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"A Tale of Two Cities: St. Petersburg and Tampa - - A Bay Separating A Gulf of Differences, PART 2"
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"The Return of Bruce Banner", "ZD TV, where are you now?" "26 Things"
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Celebrities Uncensored
 by Ashley Lauren
"Green Fire" and "Club Dead" reviewed
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Ashley's Hollywood

Celebrities Uncensored
The new show on E! "Celebrities Uncensored" is a show that you hate to watch but somehow you just can't seem to tear your eyes away from it. The paparrazi are a touchy subject in Hollywood and this show glorifies what they do, intruding into celebrities lives. Famous people complain a lot that they can't have a normal life because the paparazzi destroy every moment of peace that they have when trying to dine and shop on their own time. My feelings on this subject are this:

Yes I do feel that there are times that the paparazzi step beyond the boundries of personal space, to say the least. At the same time its a part of the job title. As an actor or musician you know long before you get to the point of stardom that its just part of the game. Anyone who says "I never expected this to happen," are just fooling themselves. They may not have expected to become an icon in their own right but as you chase your dreams you know that if you get to the brink of super stardom it's bound to happen. America loves to be up in everybody's business and thats part of our culture, face it. I myself am guilty of buying People and the Enquirer. It's that element of gossip that is bred into American culture. Maybe not everyone cares what's going on in Hollywood but there are enough to keep these gossip rags in business.

I am not saying that it doesn't "suck" to have photographers documenting every move you make, it most certainly does. It is especailly harmful to young children who have famous parents. It's no wonde that rmany of these end up being screwed up when they've been photographed their whole existence. Thats where I'll leave it.

What is more Hollywood than paparrazi and what is my column about...Hollywood.
I thought it was a perfect topic for a week in which I didn't have much to say.
Also, due to a time constraint I didn't have time to find out all the latest gossip this week, sorry.

This is it:

Black Hawk Down actor Tom Sizemore is in court currently being accused of domestic abuse and harrasment of his ex-fiancee Heidi Fleiss. Heidi Fleiss is better known for her years as the madame of Hollywood. She herself spent some time in jail as did Tom Sizemore for tax evasion. We'll see what happens for this upstanding woman.

Kobe Bryant is another one of our upstanding citizens of the week. You all have obviously heard that he is being accused of sexual assalt. His wife is so stunning (and he commits adultery, that in itself is a crime) and they have a young child together which make things worse. For goodness' sakes, his wife is 21, not some old hag, not to say that would make things justifiable. Kobe is a role model to tons of young athletes and now he is promoting infidelity. His message- you can always buy your way out of it. Kobe bought his wife an 8 carat diamond, with a $4 million price tag, and thousands of dollars worth of clothes the week after their press conference. It really doesn't say much for her to take the items and seem to ignore the fact that her husband cheated on her.

It's a private matter, we'll see how it unfolds on TV, back to America's obsession with people lives.

Til next time,
Ashley Lauren

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