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Will's Excellent Water Adventure in Winter Park....End of an Era....Will's Fall TV Picks
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"Once Upon A Time In Mexico"
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Premiere Month?.....Top 10 Reasons to Watch "The Mullets"......Nanites Are Us......Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere DVD
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More Notable Passings......Cabin Fever
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Couch Potato Confessions by Vinnie B.
   The adventures of a boy and his personal video recorder.

My head is still reeling from watching the premiere of "Whoopi" last week. I think I suffered permanent brain damage.

Premiere Month?
Whatever happened to the major TV networks having a premiere week? As a kid I remember the anticipation and excitement of that week, waiting for the new shows and new episodes of my favorites. Then there was the occasional dilemma of two shows that I wanted to watch being on at the same time (this was pre-VCR days for you kiddies).

Now the networks stretch premiere week to last the entire month. Fox is even debuting their shows in October. Kind of makes the whole "premiere" thing a non-event. Ho-Hum.

Top 10 Reasons To Watch "The Mullets"

10. The show is fun and stupid (but not too stoopid).

9. Because falling off a roof is always funny.

8. P.B.R

7. Because they hang out at the convenience store.

6. They have a cool Black friend with a geri curl mullet.

5. Watching Loni Anderson slam a P.B.R.

4. Did I mention that falling off a roof is always funny?

3. The return of Mr. Peterman to television.

2. Because they have mullets.

And the number 1 reason to watch "The Mullets":

1. The Big Burp!

Nanites R Us.
Replacing the new Twilight Zone on UPN this season is a new show from the creator of "The Chronicle" called "Jake 2.0". In this cross between "The 6 Million Dollar Man" and "The Hulk", a computer geek who works for the NSA is accidentally infected with nanites (what the hell are nanites?) that finds him endowed with enhanced senses and super strength. Talk about revenge of the nerds.

The first episode introduced the storyline and the characters with our hero getting some bad guy in the end who wanted those nanites! This show has promise and as new sci-fi shows are slim picking's I hope this show succeeds. The problem is that this show could turn into a super geek fights bad guy formula and fall flat. "The Chronicle" started off with great promise and then suffered from some poor writing and went into the toilet. Hopefully this show will not suffer the same fate.

I quote from an interview with the "B" movie legend, Samuel Fuller, conducted by Tim Robbins. T.R.: "What makes a good movie?", S.F.: "A good story". T.R: "What makes a good story?". S.F.: "A good story".

coverNeil Gaiman's Neverwhere DVD
Fans of writer Neil Gaiman will be delighted that the BBC miniseries of his novel "Neverwhere" is now available in the U.S. "Neverwhere" is my favorite of his novels so I look forward to seeing soon. Look for a review in this column in the coming weeks.

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