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PCR #206  (Vol. 5, No. 10)  This edition is for the week of March 1--7, 2004.

"Starsky and Hutch"
 by Mike Smith
Academy Awards Oddsverations....Indecency Hearings
 by Andy Lalino
Gay Marriage Amendment
 by Mike Scott
The Ghosts of Columbine
 by Joshua Montgomery
Collectible Card Games and You
 by Dylan Jones
P.C. Aftermath: The Response
 by Nick King
Ybor's Ups And Downs
 by Clayton Smith
The Passion in Brooksville....I Wanted the Scarecrow....FCC and the Sponge, Follow-Up....WMD At The Academy Awards?....Things I Didn't Know But Probably Should Have
 by Brandon Jones
And The Winner Is....In Other News....How Could She See Over The Wheel?....March 5th....Meet The Beatles, Part 7
 by Mike Smith
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The Black Dog Bites Back: From the Book of Joshua

The Ghosts of Columbine
Hey guys, how's it going.
I feel that I have to write this column. I was going to do a review of Mario and Lugi Superstar Saga for the gameboy advance, but I was getting ready to write it when I logged online and saw on the AOL welcome screen a picture of two boys that I had talked to a number of times online. You all know them as the boys who shot up Columbine: Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris. I talked to them online a number of times. I met them in a online chat room on MSN and hit it off. They where like some of us were in high school -- outsiders.

Us outsiders where the ones that football and basketball and cheerleaders would make fun of and sometimes they would do mean things. This is what happened to Dylan and Eric, they where almost constantly the target of these pranks. You may be asking yourself, "Why didn't he tell anyone?" They never told me where they lived and they never said anything about what they where going to do! Am I sorry for what they did? Yes I am, I wish that they would have found another way to deal with their problems. Some people wish that this new story was buried. (That is, the townsfolk are filing a lawsuit agianst the sheriff's office for failing to act in a preventative measure as the boys had made threats before, but were ignored.---N)

I am sympathetic to the sake the victims. But possibly even more for the sake of the young people who drove them to do these things, because guilt can eat away at you......and I, for one, am sick of hearing about this story.

I want to know what you guys out there think.

(In an aside, Joshua told me that soon after the Columbine shootings, the MSN chatroom they inhabited with several others was shut down permanently. ---N)

Glass Walker Signing out,
Black Dog
Black Spiral Dancer

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