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"Spidey Powers for the MTV generation" and "Mr. Monk meets Crazed Fanboy"
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How rests the Dungeonmaster?
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Vacation musings, baseball, and television
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Johnny Depp....28 Days Later....Britney Spears
 by Ashley Lauren
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Ashley's Hollywood

Johnny Depp
The latest controversy in Hollywood surrounds an actor who has been slaying the box with his latest film The Pirates of the Caribbean, its none other than Johnny Depp. Johnny is known for his former party days which included women, booze, and drugs. He seemed to have tamed his ways since the birth of his daughter, Lily-Rose, in 1999. Recently in an interview with Premiere magazine he said that he wouldn’t want his children out on the streets buying drugs because you never know what they could end up laced with, such as PCP. He said specifically, “You don’t want that for your children, you just don’t want that.”

Somewhere in his words the writer made the assumption that Johnny plans on going out and scoring drugs for his children if they want them. Personally, I think this is a miscommunication, I honestly can’t picture Johnny saying that due to the fact that he himself had so many problems with drugs himself. Never mind the fact that he witnessed 23 year old actor River Phoenix die of a drug overdose outside his Los Angeles night club, The Viper Room.

Anti-Johnny Depp protest sites have popped up all over the internet and things have been blown way out of proportion. What do these people think will come of these protest sites? I’ll tell you…absolutely nothing.

28 Days Later
I liked 28 Days Later, which I wrote about in a movie review, but I don’t like the idea of an alternate ending. This behavior is not what I would expect from director, Danny Boyle. I can understand putting an alternate ending on the DVD but releasing it in the theater two or three weeks later just to make an extra buck is completely selling out. I refuse to pay to see a movie, that I have already seen, just for a different ending.

Britney Spears
In the current issue of W magazine Britney Spears discusses her virginity, or lack thereof. She finally comes out to the press by confessing that she lost her virginity two years ago to then boyfriend Justin Timberlake. She says she thought he was the one and was heartbroken to see that he wasn’t.

It is very sad when this sort of story is front page news. People have debating Britney Spears boobs and virginity for years now and frankly I think its ridiculous. Who cares! I feel bad for her to be honest. Lets look at the good side. She is a good dancer and seems to be a pretty sweet person. Lets look at her competition, X-tina, as she likes to be referred to these days. Enough said. We don’t even need to go into depth about the yin and yang of these two performers.

That’s it for this week. I am completely exhausted and need to sleep. Have a great week everyone.

To the man who taught us how to laugh, Bob Hope, you will be sorely missed.

Til next time,
Ashley Lauren

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