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The Black Dog Bites Back: From the Book of Joshua

One Angry Young Man
Do you like speaking English? Do you love being able to have freedom of speech and all of our other rights that we now take for granted? Then we need to do something about Bush being our president. We, the people of the United States, can do something about this.

Bush is running this country into the ground. Did you know even in countries that are supposed to be our allies that their day to day normal people hate us? Well, they do, and the reason why is because of the position our president has put us in. He has made America a bully by going to war with Iraq without proof of weapons of mass destruction and then made the comment that Hussein tried to have his father killed. Now when your job is be a leader of a nation of millions you have to check personal feelings and grudges at the door, which this man has not done. Now with Iran talking about nuclear programs, this self-indulgent jack ass is looking at them like he could decide to go to war with them as if we did not have enough problems with the Middle East.

Bush went into Iraq without a plan and now we donít really know how many soldiers have really died in the conflict. The news says that it is in the hundreds but is it really? Bush has decided that our military is only over there to free these people and give them a democracy, but is this what the people of Iraq really want? Has he once since the end of the war gone to visit Iraq? No, instead he hides out here because he is scared. I think that he is scared to go into a mess that he created and talk to the people. Hell, he doesnít talk to us Americans either, instead, he has news conferences and rallies with only pro-Bush reps who are already in his pocket. Even during the election campaign they quickly and almost with out a yell removed anti-Bush voices in the crowds.

Bush is ignoring us, the people, because he no longer cares. Want proof? Look around our national deficit is at a all-time high---it keeps going up and up because he is too busy looking at the world instead of home. And if you, the people, can not see this then you need to climb out of your SUVs take off your hundred dollar watch, take off those eight dollar shoes, and fifty to sixty dollar clothes, put on a pair of jeans and a plain white shirt and a pair of work boots and go walk the streets here in Tampa. Eighty percent of the working population is no more than a stone's throw from being poor. Those of us who have been working since we came of age are living from paycheck to paycheck. Some of you say that's how it has always been but it has not. Reagan f*cked up this nation and since then it has gone down hill. If you ask anyone on the street what's important to them, a large percent of them will say "money".

There was a time when America was a better place, back when we focused on ourselves instead of other nations in the world. We have only been a country for a short time; many of the other nations have been around for a long time they have always taken care of themselves. I guess the one question we should be asking is what about us? Sounds greedy, huh? Well, it's not. We, the people of America, have to focus on our homeland, pull all our troops home, build our borders up, open more jobs for Americans who have work visas, get rid of illegal aliens, and crack down on companies who send jobs overseas. America use to be a place of strength, but now our homeland is cracked and quickly going to be torn apart all because a lot of you decided that it would better to elect a man who is so focused on the world instead of his own f*cking back yard.

So you know what, I donít think we are going to be a nation for much longer. So keep on driving along, ignoring your neighbors and strangers. We used to be such a friendly nation, now we just donít give a f*ck.

Glass Walker Signing out,
Black Dog
Black Spiral Dancer

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