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Ghost of the Cabbage Key Inn

 by Will Moriaty
"Kill Bill, Vol. 1"
 by Mike Smith
Are You A MOUI?....Things I Didn't Know, But Maybe I Should Have....Slush Pile....One-Shots
 by Brandon Jones
Comics News....Alan Moore....Vampi
 by John Lewis
Halloween Reflections
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Happy Birthday....Pop Culture: a Definition....Trick Or Treat....Life is not a Cabaret, Old Chum!....Get Well Soon....Rocket Man....What The?....Passing On
 by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Hello Everyone:
I hope all of you out there Beyond the mists that encircle the "Castle" are planning on having a great Halloween. I know I am, especially seeing as how it falls on a Friday this year. Now, how Righteous is that?!?!?!

Comics News
Anyway, a momentous occasion has occurred in the last couple weeks. Four really interesting items appeared on the shelves of comic stores around the country, and just in time for Halloween. Coincidence? I think not.

First up is a nifty little horror title by Mark Wheatley (not Dennis Wheatley) called "Frankenstein Mobster." The story takes place in "Monstro City" where monsters are immigrants as well as humans. The monsters however are picked on by thugs and police. In the first issue, The "Mummy" cabdrivers daughter is kidnapped. Meanwhile, something on a slab in a lab will soon have life. A champion for the monsters of Monstro City perhaps? A "Frankenstein Mobster?" This is a really strange series that deserves a look. Creator Mark Wheatley has been working on it for ten years. I have been checking the strip art for this series for a couple months and I like it. The 1940's style Adam Hughes cover is phenomonal.

Alan Moore
Next up is another bizarre offering from one of comicdom's most mysterious creators, Alan Moore. The series is entitled "Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and other Growths." This idea was obviously fueled by an interest in the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Though I haven't read it yet, the book looks good and the art is not too shabby at all. The cover alone looks like a scene from a heavily mutated greenhouse in a Lovecraft story. There are also many behind the scenes views of the creation of the series. Any fans of Moore and or H. P. Lovecraft should not hesitate to pick this one up.

Now, who says "you can't go back"? Sometimes it is difficult, but it is never impossible. Two weeks ago DC comics released an archive sampler of golden age comics in a title called "World's Best Comics." The book is only .99 cents and well worth it. The stories incude one each of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Plastic Man. This is a great place for newcomers to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the marvels of the golden age for the first time.

Vampirella returns
Finally, I couldn't believe my eyes. After nearly twenty years the girl that set the comics world on fire is back where she belongs. We're talking Vampirella here and this month she is making her long-overdue reappearance in magazine format. Though she has graced the pages of many comics over the years she was always the Queen of the 'zines and now she's back. I was extremely happy when I opened the first issue and saw Vampi's creator: The ever-popular Forrest J Ackerman gracing the editorial page. The magazine sports both a classic style, black-and-white story and a glossy full-color story as well. In the first issue, there is also an article on guess who -- Alan Moore. The new format will also have book, music, and video/DVD reviews as well. The magazine will also come out with two different covers; an art one and a photo one. By the way, the newest Vampi model is none other than Kitana Baker, one of the famous "Catfight girls" from the Superbowl Miller Life commerercial. Gotta love that girl from Drakulon!

Anyway, that's it for this week. Have a Great Weekend! C-Ya!!!

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