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PCR #263  (Vol. 6, No. 14)  This edition is for the week of April 4--10, 2005.

"William Moriaty's Florida" Near Completion
 by William Moriaty
 by Mike Smith
My First UFO....Long Time Radio Show Favorites Return After 20 Years!
 by Vinnie Blesi
Sin City....Countdown to Infinite Crisis
 by John Lewis
Go Ahead Wal-Mart, Make My Day....My UFO Story
 by Matt Drinnenberg
The Pope....Movie Notes....Next Week....Jaws: The Story, Part 13
 by Mike Smith
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Couch Potato Confessions by Vinnie B.

My First UFO

Authors note: I am known for writing sarcasm and doing parodies in my column. However the following is neither and is a true account:

It was a beautiful mild Florida day on March 29th 2005. The sky was pure blue with not a cloud to be found. The only visible thing in the sky was con trails streaking across the sky from nearby Macdill AFB.

I was sitting at a red light in my car at the corner of SR 60 and 50th street, a major intersection just to the east of downtown Tampa in what could be described as an industrial area. I look up to the NE and notice some small white objects in the sky, that I first think are birds. Upon closer inspection I notice they are probably too high in the sky for birds. They seem to be circular in shape and turning as the sunlight is reflecting off of them at intervals. The whole group, maybe 25-30, is also moving in what I can only describe as tornado like. Even though they seem to be spinning and are moving in this circular motion, the group of lights is staying in the same area, neither moving east nor west. Also they are not in synch, with ones at the top moving in a different rhythm than the ones at the bottom.

I had my prescription sunglasses on, and upon taking them off noticed that without the sunglasses the objects were barely visible to the naked eye. I replaced my sunglasses and continued watching this strange occurrence. The traffic light had now turned green and I began to pull forward with the intent of pulling over for closer inspection. However as soon as I moved from my current position, the objects were gone, or at least no longer visible to me. The sky was once again pure blue with the con trails cluttering up the beautiful sky.

What did I see? Light refraction from some ground source? The local military, which were flying that day, doing some experiment? I am not a believer in flying saucers, but this was a strange occurrence that I could not logically explain. Hence I can now say I saw a UFO.

Artist drawing of UFO witnessed by Vinnie Blesi

Long Time Radio Show Favorites Return After 20 Years! (Shameless self-promotion)
Two of the most popular and groundbreaking local alternative radio shows of the '80s, "Difficult Listening" and "Generic New Wave" (I believe of WMNF, 88.5?--N), return after a 20-year hiatus via Internet radio. Strange Agent radio is proud to announce the launch of these shows as well as the debut of "The Loneliest Person", programmed by local music icon Mike O'Neill (The Unrequited Loves, Nailbiters, Monday Mornings).

Available on the Internet only at, http://www.live365.com/stations/strangeagent, the following shows will debut on April 10 with new shows premiering weekly:

Sunday 4pm - Generic New Wave programmed by Vinnie Blesi is a weekly hour-long show featuring classic new wave as well as the best of current alternative music. Shows replay on Weds. 8pm, Friday 9pm, and Saturday 3pm

Sunday 5pm - Difficult Listening, Post Modern Physicist and local artist, Dr. Mayhem Inc., returns to the airwaves with an eclectic mix of experimental, noise, and genetic old wave. Shows replay on Weds. 7pm, Friday 11pm, and Saturday 4pm

Sunday 6pm - The Loneliest Person, Local Tampa music icon Mike O'Neill (The Unrequited Loves, Nailbiters, Monday Mornings) debuts this new show featuring choice musical tracks from his extensive and rare collection of rocknroll. Shows replay on Weds. 9pm, Friday 10pm, and Saturday 2pm

For more information go to www.strangeagents.com and click on the strange agent radio icon.

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