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PCR #194  (Vol. 4, No. 50)  This edition is for the week of December 8--14, 2003.

The History of Aviation in Florida, Part Four: The Pioneers, Barnstormers, World-Beaters and Patron Saints of Florida Aviation
by Will Moriaty
LOTR: Return of the King
by Mike Smith
"Something's Gotta Give" by Mike Smith
BattleStar Melodramatica
 by Vinnie Blesi
Not Your Average Joe....Slush Pile....Weird Crap on Ebay
 by Brandon Jones
Saints & Sinners 4....Comics
 by John Lewis
Happy Trails....Screening Ban, Take 3....Battlestar Galactic, Redux....LOTR: Return of the King
 by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Hello Everyone:
It's your friendly neighborhood Creature here speaking to you directly from the "Castle." (As if I ever speak from anywhere else.) Boy, what a roller-coaster week it's been. Late last week all here in the castle were scrambling around trying to get things ready for the Saints and Sinners 4 Film Festival. Our first movie, "Permanent Job," was slated to be shown.

Saints & Sinners 4
I arrived with Phil at around 4:00pm and stayed for the duration. "Permanent Job" was shown as the last piece during the 5:00--6:00pm hour. It was interesting seeing it on the big screen. Thankfully three of the actors were in attendance, as well as Ashley, who helped with production. Surprisingly (when the movie was over), we got a very good audience response which I was very pleased with. Two notable thumbs up came from "The Chief" and the emcee, "Uncle Creepy." He cornered me about a half hour after the showing and told me he really liked the movie. I also had a few other people tell me the same thing at various times during the evening. It was nice to hear after all the hard work that we put into the film. Technically, I guess it's actually a video.

Anyway, My two favorite films of the festival were "Bloodshot," the story of a government agent who is a vampire, and "The Monkey's Paw," an extremely well done period piece. There were other good movies shown, but these two really stood out for me.

Now on to something else. Some new horror comics are making their way to comic book shelves though many of them are independents and may be hard to find. The Walking Dead #3 and Mark Wheatley's Frankenstein Mobster #1 are both out and available. I have read and reported on both of these books in the past and I am glad to see they are still going on a regular schedule. So, go and check 'em out.

Have a Great Week! C-Ya!!!
The Creature The Creature from Clearwater

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