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Established A.D. 2000, March 19.  Now in our third calendar year!
  Number 134  (Vol. 3, No. 42). This edition is for the week of October 14--20, 2002.
Changes in the wind...again.





How many of my column headlines over the years have been titled "Changes in the Wind"? Particularly this year? Well, I'm not going to go look right now, but I believe it's been quite a few. And they all had good reasons.

I've tried not to be absent from these pages for a very long time, no matter what, and if I seem to be missing occasionally it's only because I'm terribly distracted with many other projects finally getting off the ground, and taking more and more of my time. Not to mention keeping my current day-job, which god knows, I hate. I'm redesigning and building Crazed Fanboy into a bigger and (hopefully) even better website for the new year. If things go right, I'll be the one doing some hiring!

I'm humbled and proud to learn I've also built a bit of a rep as a web-designer and consultant. Slow-moving that, yes, because I learned that on the job. But enough people have enough confidence in my abilites that they've asked me to manage, contribute designs to, act as consultant on, or outright build websites from the ground-up for them. That's not only tremendously gratifying, it's been slowly becoming a side-business! There are also other multi-media things happening I'm keeping to myself for the time being. And over the next couple months, subtle changes will be made to the Crazed Fanboy homepage.

Oh, I plan on contributing my usual rants and raves to the PCR (nobody seems to think that the actual editing/formatting process involves much work--until I explain it's 90% of it!!) until the end of the year. That's when we take off in an exciting new direction, which, at this writing, is projected to be the consolidation of all disparate Crazed Fanboy branches into one centrally-located madhouse. That's enough for now. More definite announcements will be made in December.

The Top 10 Richest Fictional Characters in the World
I usually don't post internet gobbeldy-gook people forward to me, but when Rick Sousa found the following gem, I just knew I had to share it with my readers. Have you ever wondered if Scrooge McDuck was richer than Thurston Howell III? Or if Bruce Wayne was richer than Lex Luthor, or, say, Bill Gates? Some nutty guys at Forbes Magazine wondered that same thing, did some research and, with a few exceptions I don't quite agree with, think they've got a pretty good idea of the monied pecking order in story-book land:

RankNameNet Worth
1.Santa Claus$ Infinite
2.Richie Rich24.7 billion
3.Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks10 billion
4.Scrooge McDuck8.2 billion
5.Thurston Howell III8 billion
6.Willie Wonka8 billion
7.Bruce Wayne6.3 billion
8.Lex Luthor4.7 billion
9.J.R. Ewing2.8 billion
10.Auric Goldfinger1.2 billion
11.C. Montgomery Burns1 billion
12.Charles Foster Kane1 billion
13.Cruella De Vil875 millon
14.Gordon Gekko650 millon
15.Jay Gatsby600 millon

I myself would've put Bruce Wayne closer to Daddy Warbucks and given Richie Rich credit for closer to $100 billion. If he can't be closer to Bill Gates than that, who can? I'm not going to go into the why and wherefores of this, you've got to visit the site yourself and read in-depth how these guys came up with this, it's a hoot: http://www.forbes.com/2002/09/13/400fictional_print.html

THE TOP TEN COMIC STRIPS OF ALL TIME        by Stephen R. Beasley
Readers: this is likely the last response to Rick Sousa's Top 10 Comic Strips challenge from a couple weeks ago! Thanks to everyone who contributed, it was a lot of fun and a real eye-opener like they all are. And now here's a list from our good friend, Steve Beasley:

   Most of my faves are dear to my heart primarily because the bulk of my artistic training came from attempting to imitate what I saw in "the Funny Papers".

1. Hatlo's, "They'll Do It Every Time". This was a one-panel cartoon that I loved because, well....it was funny to me, and I loved the art. One-panel cartoons have always been a favorite of mine, likely because of an artist's ability to sum up a situation in only the one panel...
2. "Prince Valiant" by Hal Foster Again, it was the art...storyline came 2nd as it was with most of my favorites. Story line became boring when a new artist took over, I tried tho.
3. "Dick Tracy" by Chester Gould. Yes, I too, used to cut out the "Crimestoppers Textbook" in every Sunday Edition of the Tampa Tribune. I remember that even in the mid 1960s. I loved the characters like "Pruneface", "Tess Trueheart", etc.
4. "Snuffy Smith, featuring Barney Google" by Fred Laswell. I can't really explain my liking this one, it certainly wasn't the 'egdy' humor. I liked the character development here. Snuffy, Loweezy (sic), Jughaid, the Sherriff, Spark Plug (mule?), Daisy the hound, etc. In the early 70s in the Tampa Tribune I read that artist Fred Laswell lived in Palma Ceia, I read it much more often. Ya just gotta help the local talent.
5. "The Phantom" by Lee Falk. The art here was akin to Hal Foster's style, as in more realistic. Story line was very good as well.
6. "Bloom County" by Berke Breathed. Excellent character development. Story lines were topical and irreverent too. Bill the cat is still an icon in my book. Of course, that probably doesn't say much for me, eh?
7. "Rose is Rose" by Pat Brady. For the reasons previously offered by PCR colleagues. My fave parts are the alter- egos of each character and when Pasquale is daydreaming about being in his spaceship while in class.
8. "Calvin & Hobbes" by Sam Watterson Calvin's daydreaming as well is similar to most of us....with the exception of a stuffed tiger becoming a playmate......perhaps "Major Matt Mason" was my equivalent. (I'm holding you all to secrecy on that statement!) LOL!
9. "Beetle Bailey" by Mort Walker. This no doubt was a fave because when I was a kid, my Dad was a Drill Sargeant for the U.S. Army. It also reminded me of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. because you could see similar characters such as "Killer" which was "Duke Slater" and "Zero" which was the Gomer character, etc.
10. "Doonesbury" by Garry Trudeau. Very topical, also a liberal like myself or at least like I've grown into over the years. For art, style and story lines.

I could go on, but 10 is the limit,....besides, after reading these...you might wanna call for backup when you see me again, eh? LOL! It's amazing what influences someone over his or her childhood.


The Top 10 Vampire Movies of All Time by Patty G. Henderson

Vampires. Vampire films. Those lovable bloodsuckers make my blood run hot. I would open my veins for the right vamp. Since I haven't been able to get Catherine Denueve to look my way, the next best thing is watching vamps and vampires put their teeth into other unsuspecting and sometimes welcoming necks.
   I'm going to up front. My list of top ten vampire films is purely and inexcusably subjective. The films on my list are my top favorites for personal reasons. I haven't based my picks on technical or directorial excellence. I'll let others do that as I'm sure they will. They are in no particular order, other than THE HUNGER. I've put that one first because it is my favorite. You will notice the absence of "Dracula" film incarnations. Only Lugosi makes the cut. I am not fond of the Count. There are more interesting vampires in print and film.
   Now, if only some big time movie company will make my own vampire book, BLOOD SCENT, into a movie, I would have another one to add to my TOP TEN.

1. THE HUNGER.......Simply the best vampire film of the 20th Century. Why? Two words. "Catherine Denueve" and "Lesbians." This film single handily coined the phrase "chic vampires." It literally drips with atmosphere and I consider it a modern gothic classic.
2. KRONOS, VAMPIRE HUNTER......One of Hammer's later films, this one didn't get the attention it deserved. The best Hammer vampire film, topping the over rated Chris Lee "Dracula" films.
3. BLOOD AND ROSES......Okay, so it's a French film, but hey, it's directed by Roger Vadim. This is a very loose adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu's lesbian vampire story, "Carmilla." I wish they would make a really honest adaptation of this book. This film lost the major lesbian content when we got the American version. In fact, it was so chopped up, even the plot suffered. I love the images and subdued feeling of the film.
4. BLACK SABBATH......This film was a trilogy of horror shorts. "The Wurdulak" was Boris Karloff's only portrayal of a vampire in his horror career. Based on a Slavik folk tale, this vampire film was one of the most frightening I've seen. Director? For those who follow these things, Mario Bava.
5. BLACK SUNDAY......Mario Bava again. I bunched these two films together because of the same director. Some purists don't consider this film to be a vampire film, but I include it as one of the best. Who can resist Barbara Steele?
6. NOSFERATU......The ultimate and grandfather of vampire films. You simply cannot do a top ten vampire film list and not include this one. This film came before the "Lugosiation" of the Dracula adaptations.
7. INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE......You don't have to be an Anne Rice fan to like this film. It's dark, violent, gothic, decadent. What all modern vampire films now aspire to, imitate but can't recreate. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and the rest of the cast was brilliant.
8. VAMPIRE LOVERS.......Another Hammer Films vampire movie and yet another film adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu's lesbian vamp. But only Hammer could have done it this way. This one offered up the usual Hammer exploitation devices, but managed to shine as a vampire film. Hammer didn't shy away from the lesbian content and plenty of nude female bodies. Still boasts one of the best opening scenes in a vampire film and two of Hammer's heavy hitters, Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt.
9. HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS......Okay, I had to include Barnabas Collins. I grew up on the Dark Shadows television show. Barnabas Collins and his version of a vampire suffering with a conscience made it into film with House of Dark Shadows. The film was basically a rehashing of the television show, but with more punch. Even if you aren't a Dark Shadows fan, you'll like this movie if you like vampire movies.
10. DRACULA (the Bela Lugosi version).....This film made it on my list because of Lugosi. The film "Nosferatu" probably did the literary Dracula better, but I firmly believe I couldn't let this list go by without including Bela Lugosi's "Dracula." It deserves to be on any vampire lover's list of best vampire films.

by Richard and Janet Sousa

Well. Patty and crew,I can tell this is going to be a "killer" Top 10. (heh) So Janet and I put our wits together and came up with our own "Top 10 Vampire Flicks of All Time!" Happy Halloween everybody! Rich and Jan Sousa...

10- "Nosferatu" - Made in 1922, this unauthorized production of Bram Stoker's classic(with the names and other situations changed just enough to avoid infringement),earned its place for being the first cinematic debut of the famed character. A must have.
9- "Count Yorga, Vampire" - Robert Quarry taking the lead in this one...Scared the bejeebers out of me when I was 9, (back in '71, when it didn't matter what movie you went to).
8- "The Hunger" - We're with Patty G. all the way on this film...One of our favorites for all your above reasons..plus David Bowie, AND Susan Sarandon!
7- "Vampire's Embrace" -1991-A guy marries a vampire and learns to accept her the way she is...Quirky fun, for a horror flick.
6- "Blacula" 1972-Also known as "Le Vampire noir" (in French, anyway, heh) William Marshall has the lead as an African prince bitten by Dracula whose coffin is bought by two interior decorators and brought back to Los Angeles..Great story, with campy '70's spin.
5- "Las Vampiras" -1970-(also known as "Lesbian Vampires:The Heiress of Dracula")- A Spanish-dubbed film,by Jesus Franco,about a vixen vampiress seducing and killing her prey for the thirst of female blood...An art-house type of film, if you will, and scary enough to keep you going bonkers.
4- "Fearless Vampire Killers -1967-A Roman Polanski-Sharon Tate (weird,huh?) collaboration that's on the satire end of the scale...pretty cool film...also known as "Pardon Me, Your Teeth Are in My Neck".
3- "It! The Terror from Beyond Space" -1958-"Technically" we would like to include this as one of the first alien Vampire flicks...Very scary atmosphere to the film and it inspired "Alien" years later.
2- "Daughters of Darkness" -(Le Rouge aux Leveres)-This 1971 French film of a 300-year-old female vampire and her lover who seduce a sadistic husband and his hot wife,never fails to give us the chills..Played pretty straight-forward, it's a good character study, with a great film style.
1- "Mark of the Vampire" -1935-Tod Browning ("Freaks") directed this one with Lionel Barrymore as the scientist-type person, and Bela Lugosi playing a vampire (that's not based on Dracula!) This movie has a lot of great cinematography, and involving story...A classic.

La Floridiana This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
The Paranormal in Florida: Tampa Triangle Dead Zone We've covered Florida fiction writers Dan Allison and Tim Dorsey whose works center around the Tampa Bay area, but in this case, we have an author that dedicates much of his work to the Bay itself! You see, Captain Bill Miller believes that many paranormal events that occur here are not per chance or coincidental but attributable to a force or an entity known as the Tampa Triangle Dead Zone...... ..................................Click here for more.

Movie ReviewMovie Review
This Week's Movie Reviews:

Review by Mike Smith. A few weeks ago, I used this space to lament the worse action film of the year, "Ecks vs Sever." This week, I gladly bring you the best. Directed by Hong Kong action veteran Cory Yuen, "The Transporter" takes you on a journey that will leave you exhausted.... .........................................Click here for more.

The Digital Divide This week's issue
Music News and CD Reviews
by Terence Nuzum
This issue: Pretty Girls Make Graves: Good Health and Beck: Sea Change
ALSO, add'l music news is in!... .........................................Click here for more.

Mike's Rant This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith
TOP 10 VAMPIRE MOVIES The latest challenge........MORE BEATLES STUFF The first John Lennon Peace prize........PASSING ON ..Celebrity deaths........ .........................................Click here for more.

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