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Established A.D. 2000, March 19.  Now in our third calendar year!
   Number 98 (Vol. 3, No. 6). This edition is for the week of February 4--10, 2002.
Hampton Dunn, Florida Folk Hero, dies at 85.
by guest frontpage writer, William Moriaty

Florida has lost another folk hero... Hampton Dunn died at age 85 at 6:10 PM on Sunday February 3, 2002.

For those of you who don't know who this gentle but strong soul was, amongst other things in his life, Hampton Dunn was instrumental in getting Interstate 75 built along the west coast of Florida through his leadership with the Peninsula Motor Club's division of the American Automobile Association. Dunn stressed the need for this limited access roadway in order to save time and lives. US 41 in the winter was a nightmare between Tampa and Naples back in the late 60's and mid 70's, and people died by the scores on "Bloody U.S. 27" in the center of the state traversing the heavily travelled Tampa to Miami route. By 1986 the entire I-75 roadway from Naples to Tampa was finally completed due in large part to Hampton Dunn's tireless effort--remember the next time you travel that road who helped in making it possible.

Hampton Dunn will also be remembered as being the ultimate Tampa historian. He wrote innumerable and invaluable books on Tampa history, and was regularly seen each Sunday in the Bay Life section of the Tampa Tribune from the 1970's through the late 1980's recounting Tampa's past. His column was replaced by historian Tony Pizzo who passed away several years ago. The only Tampa historian of the "old guard" left is Leland Hawes.

This is yet the passing of another treasured person from my past. Hampton Dunn in large part inspired my interest in interstate highways which led to my beautification efforts of them over the past 20 years. He was a quiet and reserved southern gentleman who when he spoke, said little but spoke volumes. Hopefully Hampton Dunn and other Tampa old guard from my childhood are in a heavenly Tampa that is like the way it was when they were in their full stride-- a Tampa that was much less congested, hurried, and worried and much more easy going, friendly, and almost heavenly.

Here's to you Hampton Dunn---God rest your soul, you've deserved your spiritual reward for the lives you saved by your willingness to get involved and make good things happen.

Gasparilla 2002: another successful takeover of Tampa by pirates     by Nolan B. Canova
Last Saturday, the city of Tampa was again taken over by Ye Mystic Krewe of bawdy pirates aboard the Jose Gaspar as it has been every year at this time for close to 100 years. But the 75-degree weather and picture-perfect skies brought out an estimated 400,000 revelers to scenic Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa. About 35 New York firefighters were near the front of the parade and received a most enthusiastic welcome from Tampans, usually not reknowned for their love of "yankees". This year, however, was different from most due to last year's catasprophe and the crowd jubilantly cheered "We love NY" and the like. There was only a smattering of trouble, with most being chalked up to heat and drunkenness. As a security measure, the city banned all glass bottles along the parade route; no problem for the party crowd, most brought along coolers filled with beer cans.

Super Bowl XXXVI
Not a sports fan, but check out Matt Drinnenberg's write-up in this issue's Matt's Rail.

Bucs' coach, finally?
UPDATE: 2-7-02. Looks like Marvin Lewis got the gig, altho official announcements won't happen till week's end.
UPDATE: 2-9-02. Oops!! Spoke too soon again! As of Saturday morning, Feb. 9th, Lewis is out of the game. Position is still open.

The Charles Bishop suicide note, released.
UPDATE: 2-7-02. The 2-page suicide note left behind by teenage suicide pilot Charles Bishop (see PCR #94) was finally released by police yesterday. Among other things Bishop wrote, he went on and on about the justification the Al Queada had for their Sept. 11 attack. He claims they tried to recruit him, but he declined. He praises Osama Bin Laden as some sort of hero. He makes anti-Semitic remarks. And the topper: that Bin Laden would blow up the Super Bowl with an "antiquated nuclear device left over from the 1967 Arab-Israeli War"!
The timing of the release of the note caused many to speculate there was a delay due to concern over panicking people about the Super Bowl which might've caused a drop in attendance (heaven's no!). The authorities say that the timing is a coincidence. Right.
In a statement, the Bishop family spoke of their unbearable grief over Charles' loss of touch with reality and asked the media to leave them alone to grieve in peace.

   and Nolan Canova

A non-profit "charitable" foundation instrumental in monetarily supporting the families of victims killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks are trying to trade mark the phrase "Let's Roll!" The phrase was uttered by one of a group of passengers who presumably foiled attempts by middle eastern terrorists to use a United Airlines Boeing 757 they were on as a fourth "guided missile" into a U.S. target on September 11, 2001. The foundation claims that by trade marking the phrase, no one else but they can profit by it in order that the proceeds be used to compensate the victims relatives. As it stands now, each relative will probably receive approximately 1.7 million dollars from donations such as ones set up by the Red Cross and United Way-- although it is difficult to truly put a price tag on a human life, isn't there something ringing hollow here when you think off all of the American's who died in wars or died unjustly whose relatives never saw a thin dime? This latest form of insanity, known as greed, is so typical of the "anything for a buck" mentality that knows no bounds in the decorum of taste or sensitivity in this current era..Why not trade name the following action phrases as well? "Geronimo!" (new ad campaign to replace "Do the Dew!" or "Surge!"), "Charge!" (Visa, Master Card, Amex-- you name it), "Beat It!" (Michael Jackson can add this to his Beatles copyrights), "Damn the Torpedoes!" (sorry Michael, but this one should be Tom Petty's, even though he says "Beat It" in the song "Don't Come Around Here No More". Just think-- then you could both try to sue each other!).

Well known former Ufologist and consiracy buff turned militia leader, Milton "Bill" Cooper, 58, was shot dead by local law enforcement officials in Arizona on November 6, 2001. Not long before Cooper was killed, he threatened a man with a handgun for driving too close to his property. The police were notified, filed a felony warrant, and knowing Cooper's flair for violence, tried to lure him out of the house in order to serve the warrant. Copper responded by shooting one officer in the head. The officer survived, but Cooper did not as he was killed instantly by return fire from the police.

Murder by decapitation---another weird Florida story.    by Nolan B. Canova
St Petersburg, Fla. A 34-year-old black man, Daniel Roache, who neighbors described as increasingly disturbed lately, expressed his jealous hostility toward his ex-girlfriend's new teenage lover by cutting his head off with a machete during a fight! Roache then took the dismembered head and fixed it onto the hood of a car (presumably as some sort of sick hood ornament) in the front yard in full view of neighbors and children who were walking to school. Police arrived as Roache was positioning a vanity mirror in front of the head so it could "see" itself. He was arrested on first-degree murder charges. He is one sick f&*k.
(Dare I say it? Dare I??? Oh...can't stand it. Yes. Take your pick: 4.) In his delusional state, Roache remembered his theraputic self-help tapes that emphasized how to GET A HEAD. 3.)The victimized boyfriend REALLY USED HIS HEAD during the fight 2.) Roache realized that TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. And the number 1 lame gag I thought of to accompany this piece: 1.)The young man got really mad at Daniel Roache; you might say he LOST HIS HEAD.)
Now that that's off my chest, my symapthies go out to the victim and his family.

La Floridiana This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
Most prime time and nationally syndicated television shows have revolved around taking place in either New York City or Los Angeles. There were notable exceptions such as "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", set in Minneapolis, "WKRP in Cincinnati", and "Newhart" which was set at an inn in Vermont. Florida has been featured in some prime time and nationally syndicated television shows, and we're going to take a look at some of them. ............Click here for more.

The Enlightenment This week's issue
The Enlightenment by Terence Nuzum
THE LIFE AND DEATH OF ROBERT JOHNSON. Third in a multi-part Enlightenment covering the history of the blues!
   Sometime in the early 30s, blues legends Son House and partner Willie Brown play at a juke house in Robinsonville, Mississippi. After a while a lanky young man comes up to listen. Son House knows the boy as a local by the name of Robert Johnson. Johnson asks if he can join in and House obliges handing Robert his guitar. But what followed ......Click here for more.

Matt's Rail This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
SUPERBOWL 36--the Silence of the Rams
While I'm usually not one to say I told you so, I do just love being right!  As I predicted, the New England Patriots brought a lot of attitude to the Superdome, and placed  it upon the faces of the Rams on a regular basis. I said the Patriots are a great "Team", and how many times that was evident that night. From their introduction, where they refused the individual adulation of having their names announced in favor of coming out of the tunnel as a team! You saw it early...before kickoff.
Also: Monster Bash and Ship it, Parcells' Post............Click here for more.

Mike's Rant This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.
Alright, Nolan and Co...
Now that I've been bitchslapped by my wife after she ran into you at the grocery store and you said I haven't written yet...Here we go with my top 10 TV shows of all time!!! (Re: PCRs #95, #96, and #97.---N) (Much like Vinnie B.'s list. (from issue 96.---N))

10-The Prisoner..the last one was a mindblower!
9-classic Star Trek...It was the earnestness without being totally cheesy that appealed to me when I was a kid.
8-Red Dwarf...The theme song alone kept me up with this show.
7-VIP...Me and Jan's guilty pleasure, cheesecake and unintentional humor..The show that nobody admits they watch.
6-Absolutely Fabulous...Our other fave...Great quote: "What do you see when you look in the mirror,darling?" "Me looking fabulous, what do you see?"
5-Monty Python...by the time I was 13, I had all the shows recorded on audio cassettes, off of the TV, I was that into it.
4-Twin Peaks...I was glued to it like some surreal soap opera...David Lynch is one weird SOB.
3-Daria...Teen angst and wisecracks at its finest..One I can watch with my teenage daughter, and we'll both laugh..
2-Outer Limits...tied with..
1-Twilight Zone and Night Gallery..Lost lots of sleep and had the weirdest dreams watching these!!!

Thanks, Nolan..Since we're into it: Next week..My top 10 comics of all time!!! Whee!

I'll see ya soon...all the best,
Richard Sousa

OH MY GOD!! Another Top Ten challenge! Clashing with the Academy Awards too. We'll work it out somehow. Richard, my boy, thanks for writing in, and don't wait so long to write next time!
To the old gang, what's more shocking: that "Daria" made number three...or that Ricky Sousa HAS A TEENAGE DAUGHTER??? Pardon me, dropped my glasses, will somebody pass me the Geritol...?---Nolan.

I don't have a computer, so Rick Sousa is helping me out. Here are my Top 10 TV shows of all time:

10- "Circle of Fear"- -Then changed it's name to "Ghost Story". About 1972-3 (Not to be confused with the 1980 series hosted by Sebastion Cabot.) Really scary. Standout episode: "Doppleganger", about a reporter whose ghostly duplicate commits crimes.
9- "Kolchak:The Night Stalker"-- Awesome show, unfortunately only one season long. Standout episodes: "The Ripper" and "The Zombie".
8- "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"--Loved everything Hitchcock ever did, the TV show, to me, was basically an extension of his movies.
7- "One Step Beyond"--(aka "Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond"). Based on true events, you could say the series was a quasi-documetary, making the final product even scarier.
6- "Hawk"--1967. Great show starring Burt Reynolds as a native-Amercan detective. Cancelled after one season.
5- "Dan August"-- 1970. Burt Reynolds, again playing the lead as a native-Amercan detective, but a superior show to "Hawk". Stopped after one season when Reynolds quit.
4- "Toma"--Tony Musante vehicle portraying real-life NY detective David Toma, taking dangerous cases and irritating his peers. Stopped production after 1 season due to Musante's fear of typecasting.
3- "Nakia"-- starred Robert Forrester as a native-Amercan sheriff in Arizona. Cancelled after one season due to poor ratings.
2- "The Partridge Family"-- Fun, great music, one-of-a-kind-show. The multi-talented Shirley Jones and David Cassidy sang and acted in a show that combined many rare qualities. Sadly, this kind of show really can't be done now, altho I wish they'd try.
1- "The Green Hornet"-- One of the greatest shows ever done, whose like we'll never see again. Inventive staging, great costumes, cooler gadgets than Batman. Bruce Lee's legendary TV debut as Karate expert/bodyguard Kato nearly stole the show. Van Williams took his role as the Hornet seriously without the comic overtones of Adam West's Batman. Little known or remembered Hornet fact: the producers stitched together 10 episodes into two movies; one played in 1973 (after Lee's death) and the other in 1976. One of the two played again in 1983. They enjoyed great success in theaters here and abroad, the only TV series to boast that. Next to the Green Hornet, Batman and Robin look like they're wearing baggy diapers. Unfortunately, just like so many of my other favorites, it lasted just one season.

Gus Perez

"Robin...old chum....I think our...accoutrements...have been....insulted. QUICKLY...TO THE BAT-POLES. We'll show this...Perez fellow...who the superior crimefighter is! Baggy diapers...INDEED!"

Write to: Letters to the Editor   Any emails sent to this address will be assumed intended for publication unless you specifically instruct me not to. I can and do respond privately, if that is your preference. Frequently, it's both ways.---Nolan

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