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Florida’s Commuter Airlines from the 1960s to the 1980s: Part Three
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"Van Helsing"  by Nolan B. Canova
Horrible Horror
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Photos of Tortured Iraqi Prisoners....Kerry vs Bush....Terri's Law
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The Return of the Monsters....Van Helsing
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Who's In Charge Here?....Eat All You Want--That's Enough....Tank You Beddy Much....Radio Edit....Meet The Beatles, Part 16
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The Black Dog Bites Back: From the Book of Joshua

Hello people out there in Internet land, that's right, it's me. Well, to start out this latest edition of my column, I bring up a painful subject.

Photos of tortured Iraqi prisoners
The shameful photos of Iraq prisoners being abused those American soldiers seen in those photos know that the photos have been seen world wide---the Iraq situation is now going to be harder; thanks a lot, assholes. Second, this should have been handed off to the that lazy group of fat asses we call NATO, but no, Bush in all his glory decided "I am going to be the man who calms two thousand years of tribe hatred and warfare and make it a democracy."

For those of you who don't know, the middle east has a tribal heritage that defines who they are who they can and can not marry, be friends with, etc., etc.. This explains the daily reports of fighting. Now a democracy can not work in a land like this because in a democracy people have to be on an equal footing, but as long as they think and hold the tribal traditions in mind it will not work. Saddam made it work by ruthless shows of power--now there's an idea if we want to prove to these people that we are serious. Those soldiers in the photos have to be punished severely by their laws, not ours, because our laws don't mean dick to them.

Subject two: Kerry vs Bush
I explained it to Clayton "The Ogre" Smith the other day: if you vote for Bush, he'll push jobs out of the country the same as he has been and we will be stuck in this Iraq thing for quite some time. But if Kerry gets in he'll put jobs back, but taxes will go up to make up for the tax cuts he'll give companies (oh by the way thanks assholes who did not vote for Ross Perot back in '95 because our national debt would have probably been smaller by now). However, Kerry will pull us out of the Iraq situation...good news? Nope, it will create a vacuum of power leaving the door open for another dictator. Sounds like the problem we had in the Korean War does it not? Well it goes to show that we can not be the world police as many of our leaders want us to be. We may have a nice size army, but we are only one country. Wait...is not NATO supposed to be the world police? Oh, that's right, they have become corrupt and useless but that's another matter.

Subject three: Terri's Law
All right, I don't like to say who lives and who dies...well, I do, but that's another story. OK people, she's been lying there for fifeteen f*cking years, I don't think she is going to wake up at all. If she does her body has laid there for fifeteen years, you know what that does to the body? I tell you atrophy has set in, her muscles have become useless pieces of meat it would take at least two years for her to learn to walk again if even that. Her mind may be there but her mind is held prisoner in useless meat. Please people, let her die, give her some dignity do not imprison her in that body any longer.

Well, I think that covers all I have been hearing and seeing, people. I leave you all with some advice: believe half of what you hear and half of what you see and read it will probably help out in the long run.

Glass Walker Signing out,
Black Dog
Black Spiral Dancer

"The Black Dog Bites Back: from the Book of Joshua" is ©2004 by Joshua Montgomery.   The tribal tattoos next to his signature name represent Glass Walker and Black Spiral Dancer.  All other graphics, unless otherwise noted, are creations of Nolan B. Canova.  All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2004 by Nolan B. Canova.