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Florida’s Commuter Airlines from the 1960s to the 1980s: Part Five
 by William Moriaty
"Soul Plane"
 by Mike Smith
Introducing Myself....On Gaming....Magic: The Gathering....Marvel Origins....What's Ahead
 by Ben Gregory
Review: Van Helsing....Shrek 2 Shreks the Box Office....Mudonna Cancels Israeli Tour Dates
 by Andy Lalino
The Fall of Troy
 by Brandon Jones
The Return of Vampirella....Couch Potato Quick Takes....Shows I'd Like To See
 by Vinnie Blesi
This Week's Issue....Congrats....Consumer Tip....Top 10 Challenge....Meet The Beatles, Part 18
 by Mike Smith
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Couch Potato Confessions by Vinnie B.
   A sardonic commentary on America’s favorite pastime.

Couch Potato Confessions, Memorial Day Edition
The Return of Vampirella
I may be a little slow, but I see that a publisher has purchased the Vampirella rights and has begun publishing Vampirella magazine again. The issue that I read was number 4, so I am assuming this is only the 4th one published. Also, for the record, I received this issue as a promo and did not pay for it.

The blurb at the top of the magazine states, “Horror, Comics, Movies, Anime, Music, Reviews”, and true to their word this magazine tries to be a little bit Fangoria, Wizard and comics all rolled up into one.

First off the overall package: At a hefty US $5.95 newsstand cover price you would hope to get a nice glossy package. However out of a 50 page count about half is printed on black and white paper pulp paper.

The new Vampirella is a real life model, not a comic character, and this issue features a pull out poster of her. I’m sorry boys, the original Vampy comic character was much more seductive. They also have a section called LunaChicks where they invite women to send in their picture as Vampy and they interview them. Personally I do not care that this month’s LunaChick bought her bracelets at a thrift store.

This issue’s horror movie feature is on “Hellboy”, and is redundant of coverage in other magazines, especially “Fangoria”. There are also reviews of comics in the obliquitory “Wizard” rip off section. A short interview of horror comic artist Ben Templesmith is entertaining but too short at 2 and half pages.

But the Vampirella I remember was about the comix. Back in the day of my misspent youth I could not get enough of that Warren magic, whether it be “Creepy”, “Eerie” or “Vampirella”. Sadly to say I do not have anything good to say about the new Vampy comics. The first comic is a black and white piece that looks like a fan drawn piece. Not that fan art is bad, but I don’t think this is fan art, just bad art. The main Vampirella comic is in colour and features the scantily clad vixen kicking ass and kissing her lesbian girlfriend and features female masturbation jokes. Now that’s scary!

Sadly even though I would love to recommend this magazine, the high cover price coupled with very weak editorial and a lack of a full glossy package makes this a no-no at this time. Hey, if you guys are looking for an editor, give me a call.

Couch Potato Quick Takes
Note to self: Damn, I missed “Python vs Boa”.

Private Message to Kelly Ripa: Just three words for ya honey, “Kathy Lee Gifford”.

Shows I’d like to see:
“American Infidel”.
Contestants consist of terrorists, communists, and other left-wing insurgents who perform a variety of entertaining skits and musical numbers in front of a celebrity panel including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Coleman, Paula (I better get all the work I can get) Abdul, and Vice President Dick Cheney via satellite phone from his secret bunker. The winner gets his or her choice of an all-expense paid trip to either beautiful Guantanamo Bay or the scenic and photogenic Abu Ghraib prison.

Until next time, keep the cathode ray home fires burning!

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