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Established A.D. 2000, March 19.  Now in our third calendar year!
  Number 138  (Vol. 3, No. 46). This edition is for the week of November 11--17, 2002.

 Florida Fest


 Gus Perez and the South Florida gang

LA FLORIDIANA UPDATES    by William Moriaty
In addition to this week's lengthy report on T.R.E.E. Inc.'s November 9th planting are the following breaking Florida stories.

Floridana FestFloridana Fest II
Be sure to mark your calendars for this event where notable Florida Folk Hero "Miami Mike" Hiscano will peddle his wares. Details are on the advertising flyer shown.

Tiki Gardens Update
The Tiki Gardener needs everyone's help! For a pledge of just $20.00 you can help raise a Tiki at the former Tiki Gardens grounds, now a Pinellas County Park in Indian Rocks Beach. To enter your pledge log in to: . http://tikiroom.com/tikicentral/bb/viewtopic.php?topic=1580&forum=1&36 And for the link to one of the most incredible web pages around, the Tiki Gardens Memorial Web Page , which has a fabulous history of Tiki Gardens and Trader Frank (not to mention incredible graphics) log on to: http://home.earthlink.net/~strngcrgonyc/tikigardens2.html

Clyde Butcher Update
For the latest exploits of Florida Folk Hero and photographer Clyde Butcher for the months of November, December and January log on to: http://clydebutcher.com/emarket2//home.cfm?emailid=29

A Veteran's Day Blessing
As I write this on Veteran's Day, I must share with you a bit of good fortune that happened to me. I had the privilege and honor to meet a World War II veteran when I was having breakfast this morning at one of my favorite Plant City home cookin restaurant's, Snellgroves. I simply wanted to thank him for his sacrifices and in return was blessed with some incredible war tales that had me fighting back tears of laughter and tears of emotion.

"Ray" is 81 years old. He flew the radial engine Thunderbolt, one of the fastest American aircraft in the War, a true sports model, in the European Theater, when he was the tender age of just 22. He recounted to me how his wing mechanic, an "oldster'' that was 30 at the time noticed that the nose of Ray's plane had four Nazi kills and one water tower painted on it. Ray explained that after a bombing mission over Frankfurt he had a spare bomb left which he used to destroy a water tower. He managed to see the tower keel over on its side and gush water all over the place. Next he gave me a story of his returning from a sortie over Germany when the same mechanic noticed that Ray's aircraft was riddled with enemy bullet holes. When the mechanic asked Ray how he kept his composure flying back to his base in England, Ray joked, "I simply plugged my fingers into the different holes and played "The Star Spangled Banner". As our magic moment of sharing came to end, I said, "You look beautifully preserved for 81" he responded "Well I lost my leg to diabetes-- that's one I just as soon wish the Germans would have got"-- I'm glad they didn't though.

If it wasn't for Ray and millions of American Veterans like him, there is a great probability that there would be Nolan's Pop Culture Review or T.R.E.E., Inc. today. Whenever you see a Veteran, fireman or policeman, thank them for their sacrifices. Our part of the world lives and breathes easier due to their sacrifices. When I told Ray that the generations of Americans after him, particularly past Viet Nam have been basically unscathed by the horror of war he replied "I hope they never will."

When I left him and thanked him again, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "No big deal, it was just my job"-- Spoken like a true humble hero. God Bless you Ray, and the millions like you, many of whom are no longer with us, but will live in our hearts as long as we live in this blessed of nations. These were the people who made this the greatest democratic and monetary power on earth. May their legacies never be forgotten.

TAMPA, FLORIDA. Nolan here. Gustavo Perez called me over the last few days and caught me up on what he and his "South Florida connections" are up to: Gus himself filmed a one-minute scene with Denzel Washington for the 2003 movie "Out Of Time"........Gus went on to do an Amscot commercial, a United MasterCard, NFL with Jerry Jones, one for Reliant Computers, and many others........ Mark Nash and Steve Pena's film "The Raging Bells" is set for release at the end of November........Editing for the Garland Hewlett productions "Brain Robbers from Outer Space" and "Fall of an Actor" is scheduled to start in December........Gus got to stretch his trademark "detective" characterization when he played a Sherlock Holmes-type character in Sandra Overholser's "Forbidden Tango"........Joel D. Wynkoop, Cathy Holseybrook, and Gustavo reunited for "Murder Tales 666" and "Demons in the Basement", both targeting a 2003 release.

La Floridiana This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
TREE, Inc's 20th Anniversay planting! On Saturday November 9, 2002, nine exceptionally dedicated volunteers along with myself worked in unseasonably warm weather in order to provide Florida's motorists and environment with 600 native trees along Interstate 4 in Hillsborough County...... ....................................Click here for more.

Movie ReviewMovie Review
This Week's Movie Reviews:
"8 MILE"
Review by Mike Smith...........................................Click here for more.

The Digital Divide This week's issue
Music News and CD Reviews
by Terence Nuzum.
Reviews of the latest CDs from Sleater-Kinney and Queens of the Stone Age! .................Click here for more.

Mike's Rant This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith
CONGRATS TO... Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees........THE TOP 10, BRITISH STYLE. Britain's Top 100 songs........TOP 10 TV THEMES. TV Land's votes........MY SPIDEY SENSES ARE TINGLING. Stan Lee vs Marvel Comics! .................Click here for more.

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