that he'd had these tremendous health and family issues. Our old mutual pal Ken Davis has kind of kept me up to date on Tom during the past 2 decades.

I was almost as amazed to hear that you went to see STAR WARS with ADRIANA GOMEZ as that you saw Tom!  Jesus CHRIST, it's a bloody small world, after all.

Love to all my old Tampons.

Apeshot Studios
, Houston, Texas.

I read Matt's stuff... It's interesting (to a point) but what are his sources? What are his source's sources?

Just because one pissed off ex-Mason says that they're all Satanists doesn't mean a thing. I need evidence, man. I'm a Doctor not a theologian...wait! I'm a history major with a minor in religion....We are ALL going to hell.

Christianity started as a secret society, due to persecution. Peter the apostle himself denied affiliation with Christ. They met secrety in caves. The "sign of the fish" originally started as a crude graffiti to pass messages about meetings and so forth. However, after the time of Christ, Romans came to like Christians because of the sect's policy of "rendering unto Caeser" and "turning the other cheek". They loved that.

Matt, what's the difference between "sacred geometry" and "geometry"?

Prophecy, out of context, is dicey at best. The "Satanic Bible" is by Anton LaVey. His church was more about hedonism than devil worship.

Masons are not so much a secret society as a society with secrets. In Matt's article he pointed out there's a Masonic Temple right in the heart of Washington, D.C.. How secret is that?

Corey Castellano
Imageworks FX

Re: Matt's Rails. I didn't find the subject to be OFFENSIVE... A bit Falwell-ish, perhaps, but not offensive. In fact, I was so fascinated by not only where the story might be going (did it seem to you like he was getting ready to "out" George W. as the Anti-Christ?) but also by what seemed like the total break-down of Matthew. Like a train wreck... horrible but you're somehow compelled to watch, just the same.

I am actually disappointed that he won't be finishing the story. I will confess, I don't check in with PCR EVERY week, but I happened to read #112. I read the first installment of the story, and I actually made a POINT of coming back for part two in #113.

I AM Catholic, ya know, and I enjoy a good end-of-days theory once in a while. In fact, my hubby is CONVINCED that Dubya IS, in fact, the Anti-Christ. I keep telling him that he's wrong, the Anti-Christ is Celine Dion.

Love ya,
Lisa [Zubek]

Thanks for your remarks at the end of Matt's piece last week. That stuff can be interesting (if not for the Christianity bent), but it has no place on NCPCR. He took what could have been interesting for an Art Bell-ish website and turned it into a sermon.

Nice guy, but he should know better.

Steve [Beasley]
Auckland, New Zealand

Heya, Nolan,
Just thought I should point out that Satanism is actually a sect started by a former carney named Anton Zander LaVey. Yes, a former carney. The basics of Satanism, in a nutshell, are worship thyself. Even LaVey was pretty tongue-in-cheek about his own 'religion'. As to the Satanic Prophesy... I just broke out the Satanic Bible, and it doesn't really label anything as "prophesy". The Satanic Bible basically puts down weakness and seeks salvation inside the individual. There's no demonic connotations contained therein. That's devil worshipping. The pentagram goes across both of them, but I think what Matt was trying to say (and I don't know why he's so shocked about conspiracy, I mean, we're talking FREEMASONS, after all) was something with a more demonic slant. Not a Satanist slant...

Sad thing is I'm not even a Satanist and I know that... You'd think if he was gonna go off like that he'd at least do his research.

Some of the points of contention I had while reading Matt's essay were: The meaning of propaganda. I thought it was kind if humorous the way he used the word when Propaganda was actually a means originally used for converting the pagans to Roman Catholicism

A VERY unknown fact that Matt might find interesting if he wants to add to his conspiracy theory:
Jehova's Witnesses were founded by a Freemason. The guy is buried under a masonic tombstone. There's a conspiracy for ya...

On symbols of the Freemasons:
The pentacle is the forerunner of the pentagram (same thing but one's upside down) -- in Satanism, the upside-down pentacle, or pentagram, symbolizes the grounding of man to earth -- in Wicca/Neo-paganism the pentacle represents the melding of body and spirit

Satanism 101: by (former carney) Anton Zander LaVey
-- your average Satanist believes in themselves for salvation
-- the "teachings" of LaVey do not necessarily involve sacrifice or law-breaking-- that's up to you to face the consequences of your own actions
-- Lucifer's number was said to be 9 in the Satanic Bible.
Devil worship/demonic worship is most likely what was being aimed at.

Another useless bit of knowledge: Satan and Lucifer are two separate entities, as are Beelzebub, Belial, Tiamat, Leviathan, etc. Lucifer is the Morning Star, or the Bringer of Light, and the favorite of Gawd. The pentacle/pentagram became the symbol of 'evil' when the Roman Catholics got a hold of it, the pagan symbol was the pentacle, and since paganism/wicca was evil in the eyes of the converted, thenceforth the pentacle became a symbol of evil...

Another little-voiced fact: Catholic mass is VERY similar to a pagan sabbat. Things in common: altar symbol just in the respect that they both suggest having a symbol on the altar), altar candle, bell (optional depending on the type of pagan you are), book (book of shadows/spells for a witch, book of prayers, aka Bible, for a Catholic), goblet, incense, etc. And ask a Christian about the reason for the Easter bunny and Easter eggs on Easter (those symbols are in the pagan Ostara ritual of rebirth)

There are obelisks in Egypt, too. They were a symbol of power. Ronnie Reagan was into numerology, etc., it would make sense he wanted to face the symbol of power.... or maybe he just wanted to pay homage.

I guess I don't understand why Matt has such a bee in his bonnet about the "conspiracy" of America. I wish he had provided links to the information he found---especially the part about the roles of the Bushes in Skull and Bones, and all that...

I'm actually glad you posted his rantings though... Matt's fanaticism is a wide-spread phenomenon these days, what with all the godlessness America is supposed to contain. That was why we got attacked, right? So now the whole "war" is being turned into a holy war and may the best gawd win. Matt's raving is just a reflection of the new American way, I guess... at least as far as the government and the patriots. Kind of a pop culture movement...next thing you know we'll be burning the witches again. Sigh.

At any rate, it's nice to see someone who fully believes in the freedom of speech. As much as I might disagree with Matt's theories, I wouldn't censor him either.. :) You have my respect for bearing the brunt of the responses I'm sure he must have received. Hats off to you.

Suzi the Smiling Goth of Smiling Goth Productions

The following letter from Matt was received late last week. He, like the others, is responding primarily to my earlier comments and to Christian Dumais' letter from PCR #113, not to the letters in this week's issue, which he hadn't seen. Except for this, all letters published in this section are in pretty much the chronological order they were received over the space of a week.---Nolan

You are absolutely right! Pike's book had a major effect on me. As did the personal correspondence by our founding fathers relating specifically to my point.. which is simply this: We have "God bless America" plastered throughout our country, and yet we bastardize every single precept for living He demands! As a nation we talk of His protection, and then lock Him up in a closet and ridicule those who speak on His behalf. As for my argument being based on "fiction", the only thing I can say to that is that if you consider historical FACT to be fiction, then major reassessments are in order for that individual. There is absolutely NOTHING in what I'm writing that is personal opinion or that is hidden from the public. It's out there to see if you want to see it. True, there are many meanings for many symbols that have been created by man. I don't dispute this at all. This is just as accurate a statement as what I've written thus far. Nothing taken out of context. But there is no reason whatsoever for our founding fathers placing a Christian symbol on a building dedicated to an occultic god. Let alone something of Jewish heritage like the Star of David. Certainly not Jesus Christ either, especially considering the unilateral rejection of Him in favor of nature's god. 1 + 1 = 2. Perhaps my personal beliefs come thru a bit much, but its incomprehensible to delve into End Times discussion and NOT base it around the Book of Revelation. As such, I'm trying in earnest to look at this from two perspectives: Ours and beings living on this planet, and God's. As for what got me started on all this......it was Mr. Canova's lamenting how the middle-east crisis was looking rather "end-times"-ish (Italics mine--N), which was right on the heels of my discovering Pike's [book], "Morals and Dogma", which was right on the heels of me learning about our true history. Surely, anyone can deny whatever they please, even historical fact. There are Nazi extremists who are ardent followers of Hitler alive today who adamently refute the notion there was ever a holocaust. As insane as that is, it doesn't mean they don't really believe it.

To Nolan's comments that "To brand any and all of that 'Satantic' is grossly judgemental, potentially libelous, and really, requires a large leap of faith all its own", all I can say is that I'm not now nor will I in the future, judge ANYBODY. I'm simply looking from God's perspective, which I mentioned I was doing, and from that perspective, anything and everything that is contrary to God of Scripture is Anti-Christ/Anti-God in its being. Not my words. His! As for being potentially libelous, that is incorrect. Again, there is nothing out of the box. History tells the truth eventually, and what I wrote about our current leaders is, in fact, FACT. Not refuted by either of them. And no, it doesn't take a "large leap of faith all it's own". It just takes faith, which most people lack (which is another correct verse of Scripture). As I stated in my personal email to you [Nolan], I will not expect you to run my next article regarding this.

HOWEVER, I am writing it anyway. I think I may have discovered something quite profound, although admittedly I could be wrong. Not about what I've written, but about what I think has transpired according to Scripture. Which is exactly why I needed to set the record straight regarding our nation's birth, and our true legacy, regardless if people 'think' that, now, we're okay. If anyone would like a copy of upcoming Rail please feel free to email me and let me know and I will gladly send it to you.

God bless,
Matthew [Drinnenberg]

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