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Creature's Corner

Salutations one and all:
Hello from the Castle. I did manage to get out of here long enough to go see Underworld. I don't know what to say. It was okay but nowhere near as good as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong (I enjoyed the movie) but I think I either missed something or I went into the movie with my expectations too high. I talked to several people over the days since I saw the movie and it appears that Underworld produced very mixed feelings from moviegoers.

Okay, here we go. The movie started off good with a firefight in a subway tunnel between vampires and werewolves in human form. Both sides used special ammo against each other. I won't give it away, you'll just have to see it for yourself. Then it just seems like the vampires never really become what they really should be. The Werewolves are cool but the vampires seem to lack most of the attributes associated to them. They just seem a little too human.

Now some may try to defend them by saying they have to act like that to keep their true identities secret in the eyes of man but I don't buy it. I think the "ultimate story" was just handled by the wrong creative thinking tank. This group would have done better making a new movie about The Crow. The noirish look of the film lent itself in that direction. The good thing is that the box office has been kind to this film. It has raked in over 37 million dollars in its first two weeks. We'll see how the sequel goes. I still have faith.

Oh, and by the way, Kate Beckinsale looked great as Selene (of course) and she carried out her role very well. Another actor that I thought did a superb job was Michael Sheen (Lucian), leader of the wolf gang. He was wicked, brutal, and cunning, all the qualities that make for a great Lycan (oops! Sorry White Wolf). All in all I give the film a solid Two Screams on the Creature Scale. When the fighting begins, what side will I be on? Judging by this outing I'd have to choose the Lycans, hands down.

Guess what came out on Wednesday? All right, I'll tell you; The INDYCLIX. Yes those people at Wizkids games have done it again. This time they've released a gaggle of Hero-Clix figures based on many of the popular characters from the Independent Comic Companies. Now we're clicking with "Indy Power." Characters include; Judge Dredd, Judge Hershey, Judge Anderson, Judge Death, Hellboy, Arwynn from Crossgen comics, Ian Nottingham and The Witchblade, Kabuki, Sydney Savage, Abbey Chase and a whole horde of others. This expansion comes with both starter sets and randomly assorted Booster Packs. Run out and get some today. I only want to know one thing; Where is Vampi??????????

In comics the new series from Marvel starring THANOS has hit the stands on Wednesday. The series is written and drawn by "Joltin" Jim Starlin (who is no stranger to this character) with inks by long time veteran Al Milgrom. Christie Scheele and Heroic Age handle the colors while Dave Sharpe takes on the Lettering chores. This group has put together a great looking book which should prove to be quite popular. You better run to your nearest comic shop and pick one up before they're all gone. Tell them "The Creature" sent you.

That's all for this week folks. Have a Great Weekend. C-Ya!!!

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