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PCR #300  (Vol. 6, No. 51)  This edition is for the week of December 19--25, 2005.

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 by William Moriaty
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The Point of Existence
 by Dylan Jones
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Dylan Jones

The Point of Existence

When I look towards the starlit heavens above I always wonder what is the reason for any of this? What really is the point of existence? Is there a plan for us? Do we really have free will?

I don't look up as much as I used to, but the start and cosmos are all still there; watching, waiting, hiding secrets and telling them only to those who can truly understand them.

All my life I have known I was different, a free thinker, a radical dreamer, one who questioned all and believed my own truths. But nowadays I am so bound to this common reality is almost sickens me. I have more questions than answers; I want to believe in something, something has to be out there, some higher power or powers. I used to follow Kaballa, I almost wish I still did or could but it's so tainted and has lost all meaning to me. I still try to follow the path to evolve to a higher form but once again I am bound to this common reality. I now follow Discordianism, the following of Chaos and the goddess Eris. Discordia Concors! Harmony through Chaos. I have always been a creature of chaos, yet I always tried to be balanced. Ironic huh? I look back on all I have done; all the friends that have come and gone, all the loves I have won and lost, and still what does it matter?

"At the end of days, at the end of time.
When the Sun burns out will any of this matter.
Who will be there to remember who we were?
Who will be there to know that any of this had meaning for us?"

VNV Nation has a good point, it's almost not worth doing anything isn't it?

"This is a document
To prove that I was here
This is a document
To prove I was at all
And when my voice ceases to be
Will the echo still ring loudly?
And when there's nothing left of me
Will my memory still go on?"

Assemblage 23 also brings up a good point: Is life all about trying to leave a mark on the world? To have something that you will be remembered by? It is said that you are not truly gone if someone still remembers you. "Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man...or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate of sashimi?" Is life one big dream? Is death when we awake? I hope one day I can truly learn the answers life, the universe, and everything. But until I can I will just be one more dreamer, screaming into the night waiting for a faint glimmer of hope in this fabrication of a reality.

Dylan Travis Jones
AKA: The Drow, QuozzerX, Drexal, The Dreamer

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