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The Black Dog Bites Back

(Editor's note: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for my next experiment. I'd like to introduce 20-year-old Joshua Montgomery, who will talk about the state of role-playing games in the Central Florida area---after this column which he felt he had to get off his chest first. ---Nolan)

Terrorism. This world is now defined as anyone who seeks to employ terror to achieve a political agenda. Or is it?

This is an unknown fact to lots of Americans out there, but our CIA, The Central Intelligence Agency, do activities all over the world supporting rebels in third world nations to over-throw their leaders to build a future democracy. But what really ends up happening is this: in most third world nations all through out Africa, for example, families are split into tribes who may have years of feuding with each other sometimes over things we would laugh about, but we had the same problem during the pre-Industrial Revolution and up to the time the West was "closed". But these countries have not been tainted by European expansion.

OK, back on the subject. The tribes that get those weapons, AK-47s, grenade-launchers, and who knows what else, are used to wipe out another tribe---or once that tyrant has been removed, the CIA pulls out completely leaving weapon stockpiles that these people will sell to a black market in the Middle East, and end up in the hands of people who where dumped by the CIA and American goverment.

Osama was one of these people who were dumped by the CIA after the Iranian tank battle. I was still a small child so I do not remember the year, but they gave Osama and his tribe these weapons to fight off the Iranian army who were being supplied tanks by the Russians. Yes, that's right, this was back in the time of the big Cold War scare, but because him and others who the CIA were also giving money to, no telling what the money was being used for. But I think we all know training camps to train more rebels quickly turned into terrorist camps and he turned his hate against the CIA and their shadow operations against the Americans.

At whole it's about politics, not "he hates freedom" or all the religous crap that was being spouted because if it was we would not be the only ones targeted. Countries like Japan have the largest population of sexual deviants and cultural deviants. London would have also been a target but our friendly ex-mommy land across the lake harbors so many political extremists and Muslim extremists that they would be fouling the biggest pool of recruits. So, in truth, 9/11 was not about our way of life, it's about our goverment's secret activities and how our government made a lot of mistakes back in the Cold War era.

But maybe us being peace-keeping forces in Iraq is not a good idea. I mean, yeah, the French are worthless and Russia is still kind of shady on some things and the UN can take over, but of course, in my opinion, the UN needs to be updated and maybe we need to pull out of the UN. These people drag their feet on things and when they get things done they're done so poorly that warlords stay in contol and warehouses of food set rotting in out-of-the-way places.

Times have changed and poor leadership by the likes of Bush will cause this country to end up with problems in the future.

Signing out,

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