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Creature's Corner

Well, Gorbley and the gang did a wonderful job on this monstocity because here we are for yet another foray into the world of fandom. The castle is ablaze with activity, so here we go. First up: the Movies.

Several of us here at the castle saw a couple movies over the last two weeks; the romantic comedy "Hitch," and the thriller, "Constantine" which have collectively taken in over 150 million at the box office over the last two weeks. Hitch was a great little comedy (yes, we here at the castle do occasionally get out to see general audience type movies, just don't tell anyone) starring Will Smith, the ever lovely Eva Mendes, and Kevin James. The story is nothing out of the ordinary but the performances were all executed with vigor and life which made the story flow very smooth. There were very few low spots and the story zipped by at such a pace it left you wanting more. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to all. An enjoyable movie to be sure, I give it a full Three Screams on the Creature Scale. "Constantine" is one of those movies that I've been eagerly awaiting. First hailing from the pages of "Swamp Thing," Constantine is actually the name of the lead character John Constantine who is skillfully played by Keanu Reeves of Bill and Ted and Matrix fame. This movie is the film adaptation of the comic book "Hellblazer." Hellblazer is a Vertigo title which is the "mature audiences" imprint of DC Comics. To date this book is one of the longest running "mature audiences" titles in comics history. The current issue is # 204. The book has spawned graphic novels in both Hard back and Trade paperback formats.

Anyway, "Constantine " is a must-see for all horror fans, comic-based movie fans, and...aw, hell, anybody. This movie is well done and actually is a good representation of the source material. Then again, how could it fail when it's writers; Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis have both worked on the comic series. Director Francis Lawrence had lots of good, strong material to work with. Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, and Shia Labeouf were all excellent in bringinging their characters to life. This was a fun movie to watch.

While I don't want to give anything away I can't help but tell you about the beginning of the movie where we first meet John Constantine. He is called to perform an exorcism and tricks a soldier demon, trapping him in a mirror. As the demon starts tearing his way out of the mirror they toss it out a window to the streets below where it smashes, destroying the demon's chance to re-enter this world. This one is full of action folks and has a good story as well. I give it a full Four Screams on the Creature Scale. Go see it, I think you'll like it.

Comics: Tom Strong
On to the world of comics. Tom Strong never ceases to amaze me. The series, Created by Alan Moore (of Watchmen and From Hell fame) tells the tale of Tom Strong, a pulp style action hero, his friends (a robot and an intelligent Gorilla with london accent), and family. I've mentioned the series before but the newest issue caught my eye so I thought I'd mention it. One of the reasons it stood out was because the next two-issue story arc is being written by Michael Moorcock. Everybody remember him? You got it; the creator of Elric of Melnibone and his sworrd Stormbringer, The Eternal Champion, and The Chronicles of Corum. Need I say more. With incredible art by Jerry Ordway and a title like "The Black Blade of the Barbary Coast," This one looks to be an interesting ride across the "multiverse." Check it out.

That's all for this time folks. Have a GREAT WEEK!!! C-Ya!!!

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

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