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PCR #170  (Vol. 4, No. 26)  This edition is for the week of June 23--26, 2003.

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2003 seems to be the year for movies, especially good ones. Even at this year's Oscars, the right films won *cough* Chicago! With more and more money being pumped into films these days the race at the box office gets more and more intense each week. The Hulk brought in $62 million, taking over the spot for #1 from Pixar's Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo had no trouble getting its feet wet, it is most likely gonna pass the $300 million mark in the next couple weeks.

When you think of Summer, hot cars, men and/or women most likely come to mind, this must be why 2 Fast 2 Furious has now brought in over $100 million. This tells me that most likely this franchise didn't need Vin Diesel. His arrogance and chimpish features were not missed by this girl. Vin stated clearly that he had to choose between XXX, Pitch Black, and The Fast and the Furious and well you know how it ended. His replacement, Tyrese, was above and beyond my expectations, he could possibly be the next Will Smith, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. 2F2F's Paul Walker was offered the role of Superman in the upcoming movies. The deal would give him $100 million and the chance to play the best known Comicbook hero ever, he turned it down. He told Premiere magazine this, "Superman was a huge commitment...seven years. You earn every cent of that. Until the day you die, you are Superman everywhere you go. You're 70 years old and you can't get a hard-on and everyone knows it, because the man of steel is impotent." Can I write that here? Well, he has a point doesn't he. Ah old age, such a breath of fresh air, don't you think guys?

Personally I thought The Hulk was a large piece of green garbage. It was way too long and over done. Eric Bana did well in the role of Bruce Banner, which I was pleased by, because he is generally an unknown. I normally applaud Ang Lee's work as a director (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), but I was second-guessing him with this one. His paneled shots to mimic a comic page were just annoying and choppy. I think it was semi-creative but overly irritating. All in all, I thought it blew big time.

One movie to look out for this summer is Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl starring none other than the hot and sexy Johnny Depp. In this film, based on the Disney ride, Captain Jack Sparrow saves the day, or hopefully he does. Co-starring the soon to be hearthrob, not with me, Orlando Bloom and the brillinat actor Geoffrey Rush. Who could forget Geoffrey's wonderful performance in the Marquis de Sade film, Quills? Gore Verbinski, who directed The Ring, had a great team with this one, including Jerry Bruckheimer, Armeggedon. This movie is sure to go swashbuckling to #1 and bring in a lot of loot.

T-3 should be incredibly interesting without the genius of James Cameron. I'm still not holding my breath for this one. Any director can blow things up, which is what the trailer is all about. Seabiscuit screams Oscar to me. Tobey Maguire teams up with Gary Ross in the true story of a crooked legged horse and his half blind Jockey. Now, I know what you're thinking. It sounds like a sleeper and not in the good sense. I had a bad attitude about this film at first but I have changed my views and I am looking foward to seeing old Spidey riding horse back.

Other movies this summer: Legally Blond 2, Sinbad, LXG, Bad boys II, Tomb Raider, Spy Kids 3-D, and Gigli, starring J. Lo and Ben Affleck. Gigli is gonna be one to forget to see I have a feeling.

This week I will be seeing 28 Days Later and should have a review of it next week!

Till then,
Ashley Lauren

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