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PCR #242  (Vol. 5, No. 46)  This edition is for the week of November 8--14, 2004.

What’s In A Name? A Look at the Origin of Names of Florida’s Towns and Counties Q to T
 by William Moriaty
"The Polar Express"
 by Mike Smith
 by John Lewis
Screamfest 2004 - A Real Scream!
 by Andy Lalino
This Guy Is No Artest....Famous Monsters Update
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Globe Shut Out....Happy Birthday....Welcome Aboard, Art....Oh Darn!...Meet The Beatles, Part 42
 by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Hello everyone. It's been a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time since my last outing here. Computer problems have been the story of my life these last four months. Here at the castle they finally pushed me out the door to seek other terminals amoungst the living. (If you can figure that one out let me in on it.)

Okay, where do I start? The last time out I said I was going to relate the story of this years trip down south but now there has been two trips so I'll start with the most recent. This weekend I went down to Screamfest and had a wail of a time. (Get it, screamfest=Wail?! yeah, I know, bad joke. Oh well.) Anyway, I went down to Screamfest and enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend. I bought some cool stuff, watched some movies, schmoozed with the stars (horror stars) and accomplished one of my life-long goals. (Insert drum Roll here.) After many decades The Creature From Clearwater finally met The Creature From The Black Lagoon. To commemorate the historic meeting it rained during the day. Ricou Browning (AKA The Creature) was a very nice person and all around great guy. We went to his talk and learned all about his life as The Creature as well as his many other tv and movie accomplishments; Flipper, Sea Hunt, and the incredible underwater fight scenes in James Bond's "Thunderball." He is still working and is in great shape. He was The Creature in all the water scenes. I also got a great autograh from him.

Other guests inluded Doug Bradley, Ken Foree, Basil Gogos, Linnea Quigley and a ghost of others including PCR'S own, Andy Lalino!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a scream for sure.

Two things on the comic front before I disappear. If you're not reading George Romero's "Toe Tags" from DC then get with the program. This story is pretty cool and with Zombies galore it can't miss. Issue # 2 just came out and it is a zombie fest for sure. Tommy Castillo, Rodney Ramos, Rob Leigh, and Michael Wright have really created a visual wonderland of all things undead and rotting. Check it out.

Also, "Frankenstein Mobster" is still going strong and is just plain old FUN to read. I reviewed it a while back but I still stand by what I said so check it out. Issue # 6 just came out.

Finally I had to follow up this week's Undead report by reminding you that "The Walking Dead" from Image Comics is an excellent Zombie epic.

Have a Great Week and may all your nightmares be most unpleasant. C-Ya!!!

The Creature  The Creature from Clearwater

P. S. Hope ya like it Andy!!!

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