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"Ocean's Twelve"
 by Mike Smith
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 by Andy Lalino
Old Movies....New Comics....Comics Buyer's Guide....New Movies
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Slip Of The Tongue?
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Goodbye Bayfront Center....I Am Iron Man!...Diamond Dave....Time To Resign, Rummy...Hall Of Shame Commercial....Sith Overkill....List #1....List #2....Meet The Beatles, Part 46
 by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Hello Fellow Fans of the Fantastic:
Things are gearing up as "HO-HO" begins to stir from his year-long sleep (well, 11 months anyway, give the guy a break) and those who slither the walls and astrally (?!?) crawl here in the castle granted me access to cyber space for another wild trip to "Creature's Corner." Lots to talk about so I hope I can fit it all in.

Old Movies
I bought and watched "The Monster That Challenged The World" and really enjoyed it. I haven't seen those pesky snails in a long, long, long (you get the idea) time. The story takes place in and around the Salton Sea (Test question, Where the he#@ is that???) where an underwater earthquake (A clue) opens up a chamber where the man-sized carnivorous molluscs have been napping; for thousands of years!!!! (Rip Van Willie Winkle aint got nuthin' on these guys)

Anyway, I don't know about the challenging the world thing but they sure gave cast and crew a tough time. This, my dear fellow Monster fans, is the power of B. E. M.'s (yes, another test guestion. You didn't think I'd let you enjoy the holiday's without a test did you??? Dream on Tinkerbell. HMM, or is that just an annoying gnat.)

The movie was good B&W fun so get out there and watch it. (okay,okay, Gorbley wants me to tell you B&W is that dreaded word that scares away many of our younger crowd, Black and White.) C'mon all you youngsters, give it a shot. It's a fun movie. And remember, there's plenty more where that came from. Next week I'll give you another example.

New Comics
Okay, on to comics. One of my favorite things to talk about. This time around we resurrect (?) a couple of oldies that are making a return bid for a place in the world of modern literature. (hey, it sounded sophisticated)

First up is the return of "SPACE GHOST!!!!!" Yep, he's back and we ain't talkin' Coast-to-Coast either. Writer Joe Kelly, Artist Ariel Oliveti, Inker Joey Cavalieri, and Letterer Richard Starkings have created a book that is going to fly off the commics racks at incredible speed This talented team is retelling SG's origin and it's down and dirty. THis is not the Space Ghost of our youth, this is the Space Ghost we've all been waiting for. I'm not giving out any spoilers, I'm just going to say "Do Not miss this one." It even sports phenomonal Alex Ross cover art. Yeah, now I see ya runnin' (to your nearest comic dealer). This one is gonna be cool. Four Screams on the Creature Scale!!!

Next up is a title that's made it's mark with books and television. Geared to a younger crowd we're talkin' about "The Hardy Boys." C'mon, you remember them; the Franklin W. Dixon youthful sleuth team of Frank and Joe Hardy. I think they ran in two different tv shows and had an incredible run of stories in novel form. Many of the early novel editions are very collectible. Anyway, they are back in comic form from a new company entitled Papercutz. Scott Lobdell and Lea Hernandez are at the helm this go round. The first story arc will last three issues and is entitled "The Ocean of Osyria." If you like the Hardy Boys or are just curious check this one out.

The Comics Buyer's Guide
HEY!!! Have you ever checked out an issue of Comics Buyers Guide, the "newspaper" for comics fandom? Well they've been coming out weekly for many years. I've been with them since issue #10 They started out as mostly a classified type paper but over the years they began adding columns and lots of newsworthy stuff so now they've become a very informative and successful outlet for industry to consumer news. With columns by Maggie Thompson (also the editor), and regular columns by the likes of Peter David, Tony Isaballa, Andrew Smith, and Craig Shutt and others, how could they go wrong. Why do I bring this up????????? Because a few months ago they made a bold move changing to a thicker magazine format and going monthly. The newest issue marks a milestone, Issue #1600. There is a great article on Christopher Reeve as well as a look at Jim Lee's take on Superman. Check it out.

New Movies
On to the movies. I've seen a few so here we go. First off "The Grudge." A neat movie for sure that had several tense moments. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Three screams on the Creature Scale. Next we have "Saw." I saw Saw. I wish I hadn't. The movie dragged me in with it's intensity only to completely fall apart in the last fifteen minutes. I'd like to saw the guy in half that built up the hype on this one. I won't spoil it but I came away unfulfilled. One-and-a-half Screams on the Creature scale. Next on the plate is "Alexander." Epic is an understatement; An epic chatter fest is more like it. When you go see a movie about a great military leader like Alexander the great then you expect to see lots of fighting and military strategy. Nope!!! Not this one. Over three hours and only a scant few uninspired fight scenes. Most of the movie centered around the emotions of the characters. I have to admit the Elephant battle was kinda cool. I didn't hate the movie, it was just too wordy. Two Screams on the Creature Scale. Okay now we go on an adventure looking for "National Treasure." I liked it. This one had a neat little story with a few twists and lots of intrigue. Fun, Fun, Fun. This one gets Three Screams on the Creature Scale. Straight from hunting National Treasure we embark on a journey "Finding Neverland." Wow! Though this story lacks lots of action it is big on story and photography. The story is well told and visually interesting. It even had a couple sad spots in it. I enjoyed it. Three Screams on the Creature Scale. Finally no movie list is complete without talking about "The Incredibles." This one was phenomonal though I think being a fan of comics probably helps a bit. The story was great and the animation was very well done. Go see it if you get the chance. I give this one Four Screams on the Creature Scale.

Well that's about it for this go round. Sorry it took so long. I actually started this a couple weeks ago. We've been getting busy at my jobs for x-mas plus I have a surprise brewing so I've been busy. I'll tell you about it later if it works out.

Finally, I had a major event pass by during the last couple weeks. I was bothered by it a little until I remembered that I share birth years with one real cool, radioactive Reptilian. Me and G are both the same age.

Have a Great Week! C-Ya!!!

The Creature  The Creature from Clearwater

Woops! Belated Happy Birthday, John! ---Nolan

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