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Two La Floridianas, Photographically Revisited
 by Will Moriaty
Lost In Translation"
 by Mike Smith
VH1's Bands Re-United, Part 2: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
 by Andy Lalino
The Ranting, The Raving....Michael Jackson....White Wolf Games
 by Joshua Montgomery
Pirate Movies for Gasparilla
 by Terence Nuzum
Riding The Ferry-Go-Round....The Masters Of Horror
 b Matt Drinnenberg
You're Outta Here....How About That Superbowl?....Meet The Beatles, Part 4
 by Mike Smith
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The Black Dog Bites Back: From the Book of Joshua

Chapter 2
No chemical weapons, no chemical weapons! No weapons of mass destruction! Soldiers being used as peace-keeping forces--what is this, Bosnia all over again? Wake the f*ck up people, the last time I checked, the last time we decided that the wonderful leaders of America decided to have us be peace-keeping forces it did not go too well because we still have people there right now. The thing that I find so funny is when you listen to the spokespeople for the "weapons of mass destruction" or make public statements on the morning shows they use the word terrible and horrible man to describe Saddam. OK, so he was not a nice guy, there lots of them running countries. Think about that, dingleberry...but some one should really send these people a thesaurus so they can learn some new f*cking words. (Like "dingleberry"!--N) Now, I may not have a big vocabulary, but they make me look good.

Anyway...on to the second spot of news.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. So plying children with wine in soda cans...uh...Jesus Juice. When did weirdos have to start using wine and beer to lure kids? 'Member when it used to be candy--- hehehehehehe. But seriously, here people, the guy has been accused of it once, right? I mean in '93 and now this. OK, I shall tell you old world saying: if you smell smoke there's either a red dragon in your house or there's fire, and trust me, there's fire in his case. Think about this. Mike has some weird factor about his "junk" that both these kids have described down to a detail. Now whatever it is these two kids know, how do they know it? Umm...molestation or they walked in on him? Recently I saw how extreme Wonderland's security system was. On an episode of Entertainment Tonight they showed "safe rooms" that make "panic rooms" look like a child's toy. The doors all have alarms on them and they go off if you get a foot near any door. Each room has its own security system; cameras watch every room, every fart in that house is taped, so that explains the tapes the LAPD took. Now if there are tapes missing or things look weird, the child will have a sword to slay this Neverland living weirdo. Trust me, he has been living off the corpse of the once great beast he was. Look at all the weird things he has done--dyed his skin (trust me, he has no skin disease), he has done his nose and had other plastic surgery a great number of times. Look at the last time we saw him normal. He went from black to this weird plastic face creature that roams a giant amusement park. He likes to sleep in bed with children, come on, do you know a grown man who sleeps in bed with kids and then talks about it publicly like it's a good thing? Even if he has not done anything wrong, he is going to learn a thing or two about life and he is going to be banged in the ass prison none too soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, in closing, I give you some gaming news from the great company of White Wolf games. (Finally! LOL!---Nolan)

White Wolf
They are putting out all the "End of Time" books for their Vampire the Masquerade game Werewolf the Apocalypse and so if you have had passing interest in these games, go out and pick up these end of time books. They are a one-time offer before they begin reprinting all their books to go with the third edition and final edition of rules. I read the Vampire the Masquerade Gehanna and, well folks, I give it four scary stars.
scary starscary starscary starscary star

Last, but not least, for those of you out there sucking your thumb playing Final Fantasy X2, have someone kick you because there are greater things on the way from the makers of Final Fantasy. Go back to basics while you're waiting for the Crystal Sagas to come out for the Game Cube. And remember, if you have a problem that you don't think you can ask anyone you know to help you with, if the job is just too dangerous, don't call me, I'll call you, 'cause your probably screwing with my world you sons of &*$@# !!

Glass Walker Signing out,
Black Dog
Black Spiral Dancer

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