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PCR #221  (Vol. 5, No. 25)  This edition is for the week of June 14--20, 2004.

Will's Key West Adventure -- Part 1
 by Will Moriaty
"Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story"
 by Mike Smith
An Afternoon at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase
 by Andy Lalino
On Comics
 by Ben Gregory
Is Political Outsourcing Corporation Centralization With Media Hype?....One-Shots
 by Brandon Jones
Edgartown Excitement....The Masters of Horror is Back!
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Tedd Webb....Bush Speak....You're Out!....Jaws 30....More on Moore....Meet The Beatles, Part 21
 by Mike Smith
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Ben Gregory

On Comics

OK then!
Having had the proverbial gauntlet flung by Friend Vinnie (who sez there isn't anything good in comics these daze) I am picking up said Comics Gauntlet, and present some of what I feel is some fine reading currently being published:

Foist, Mainstream;
DC: One of my favorite titles right now is H.E.R.O., it's a re-vamp of what I thought was a VERY silly concept -- Robby Reed Finds an alien dial, and when he dials H-E-R-O (or what he's deciphered to be those letters) he becomes a super hero, always different, and always seemingly appropriate to the situation.

Now, in this new incarnation, the Dial is now the Deux ex Machina (latin pun intended) of the book. The first story arc starts with a teen calling the suicide crisis line, as having super powers, even temporarily, RUINED HIS LIFE! That story arc had a VERY unexpected turn, as do some of the others, including: a macho pig that turns into a hot chick Heroine, and then LOSES THE DIAL, a group of thrill seeking film-makers who find the dial (parodying a particular 'empty V' show, but with super-powers, dood!) and currently, a psychopath has found the dial. The writing is very original and the art is very eye catching as well.

Next in the Marvel court: She-Hulk. That's right, I said She-Hulk. If you recall, she is the cousin of Bruce Banner, who, after an emergency Blood transfusion by said cousin, is endowed with the incredible Gamma-spawned strength of the Hulk, but with none of that annoying "dumbing down" (She-Hulk Smash?!?). She can actually change back and forth at will, but decided long ago that being being Big, Buxom,Beautiful, Green and smart, vs just smart, that she saw no reason to EVER change back to "normal".

In the current run, SHe has been kicked out of the Avengers mansion due to her "wild, partying ways" (which says a lot coming from Tony Stark) and is a security risk due to the male models she brings home to...entertain. She is fired from her law firm, and dumped by her current "model" boyfriend who says SHE is too shallow!

Now, thoroughly depressed, SHe is approached by a (formerly) competing law firm with a job offer. Not for She-Hulk, but for her mousey alternate ID: Jennifer Walters. The conditional arrangement chafes at first, but she adapts and finds out that the firm is breaking new ground in "Super-Hero" law; allowing a dead man to testify at his own murder trial, arguing land rights for mole-people, and representing a client sueing his company for giving him UNWANTED super powers.

I think both these titles, as well as some others I promise to review soon, are well worth the read, 'CAUSE COMICS IS KEWL!!

Later gators....

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