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PCR #278  (Vol. 6, No. 29)  This edition is for the week of July 18--24, 2005.

"Bad News Bears"
 by Mike Smith
A Week of '40s Horror Comedies & More!...Jeff Goldblum In Town...."Masters of Horror" Gets Some Press....Bigmouths Strike Again
 by Andy Lalino
Couch Potato Does Live 8....The Kids Just Want Their New Wave....Fall TV Sneak Preview
 by Vinnie Blesi
Lizards....Batman And Robin: The Boy Wonder....Jim Aparo
 by John Lewis
(Un)professional Athletes....NolanAid
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Scotty....The Line....Passing On....That Ain't Good English....Happy Birthday....Jaws: The Story, Part 26
 by Mike Smith
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Couch Potato Confessions by Vinnie B.

Couch Potato Does Live 8

I finally found something good to say about America Online. They have most of the Live 8 performances available online for free. http://music.channel.aol.com/live_8_concert/highlights You do have to download their AOL music browser if you are not an AOL member, but I did not have any problems doing so.

The biggest news to come out of Live 8 was the reunion of Roger Waters with the rest of Pink Floyd. For those who don’t know, Roger Waters thought he was Pink Floyd after “The Wall”, but eventually lost a lawsuit to be able to use the name. The remaining members were able to continue on as Pink Floyd after that. Watching their performance at Live 8, it was guitarist David Gilmore who had the last laugh, as they performed Gilmore pieces and Roger Waters barely had any vocal parts. However the performance was electric, and Gilmore can still play those Pink Floyd guitar parts that give me chills. If this reunited version stays together and tours, I may have to break my rule of not paying more than $30 for a concert ticket.

Here are some observations on other performances:

  • The Who: I was actually embarrassed for Daltrey and Townsend. While they still have the chops it just is not the Who anymore, no matter how hard they try.
  • Stevie Wonder: One of the suprising performances for me at least. Wonder can still play and sing with a spirit and soul unlike any other. Especially interesting was a performance of “Signed Sealed and Delivered” with guest vocalist Adam from the Beastie Boys actually singing, not rapping.
  • Wir Send Helden: I really enjoyed this performance from this pop band from Germany from the Berlin show. It was fresh, energetic, and uplifting.
  • The Cure: The new lineup of The Cure, featuring the return of guitarist Porl Thompson, from the Paris show was interesting as it was much rawer performance than the Cure have been giving in the last few years. Hopefully this is good omen for things to come.
  • Neil Young: From the show in Canada, Neil Young did a stirring emotional song called “When God Made Me” with himself on piano and a choir.

    Couch Potato Live 8 Awards:

  • Worst dressed: Poor Roger Waters could have least bought a new pair of jeans for the big Pink Floyd reunion. It looked like he rushed to the show after working in his garden.
  • Best dressed: The best-dressed band was without a doubt, Coldplay, complete with the drummer wearing a Kraftwerk t-shirt.
  • Most tasteless: Madonna. For a concert to fight poverty, the material girl, flashed her bling, wearing a diamond-studded watch and “M” necklace that probably alone could of paid off the debt of Africa.
  • Worst Performance: There were so many bad ones, its hard to pick, but I am going with the “Black Eyed-Peas”, who could not pull off a decent version of Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up” even with guest Rita Marley (who gets a best mention for wearing a t-shirt that said 60 and still smoking), and Linkin Park with rapper Jay-Z which was just AWFUL!
  • Most sweaty performance: Dave Matthews. Hey Dave cut back on that Ibiza beer!
  • Best Performance: No doubt, Pink Floyd.

    Sadly there are no performances from Peter Gabriel’s show in Africa on the AOL site, but it worth checking out nevertheless.

    The Kids Just Want Their New Wave
    The Bravery Continuing the trend started by such bands as The White Stripes, The Raveonettes and The Strokes, a slew of new retro bands are hitting the alternative charts, including, The Killers, Hot Hot Heat, The Kills and The Bravery. (Shameless plug: all of which are played on my Internet radio station.)

    The Bravery played this week at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg Florida. The amazing thing was the packed theatre on a Tuesday night that comprised of 90-95% young kids, with many a skinny tie spotted. Besides making the author of this column feel very old, it hit home that these kids are at least able to experience a little of what it was like to experience the original “New Wave” in the early 80’s. No matter how derivative these bands are, it is a positive for the young people to be listening to this type of music rather than Gangsta and other negative popular music.

    As far as The Bravery’s performance, it was good, however the band does not really have enough material to pull off a headline act status. However the kids loved it and that is what really counts.

    Click here to order The Bravery CD from Amazon.com. Or check out their website for videos and live performances, http://www.thebravery.com/

    Fall TV Sneak Preview
    First we had the “Horse Whisperer”, then the “Dog Whisperer”, now we have the “Ghost Whisperer” with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Guess what? She sees dead people. This is one of my predictions of shows to get the axe early. Jennifer, I love ya, but get a new agent. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ghost_whisperer/

    Till next time, keep the cathode ray home fires burning.

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