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"Finding Neverland"
 by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Hey, gang. It's good to be back. We here in the castle have been scrambling for the longest time trying to get this....this cybernetic monstrocity that you may know as a "Computer" to work again so we could share all of our going's on here inside these ancient walls.

Hell, Gorbley finally got sick of it all and snatched the thing out of the wall and ran down to the laboratories to have Prof check it out. For days the lab glowed in uneasy silence, casting its eerie brilliance across the land. I'm sure the village and its inhabitants (far below these walls) were up in arms wondering what was going on up here. Luckily, before they decided to take action, the deed was done and Gorbley returned to the hall of ideas with the monstrous entity which now produces the words of your humble narrator, "The Creature."

Anyway, here we go into another round of who-knows-what. Oh, and by the way, It's good to be back.

King Kong (Dark Horse Comics)
First off I have to talk about a new book that has come out within the last month called, "KONG, King of Skull Island." This book is phenomonal. All of you classic monster and KONG fans out there will not be disappointed. This one is truly worth its price tag of twenty-five dollars. Dark Horse comics has another winner on their hands. Merian C. Cooper would be proud.

This Hardback novel is fully illustrated in both color and B&W. The color plates contained within its framework are stunning. All the denizens of Skull Island are as ferocious as ever.

The story is both retro and futuristic as it revolves this time around the son of Carl Denham (twenty-five years later). I won't give away anything so you can enjoy this one.

The story is created and illustrated by Joe DeVito and written by DeVito, Brad Stickland and John Michlig. You haven't left yet to get one? What are you waiting for? This one gets a full Four Screams on the Creature Scale.

"The Boogeyman"
Okay, now on to the movies. I've seen several during my absence from these hallowed halls but I'll just talk about the most recent one. Last week several of us went down to haunt the local theater. There we saw "The Boogeyman". One thing I can tell you for sure; Michael Meyers he ain't. G. I. Joe (the plastic variety) is more like it. This movie did everything it could to go for the cheap scare (which it accomplished in a few spots) but in the end it fell short on content. While it wasn't a terrible movie (I did enjoy it a little) it surely wasn't something to write home about. I give this one two screams on the Creature Scale.

Creature Productions -- "The Incredible Comic Book Murder"
On to other news; Creature Productions is getting ready to wrap up its next video outing, "The Incredible Comic Book Murder." We've worked hard on this one and it has proven to be a bit trying at times but the light at the end of the tunnel is there and we should be wrapping up principal photography in the next week. I'll keep you posted on our progress as we go into post with it. We've already edited several pieces together and it looks okay. Editing has been very tedious but it's been fun at the same time. Seeing all the little pieces of the puzzle as they lock together is fascinating.

Creature Productions -- Film Festival #1
Anyway, we hope to have it signed, sealed and delivered by April 17th as Creature Productions will host Creature Film Festival #1 at the next Tampa Bay Comic and Toy Convention. You heard it right; This is an official call for films for the festival. We've done all the negotiations and we're ready to roll. I've always believed that the Clearwater, St. Pete., Tampa area should make a mark in the film industry but I've kept kind of quiet about it, taking the role of the observer to note the scene. Well Damnit, it's time to show everyone what we're made of. United we will stand, divided we'll do just about what we've been doing all along; complaining that there are few to no avenues for our stuff. So come on, let's get together, have a great time, and show the world what we're made of. If you have a Horror, Science Fiction, Dark Detective, Fantasy, or Comic Related film then let me know. We have two rooms available; one for general audiences and a smaller room for more "Racey" material. Just contact me and let's get our films out there. (The Boss knows how to find me.) Films should be submitted on DVD format and run no longer than forty-five minutes (though if you threaten me enough I might make an exception for a slightly longer project). We are also toying with the idea of producing a festival DVD for those interested in adding their projects.

Space is limited so hit the editing room and let's get those movies ready. All submissions should be in by the end of March so we can make a schedule of events available. I hope to hear from all of you soon and I'll keep you posted as the festival time draws near.

Whew!!!!!!!! I can honestly say I'm glad to be back. (Did I say that already?)

Have a Great Week.

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

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