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Established A.D. 2000, March 19.  Now in our third calendar year!
   Number 93 (Vol 3, No. 1). This edition is for the week of January 1--6, 2002.
Welcome to Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2002!!  Happy New Year!

Glad you could make it! Hope you didn't have any problems finding the place? I trust all of you had a fun and safe holiday weekend. They never made any movies about 2002, so we gotta make it historic ourselves!

New Year's Eve's Ball Drop peaceful enough.
Without dropping the ball on heightened security (LOL--I kill me), the Times Square reveller's had their usual good time--and fortunately a safe time--on Monday night's rockin' eve (apologies to Dick Clark). There were appropriate tributes to the victims and heroes of Sept. 11, including inscriptions on the lighted ball.

The necessary exposition section about the new PCR
In response to a year's worth of positive/negative feedback, complaints, and suggestions, this newsletter/website has been completely revamped and I sure hope y'all like it--it was a lot of work! (Didn't help that I came down with a massive chest infection days before "the unveiling!") In addition to the obvious face-lift you see before you now, the following things have been moved or changed to ease download burdens and unencumber the staff writers:

   • The most obvious change many of you have noticed by now is that the "homepage" and "current issue" are now one and the same, namely the page you're on right now. The "Archives" page has been moved to serve its dedicated purpose and the hitcounter has been moved up here. This page's address WILL BECOME the new issue week after week, it won't change, so bookmarking THIS page will assure that, when you return, it will be to the most-recently-updated material. The expired issue's filenames will then be changed and stored in the Archives.

   • While all writers are represented on this page with a small graphic and brief synopsis/excerpt, all writers now have their own "staging areas". This means there will be only the most practical restrictions on length or images.

   • The only items displayed in their entirety on this page is the headline section and "Letters to the Editor". Unfortunately this may have a downside of "print-out-inconvenience" for those of you I've heard who print out entire issues to read offline (and I thank you for that, by the way). However, as the Review continues to grow, I think it's impractical to think everyone will spend the ink on (what has been) upwards of 10-13 pages and will likely be more. So, the option's been created to allow more selectivity...and if you like, print them all out anyway!

   • Some things don't change: like before, all new issues are intended for "release" no later than Wednesday morning any given week, and I hope to keep that going (it has been remarkably consistent), but, please keep in mind this is a volunteer effort by all involved. The material gets here when it gets here. So plan to continue seeing things like "Coming soon!" and "On its way!" a lot. We all have day jobs, unfortunately (or fortunately, in these economic times).

   • To anyone who had bookmarked any of my earlier AOL Hometown pages on the Nolan's Newsstand name, you need to know that those pages have been moved and the AOL space is being cleared out (i.e., deleted) of last year's issues. Not the account--just the webspace. The former URLs will not work. I want you to know I have nothing against AOL Hometown, they were responsible for a great deal of my learning web design, but I just kept running out of space. I may use that space again someday, but I haven't determined what or when.

   • The re-designed "Letters to the Editor" section starts the new year off with a very special blast from the past!

This concludes the exposition. We now resume with our regularly scheduled nuttiness...

La Floridiana This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
In the Himalayas, the 8' tall two-legged upright walking ape-man or humanoid creature is known as the Abominable Snowman or the Yeti. In the northwest Pacific spanning from southern Alaska to northern California, the same or a similar creature is known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. In Missouri, such a creature is known as the Mo-Mo, while here in the Sunshine State we call this cryptozoological critter the Florida Skunk Ape ......Click here for more.

Wake Up and Smell the Comics This week's issue
Wake Up and Smell the Comics #12 by Drew Reiber
"Why Underground Comics are just that."
You know I’ve heard this argument so many times by now, it doesn’t really hold any significance for me anymore. A lot of good news comes out of the mainstream comic book industry and a whole lot of underground comic fans get their panties in a bunch. Why? It’s usually for two reasons, actually... ........Click here for more.
Terence's response to Drew's rebuttal is linkable from Drew's page!

Matt's Rail This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
The fact the we are in the Year 2002 is hard to fathom, especially for those of us (which is most of us) who grew up begging for shows like Space 1999 and Kubrik's 2001. One time far off and distant fantasy, now relegated to the pages of history. And before we know it, we'll be ushering in 2003! Last year at this time I was bemoaning turning 40, and now I don't want it to leave!! Go figure. ........Click here for more.

Mike's Rant This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.
Hi Nolan,
Vinnie Blesi here. I just discovered your website. It was great to see the old fanzines again and catch up on old friends. I am still living in Tampa with my 3 cats and occasionally indulging my creative whims. I run a webpage devoted to mystery author Cornell Woolrich,
I also have my own ramblings posted at
and my music at

Take care, Vinnie.

  Vinnie, my boy! Prepare for lots of visitors this week! Ha ha. It is outstanding hearing from you and honored you took the time to write. Glad you enjoyed PCR's "fanzine issues".  I visited your Woolrich and mp3 sites and much-enjoyed your "ramblings"!  Please, keep in touch.
  Readers, two important notes: 1.) I am not the mystery afficianado my cunning colleagues are, so was barely cognizant of Cornell Woolrich (Terence, naturally, recognized him instantly). After visiting Vinnie's site, I think I should look into it.
2.) The "my music" links mean just that: Vinnie's original musical creations! Definitely, visit these sites and sample his darkwave/experimental/ambient music.

Write to: Letters to the Editor   Any emails sent to this address will be assumed intended for publication unless you specifically instruct me not to. I can and do respond privately, if that is your preference. Frequently, it's both ways.---Nolan

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