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PCR #259  (Vol. 6, No. 10)  This edition is for the week of March 7-13, 2005.

 by Mike Smith
The March Gardening Issue
 by Vinnie Blesi
Debra Hill is Gone....Movie Are Becoming Television....Debbie Rochon and Andy
 by Andy Lalino
The Ultimate Warning....More Abuse Madness...."Revenge of the Sith" trailer
 by Brandon Jones
"The Jacket"....Lizard Battle
 John Lewis
Winter Freeze....Woe Is Me, I Have The Bush Flu....Clint Like Flint
 by Matt Drinnenberg
OK, I'm Hooked....Movie Notes....A Great Voice Silenced....Also Leaving Us....Jaws: The Story, Part 9
 by Mike Smith
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Couch Potato Confessions by Vinnie B.

The March Gardening Issue

As I stroll through the Couch Potato garden of unearthly delights, chameleons run across my feet as my boots sink into the ooze formed on the murky dank path. A small glimmer of light catches my eye from underneath an undernourished rose bush. I pick up the small missive revealing its true form to be a small white publication. The cover is adorned with the beautiful image of a black haired siren covered in blood and dressed in a blood splattered muscle t-shirt, with the words smeared in blood, "I did it for You".

Correlating the two requirements for life, "Blood Sugar", this collection of poems by spoken word artist Nicole Blackman is one that will cut you with her sharp tongue and heal you with her brazen sensuality. "When I am gone your pillows will smell like me"

However these are just words printed on a bleached parchment. Her breathy spoken words need to be heard to be appreciated and absorbed into the psyche.

I step into another dimension through one of the many gateways in the garden, and am transformed back to 1996. Musical pioneers Bill Laswell and Anton Fier are working on their latest "Golden Palominos" CD "Dead Inside" and have enlisted Nicole Blackman to do the vocals and provide the text. It is an exciting and chilling departure from conventional music, a masterwork of spoken word.

Laswell and Fier provide a background soundscape that works extremely well; an electronic soundtrack to an aural movie. The sounds compliment and never detract from the wispy, demanding and sensual words of Nicole Blackman. Blackman is no stranger to the "F" word but never have I heard it used so effectively to create an emotional response. Her pauses will leave you hanging...waiting for the next breathe or the next fuck.

The first track, "Victim", tells the tale of a kidnapped femaol, and starts the cd off with a intense track that at once conveys the fear of violence, as well as the regrets of not doing the things in life we want to do and finding out it is too late when we are facing the moment of our death.

"The Ambitions Are" starts out as a psuedo political piece, "The angels all have guns now", and turns into an indictment on modern society bridging the corporate world with our own discontentment and wanting. "The ambitions are wake up, breathe, keep breathing".

My favorite track in "Holy", chronicling the thoughts of a girl who has apparently disappeared into hers own thoughts and frees herself from the pain of living. "I could feel the slow drips of pain before swirling inside where my lungs should have been. Now I'm clean inside". All quotes Nicole Blackman

A thorny branch swipes across my cheek, drawing blood, and brings me back to the present. I commence down the dark garden path until I see a frog shaped pedestal with a static filled tv coming to life.

The moving images portray the weird workings of renowned fantasy artist John Bolton in the DVD, "Neil Gaiman's A Short Film about John Bolton". A creepy short film that marks author Neil Gaiman's first directorial attempt. I can' t give too much away, but I was too stupid to get it the first time I watched it. Nuff said.

The extra feature of a live reading by Neil Gaiman of some of his short stories was a joy to watch. I did not think I would enjoy it, but Gaiman is humorous and interesting as he reads his own tales, obviously with an intimacy that no one else could invoke in his tales.

The small video screen in the garden goes black as a small sparrow flies past my head before crashing into the mirror. I take this as a sign and retreat out of the garden back to the safe confines of my dungeon.

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