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Established A.D. 2000, March 19.  Now in our third calendar year!
   Number 125 (Vol. 3, No. 33). This edition is for the week of August 12--18, 2002.

Moving on...

Lot on my mind this week, and not much news, so I'll be brief.

Thanks again to all friends, family, fans and filmmaker colleagues for the tremendous show of support and encouragement regarding my recent personal setbacks, AND for all the on-time birthday greetings received this past Tuesday, August 13th. It makes the road ahead a little less painful.

Yes, I saw the opening kickoff of the Bucs pre-season game (quite by accident) and was impressed at the 95-yard return for a touchdown. And that's about all I remember of it. I was at my brother's getting smashed and trying to relieve myself of consciousness.

Heard from Ft. Pierce, FL-based actor, Joel D. Wynkoop, earlier in the week and we had a nice chat. Barring any more catastrophes, Will Moriaty and myself are scheduled to travel to Brandon to witness the premiere of Joel's film "Twisted Illusions". Will will likely be the one to write that up, but I'll chime in a thought or two I'm sure.

Got an email from Renegade Production's Rick Danford. Due to the outstanding success of the Saints & Sinners film festival, another festival will be held likely in November. By then, many films that were unable to enter the first time will be completed and ready for public viewing. I won't miss that one, I don't care what happens.

This is admittedly a narrow-niche announcement, but y'all might get a bang out of it anyway. Old friend and ex-Andromeda Society member, Scott Gilbert, forwarded me an email from another old friend and ex-member, Marc Bingham, regarding news that Marc has opened a dinner theater in Seattle. Now that, in and of itself is terrific, but what separates this dinner theater apart from most is that there is a live-action theme drama played out every night---right among the dinner guests! The actors even talk with the guests while in character. Pretty terrific idea. For more info, please take a look a his website, http://www.nwmurder.com/, there's a link on there where the company is given pretty rave reviews in the local paper--and the food is great, I hear!

La Floridiana This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
The Paranormal in Florida:
"Florida U.F.O. Update"
. Yes, it's true, even in the year 2002, strange and mysterious things are occurring right under our noses, or I should say, right above our heads, in the skies over Florida. Here's just a small sampling of more recent sightings in the Sunshine State gleaned from the National UFO Reporting Center. ...................................Click here for more.

The Unapologetic DVD Enthusiast This week's issue
The Unapologetic DVD Enthusiast
Mike "Deadguy Scott checks out Resident Evil! Drew Reiber covers The Lord of the Rings, Lethal Weapon 4, plus covers some DVD news! Additional commentary by Terence Nuzum, like you thought you could escape that! ........................Click here for more.

Matt's Rail This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOLAN!!!. Yes, this is the birthday week for our very own Pop Culture Review homeboy...... GO BUCS. Since this E-Zine is stationed in Tampa, I must mention that the Bucco's looked pretty impressive in their preseason opening victory over the Miami Dolphins..... FROM THE "YOU MUST BE SMOKING CRACK" DEPARTMENT. You reach a point as an adult where you feel pretty certain that you've experienced, witnessed, or at least heard most everything you'd call or consider completely stupid and moronic. I though I had heard it all...until today..... ...............................Click here for more.

Movie ReviewMovie Review
This Week's Movie Review:
Reivew by Mike "Deadguy" Scott...Vin Diesel's character, essentially the streetwise American equivalent of James Bond, with a triple dose of badass and a thick layering of Extreme thrill seeker with NO desire to be a secret agent, has to get "involved" in such a way that he'll do what they want. The results could be spectacular.....
Review by Nolan Canova...For all the talk about "Triple-X" being a James Bond-like film, I confess I don't really see that. It's more like a cartoon of James Bond films--which is itself a cartoon of spy dramas.....
.........................................Click here for more.

Mike's Rant This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith
HAPPY BIRTHDAY........I can't help but second Matt's words about our esteemed editor....REMEMBERING A LEGEND....this weekend fans all over the world will remember the legend who passed away in August 1977--GROUCHO........MOVIE UPDATE....the long-anticipated "Freddy vs Jason" film......... ...............Click here for more.

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.
In reference to Terence's and Drew's comments on the Lord of the Rings DVD/VHS release: (Re: The Unapologetic DVD Enthusiast, this issue.---N) Sounds as though someone's been taking lessons from George Lucas doesn't it? Rest assured, although I'm not going to say that EVERYONE knows about the waste of money, apparently the word is out there. When I traveled to four different locations to purchase the Resident Evil DVD, it was the day after the release date of the Lord of the Rings DVD, and in EVERY case, I asked how the L.O.T.R. was doing, and they all commented on how every shipment of Resident Evil had sold-out on the day of its arrival, and how L.O.T.R. was almost completely unsold.

I fear that your concerns over a special edition are a bit premature.. There's a bigger beast looming a bit further over the horizon; a box set release of the "Lord of the Rings Trilogy" complete with a 4th DVD that contains not only every special feature you could imagine, but the remastered, animated film "The Hobbit" as well. It also includes film cells from all of the films, and a big blow-up hobbit punching bag for taking out your consumer frustrations on. Now, at the moment, this box-set is merely a figment of my imagination, but doesn't it make sense that they'd do something like that?

I don't think that folks are completely unaware of that eventuality, and the folks that are buying today, are only the impatient, and the hardcore middle- earth fans, or perhaps those that worry that special features on this release won't be included in future releases.

However, I have to wonder; if the current DVD doesn't do well and end up collecting dust on the shelves, how many stores are going to push future editions? If we assume two releases per film, and then a box-set, that's 7 DVD's of 3 films. Of course, keep in mind that DVD's cost less than a dollar to print, but cost the consumer an average of $16 per DVD, not including the fancy, yet useless TIN that the box-set is probably gonna' ship in.

The same marketing issue is affecting sales of Star Wars prequels, and to a stronger degree, the soundtrack for Episode 2. Episode 2 soundtracks aren't selling because they're the first version. Episode 1 soundtracks sold well, and a special edition soundtrack was compiled and sold shortly afterwards. NOW, the consumers are playing it smart, and just biding their time awaiting the 2nd release of the Episode 2 soundtracks.

This kind of irresponsible behavior by folks like Lucas, is going to ruin the entire DVD market. They won't be able to get their 2nd versions out, and when the 1st versions hit clearance, the customers will pick them up. Stores simply aren't going to carry items that are predicted to go on clearance. What's going to happen when Part 2 of Lord of the Rings is first released on DVD? Are stores going to take a chance with it? Or are they to going to wait for a 2nd release? If this crap keeps up, there won't BE a 2nd release.

When the third DVD comes out, they won't sell a single copy until the boxed set prequels come out, and in the case of Star Wars, there might even be those that wait for a boxed set containing all 6 films before they spend any more money on it.

With the "apparent" purchasing downward trend, this stuff might even force Hollywood to rethink its budgets on related films. It's bad news for sci-fi / fantasy in general, I sure hope they cut the bullshit before it bites them.

--Mike [Deadguy Scott]

To send an email to Letters to the Editor write to: Crazedfanboy1@aol.com.  Any emails sent to this address will be assumed intended for publication unless you specifically instruct me not to. I can and do respond privately, if that is your preference. Frequently, it's both ways.---Nolan

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