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Ashley's Hollywood

Before I begin my wonderful column, that you all read loyally every week, I must discuss some controversy that came about last week. Granted, my column didnít come out exactly as I had imagined it in my head, but I still think my point was pretty obvious. Once again, here it is:

My point is that cult classics like the ones I mentioned in my article last week are fine films for what they are but are no means cinematic brilliance nor do they want to be. As for what they lacked in budget they made up in plot---that is absolutely ridiculous. All of them had the same plot and it was recycled from movie to movie. Naked women, blood, bad guy, gore, and room for another crappy sequel. That pretty much sums it up for the most part.

Spielberg and Bay make hack art? Re-think your statement here. Thatís all Iím saying. In fact, movies like Jaws and Schindlerís List are considered great films and will stand the test of time where as Children Shouldnít Play with Dead Things wonít in the long run. When critiquing/making films you have to look at the general public and not small groups of people. Itís sad that we do have somewhat of a cookie cutter mold but thatís why we need to get new great directors who are IN Hollywood and can make a difference.

My opinion on computer graphics is good and bad. I think that ILM did a beautiful job in the recent (Gore Verbinski/Michael Bay(?)) film, Pirates of the Caribbean. The skeletons turning from human to skeleton in the last scenes of the movie as Jack and Barbosa duel it out was an amazing scene. Although I think The Hulk was horribly done and thatís because of it being CGI. Claymation and stop motion animation never looks real and I hate it. This is MY OPINION!

I do think there are some really good films out there today and I am not going to list them all. The Ring is what a horror movie should be in every way, it blends suspense, thrills, mystery and an actual story masterfully. That was just last year.

As for directors I do think there are some that are making their mark on American audiences, M. Knight Shyamalan, Gore Verbinski, Richard Donner, Robert Zemekis, and Steven Spielberg are all great directors.

As for my age group not liking those cheesy flicks -- it's true for the majority. Iím sure some people in that age group like fetish films too, but is that the majority, no!

Somewhere along the line it went from my point of B-grade horror flicks (Note to Mike- I didnít mean major motion pictures like E.T.) arenít that great to I hate old movies. This is a somewhat altered view of me. If you all remember correctly I did an article solely on my love of the golden age of Hollywood.

Anyways, I refuse to discuss this point any further. I believe I have said more than I ever planned to. One last thing, I am not a sell-out. A true definition of a sell out is a person who sets out to do one thing and ends up doing another, because thatís where the money and recognition is. I never set out to be the greatest indie film maker of all time. I have known from the beginning that I want to work in Hollywood. My heart just isnít into making low-budget films for the rest of my life.

On to a better subject.
I was privileged enough to see a great little short last week. The title-- Eddie, My Love written by Sondra Overholser and directed by Raul Sanchez, starring Overholser, and a younger actress, Trish Chaney.

Itís the story of a woman (Chaney) who is terribly upset by the loss of Eddie her companion over the last 7 years. He has left her and without a sign of coming back. She sits day in and day out waiting and hoping he will return to her. Her mother (Overholser) tries to comfort her by telling her the same thing happened to her when she was about the same age. The woman, shocked by her mothers revelation, gets a little uneasy with the thought that he may never come back.

Her mother talks her into getting some sleep while she sits up waiting in her daughter's place. That same day, her mother surprises her by waking her up with the good news.

The ending is definitely a surprise but a cute one. The film was beautifully shot by local cinematographer Tracy Fitzgerald. Though shot in color, a flashback scene was done in black and white. The flashback scene was the segment that really stands out in my mind, it was a creative and artistic piece that shows the talent behind the film. As for the acting. The daughter leaves something to be desired. She overacts a lot and its uncalled for but by no means was any of the acting horrible. (Eddie does, in fact, return but this you have to see yourself.)

This should be making its way around the indie filmmaking festivals so if you get the opportunity to see it, do so. Its exactly what a five minute short should be.

Thatís all for this week. Next week expect a lot of Hollywood dirt, an issue not to miss.

Til next time,
Ashley Lauren

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