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The Black Dog Bites Back: From the Book of Joshua

Yep, been a little while since I wrote my last article so I am going to fill you in on the odds things I have heard, and how MegaCon went.

Canada's P.C. machine
First out of Canada, I bring you news of how bad their political correctness has become. They are not allowed to say "nuts", "fruit cake", or "crazy". Who's stopping them? The government. They pay snitches to tell them when a report is planned or written it out in up-coming article; they pay the snitch two thousand dollars. Crazy, huh?

Fox News alarmist
Fox News has been producing segments on how to deal with chemical terrorism, and more, if found that it would panic the public. Fox News has been hyping how badly-defended our country is against terrorism---but then again, it's coming into the summer rating season and everyone wants to boost the number of viewers for their shows and networks.

Satellite TV
I heard many satellite companies have dropped, I believe, CBS, Nickelodeon, Nick at Night, MTV and VH-1. The reason they dropped these channels is that they're all Viacom-owned and they want satellite companies to pay more to use their channels, but since they will not, they think by giving customers a dollar voucher off their bills for about six months that it will make up for the lost channels. But they should really be giving them more than a dollar voucher. Well, I can say this much, I am glad I am sticking to cable--have not had a problem yet and never will.

MegaCon '04
MegaCon. It was my first year going and I roamed the dealer floor for the whole time. I picked up new cards for my Magic: The Gathering decks and some GI Joe comic books. All in all, I found the experience quiet nice; if you have not ever gone I suggest you try and make it. This year the dealers there were friendly and willing to talk for hours about merchandise and other topics. The merchandise there was top-notch--I found DVDs of cartoons I thought I would never see again, and older toys I thought lost to time. Cards and comics were so widely sold, dealers yell over each other to get customers to come to their tables. There was quite a selection of T-shirts with characters from cartoons and comic books and even video games There where a number of people dressed up like anime characters with good costumes. There was a lot of gaming space as well three floors of adventure and fun. I give this Orlando Con four stars, but then again, here in Tampa, nothing will ever top Necro[nomicon], which I patiently await every year.

Well that's all for now.

Glass Walker Signing out,
Black Dog
Black Spiral Dancer

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