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PCR #205  (Vol. 5, No. 9)  This edition is for the week of February 23--29, 2004.

Florida Indies Film Review: "Not Another Student Film" 2003, A Full Sail Production.
 by William Moriaty
"The Passion of the Christ"
 by Mike Smith
"The Passion of the Christ"  by Nolan B. Canova
Filmmaker Close-up: Katherine Leis
 by Andy Lalino
30 Bands That Made The '80s NOT Suck, Part 3
 by Terence Nuzum
Neon Genesis Evangelion
 by Dylan Jones
Political Correctness in the Modern World
 by Nick King
Baseball Is Dead To Me....Cutting Kurt Cobain A Break .... FCC Squeezes Out The Sponge .... Slushpile....Things I Didn't Know But Probably I Should Have
 by Brandon Jones
Oscar Time....B.I.T.....Are You Kidding Me?...Movie News....Meet The Beatles, Part 6
 by Mike Smith
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Dylan Jones

Gentle readers: continuing my exploration into the fan writing of neighborhood youths, I'd like to introduce 21-year-old Dylan Jones, who travels in the same pack of friends and gamers as Clayton (The Ogre) Smith, Joshua (Black Dog) Montgomery, and Nicholas (Rex) King, previous PCR contributors and good friends. Interestingly, Dylan's father, Russell, and I worked at the same newsstand together for many years during the late '80s/early '90s. And yes, music fan Russell named his son after the famous folk singer. I welcome Dylan Jones to our pages, and hope you find something of interest in the following piece. ---Nolan

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Hey everybody! The Drow here with my first of many reviews of the many things that need to be reviewed!...Um...ya! Whatever that means.

Anyway, my first review is of a little anime some of you may have heard of... Neon Genesis Evangelion, episodes 1 - 26! Ah, sweet sweet NGE, arguably the best anime ever made....in my opinion anyway. Now, many people out there just think it's just about mecha-combat, but it goes much beyond that. Basic story is that the time is 2015 A.D., and it has been more than a decade after the Second Impact. The Second Impact is a planet-wide catastrophe that's said to have been caused by a meteorite that hit the earth. Mysterious beings known as Angels are attacking, and they can't be stopped using conventional weapons. Mankind's sole chance for survival lies in a humanoid fighting machine called the Evangelion. But the Eva units can only be piloted by children born exactly nine months after the Second Impact. To top it off, every Angel that appears is much more advanced than its predecessor, and the Evas can't defeat it using the same method twice. It's a question of how long humanity can hold off the Angels... and ultimately, the end of the world.

This series presents many religious and philosophical questions, dealing with God, Man, his place in the world, and explores many psychological issues of modern man. It goes into an in depth look into its characters, what makes them who they are, why they are, why do they do things, what purpose do they serve, what is the meaning of their lives, and how to improve their lives and find happiness. The dialogue and questions raised can be debated many times. This is just the themes, and ideas being presented, I haven't even mentioned the intriguing story that unravels as you get further and further into the series. There is a lot of conspiracy and secrets, and things that are not as they seem. I won't spoil it here and give any of the secrets away, that would not be fair. If you enjoy Anime that makes you think, and that you can come back to, and analyze and go over many times, this is for you. The animation, battle sequences, music, all add to the quality of the story, themes, questions, and answers brought out in this series.

All and all this is one anime you must watch once (in one sitting!) to truly understand the nature of the human mind.

This is The Drow heading back to his hideout, see ya peeps!

"The Drow" is ©2004 by Dylan Jones.   All graphics, unless otherwise noted, are creations of Nolan B. Canova.  All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2004 by Nolan B. Canova.