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PCR #274  (Vol. 6, No. 25)  This edition is for the week of June 20--26, 2005.

"Land of the Dead"
 by Mike Smith
Are You Eating It...Or Is It Eating You?...Shades of Lynch....Early TV Preview
 by Vinnie Blesi
Hayao Miyazaki and "Howl's Moving Castle"
 by Peter Card
Back....Con-Gort-U-Lations to Will Moriaty for "William Moriaty's Florida"....Dungeons & Dragons Illustrator Dies
 by Andy Lalino
Two Thumbs Down & a Bag of Doritos....Black Rednecks and White Liberals....Fuel Some Flames--Part Deaux
 by Brandon Jones
"Batman Begins"
 by John Lewis
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Cancer....On The Subject....Movie-Going in the 21st Century....Or Maybe It's Just Those Southern Baptists....Oprah, I Hardly Knew Ye....Jaws: The Story, Part 22
 by Mike Smith
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Couch Potato Confessions by Vinnie B.

Are You Eating It…Or Is It Eating You?

I recently had the pleasure to watch one of my favorite b-movies from the 80’s, “The Stuff”, written and directed by Larry Cohen (It’s Alive). Like all classic b-movies this movie includes a menace that is threatening to take over the world, mixed with unlikely heroes, government conspiracies and cheesy effects.

The StuffThe Stuff is a delicious dessert treat, which looks like a mix of shaving cream and whipped topping, which the public cannot get enough of. It turns out to be addicting and takes over the minds of those unfortunate enough to get hooked on the creamy dessert. Families are emptying out there refrigerators to stock it exclusively with The Stuff.

Veteran b-movie actor and TV actor Michael Moriarty stars as an ex-FBI agent hired by the ice cream companies to investigate this mysterious new dessert that has cut into their market share. Along the way he enlists the help of a kid who discovers the secret of The Stuff and meets up with a Wacko General to help eradicate The Stuff in what is the campiest part of the movie. The cast includes Paul Sorvino and Danny Aiello in early roles, as well as Abe Vigoda and the Wendy’s “Where the Beef” lady Clara Peller (Where’s the stuff?) in a cameo role.

Doing some research on Michael Moriarty on the web turned up some interesting things about this actor, including his association with a conservative, gun rights, psuedo-Libertarian group, stageright.com, as well as his potential aspirations for running for President.

Special mention must go to Garrett Morris for his classic portrayal of Chocolate Chip Charlie, just one of the extras that make this movie such a cult favorite with me.

Pssst. My supply of The Stuff is running low; if anyone can hook me up let me know.

Click here to order The Stuff from Amazon.com.

Shades of Lynch
Saratoga TrunkDuring a recent bout of insomnia I happened to catch some of the movie “Saratoga Trunk” from 1945. I don’t know if it was sleep depravation or what, but I felt like I was watching a David Lynch film.

Ingrid Bergman, looking stunning, stars as a young woman returning home to her abandoned family home in New Orleans. She is constantly shadowed by her servants, a dwarf and an evil looking voodoo woman. Bergman then meets a hokey cowboy, played by Gary Cooper, who wears the worst cowboy outfit ever. This movie was so bad even I could not sit through it. But the surreal setting was just too weird, a sexy woman, a dwarf, a voodoo woman, and a hokey cowboy. Holy Twin Peaks! I swear if I saw a woman carrying a log I would've died.

Early TV Preview
Look for ABC to revive the classic TV series, “Night Stalker”, this Fall in name only. With an ensemble cast this series looks to be CSI with monsters. The original “Kolchak, Night Stalker”, was special because of the character that Darren McGavin played to perfection. http://abc.go.com/primetime/schedule/2005-06/thenightstalker.html

ABC is also delving into the sci-fi field with a Shaun Cassidy production, “Invasion”. I was one of the three people who liked his previous series, “American Gothic”, so there is hope for this series if ABC lets it stay around long enough to get a following. http://abc.go.com/primetime/schedule/2005-06/invasion.html

Till next time, Keep the Cathode Ray fires Burning.

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