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PCR #171  (Vol. 4, No. 27)  This edition is for the week of June 30--July 6, 2003.

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Recent losses
The world has had its fair share of losses this week with the death of Katherine Hepburn, Buddy Hackett and Strom Thurman. Katherine Hepburn brought a very liberated attitude to womenís roles in a time when women didnít have the courage to necessarily speak their mind. Her appeal to men and woman alike brought her 4 Oscars and numerous other accolades. Hepburn, married once briefly in her youth, became the longtime companion of actor Spencer Tracey until the time of his death. Through her whirlwind romances with men like Howard Hughes and her great love Tracey, she never had children so it has yet to be determined what will become of her nearly $50 million net worth.

28 Days Later
On to a lighter note or so-to-speak, the movie 28 Days Later. The film reminded me of the 1964 Vincent Price film, The Last Man on Earth. Director Danny Boyle, better known for his films The Beach and Trainspotting, hit the nail on the head with this one. Depending on you ask that can be a good thing or a bad thing. For me, it was a good thing. I thought the movie had slow parts but it also had a lot of very riveting parts. The opening sequence reveals a man, mid 20ís, lying stark naked in the middle of a hospital bed. Personally, I wasnít sure why he would have been naked in the first place but it didnít make me giggle and laugh Ďtil my slides split open like 75% of the theater did. This one particular scene made it very obvious from the get go that we were watching a foreign film and that people were going to have a bad attitude about it. One thing about Europe that I can respect is the fact that they are not so prudish like Americans tend to be. They are not embarrassed at the sight of the human body. One man in the theater yelled sarcastically, "Oh I have never seen a penis before!" The boys and girls then stopped laughing and looked around hoping no one caught them in the act and uncomfortably shifted in their seat a couple times. It was really pathetic to say the least. I have seen the movie twice and the laughs occurred both times which tells me this country needs to grow up and fast.

Moving on, the film's gritty picture gave a good effect of realism. The everyday family camcorder style was very artistic and beautifully shot. It really sets the mood of how the characters feel as they watch these disease ridden creatures stalk the streets of London and Manchester with rage flowing through their veins. The story written by Alex Garland, who also wrote The Beach, was not completely original, as I mentioned before, but the delivery was fresh and played well with current times. I donít want to divulge anything too specific about the movie because it would ruin it for those who havenít seen it. In a nut shell it is about the end of the world through government testing and the horrible effects that stem from it. Britain is basically an island of Chaos until something is done to save the few survivors, four of these people are the main characters.

I heard a lot of people coming out of the theater ranting and raving how much they disliked the movie and how it was the "dumbest" thing they had ever seen. These are also the same people who are waiting with abated breath to see Scary Movie 3. You must always look at the source before believing the opinion of another, itís a rule that I carry throughout life because frankly people are dumb.

Other stuff
On to a funny subject-- Charlieís Angels: Full Throttle. Apparently the throttle busted because this movie only brought in $38 million at the box office this last weekend, which is not nearly the numbers the studio had expected. That figure doesnít even cover the cost of the three actresses. With the competition becoming fierce in the weeks to come it looks to be like a $157 million flop. T-3, Legally Blond 2, Sinbad, and Pirates of the Caribbean will be the rulers at the box office for the next couple weeks.

On a more personal note, I saw Sorority Boys today starring Barry Watson, Harland Williams, and Michael Rosenbaum. I thought that movie was hilarious, if you havenít seen it, make an effort to. It will be worth the 1hr 35mins of your time. Also if you happen to flip across it on HBO, check out the new Ellen DeGeneras comedy special. She does a great job in her role of a comedian once again. It isnít vulgar in any way, just plain old funny.

Till next time,
Ashley Lauren

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