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Alright, for once I'm not going to so much Enlighten you as I am going to just give you some tips. Tips for what you ask? Well, naturally, it is the season to be unjolly and that means tips for a Halloween video marathon. To do this you need all the ingredients. I'm leaving snacks up to you guys. I mean use your own judgement; if it's a cannibal film fest you obviously order chicken wings! Now on to what I will help with.

Spook Show SpectacularIt's probably best (if doing a general horror movie marathon and not a theme, like zombies) to start light with some good, old-fashsioned scares.

Old School Haunts
The Monsters Crash The Pajama Party Spook Show Spectacular: Over 2 hours worth of Spook show trailers, cheesy 1960s featurettes, a guide on how to put on your own Spook Show (like that happens anymore; well...OK, there is Roy Huston) and more. This is the perfect thing to have on in the background to start your marathon/party.

13 Ghosts: William Castle's classic fright fest. Of course you can't watch it in Illusion-O with only one Ghost Viewer, but hey, you got lucky, the DVD comes in both formats.

13 GhostsThe Black Cat: The Bela Lugosi and Karloff classic in which the two stars meet for the first time. The expressionistic sets set the mood for this macabre tale.

I Walked With A Zombie: The Val Lewton/Jaques Tournier classic that will no joke still subtley strike fear into your heart. With zombies, spooky trails, and an eerie score, this one is perfect for the ol' Hallows Eve.

Modern Monsters
Now after two oldie-but-goodies, you'll want to scare everyone with some violent suspense, realistic madmen, in other words, intense fright films.

Halloween: Sorry, but it's literally sacrilege not to watch this during the month of October. This is the one that gave the holiday its creepiest aura. Kids in the old days knew that the wolfman wasn't real, but after this shocker, you couldn't really say that all would be safe with the light on.

A Nightmare on Elm StreetA Nightmare On Elm Street: This one will leave everyone with insomnia for the rest of the night as they try to shake the vision (of the scary man in the fedora with the knife hands).

Phantasm: Yeah, graveyards are creepy and Don Coscarelli knew it. It may be a little trippy, but the Tall Man and his army of creepy dwarfs just somehow spell Halloween.

The Texas Chainsw MasascreHouse Of 1,000 Corpses: Rob Zombie adds it all in this spook show, chainsaw massacre, homage collage film. Grainy Super-8, horror hosts intros, and redneck maniacs, what more could you want to end the night?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): What more could you want? Well this much more, of course. The thing you want to do is, of course, leave everyone uneasy when they go home and this is the one to do it. Especially if they live in the country.

The other thing to do is have music on before and when they get there; also play it as they leave sort of like exit music. Here are some good choices

SuspiriaHalloween -- Original Soundtrack: Carpenter's sparse keyboards and ominous key-pounding is unequaled in suspense. It's also just one of those scores that everyone is familiar with and instantly creeped out by.

Suspiria -- peformed by Goblin: Goblin's original score for Dario Argento's masterpeice is chock full of creepy whispers and chanting. Great exit music.

And, of course, any album by Tom Waits, post-Rain Dogs is always acceptable.

There, I've done my part now take my suggestions and try to put on the creepiest Marathon possible. Of course, how fun you make it all depends on you. Themes are also great like: Zombies, Cannibals, Ghosts, Vampires etc. There now, I will leave you as I go back into my crypt to enjoy my favorite Holiday. Have an awful haunting and...

......To Hell With You All.

Terence Nuzum

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