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A Case of Microwave Mayhem or Misinformation in Northwest Florida? Part 2 of 2  by William Moriaty
"Be Cool"
 by Mike Smith
MegaCon '05: Brief Encounters, Missed Lunches, and Loads of Fun!
 by Andy Lalino
MegaCon and Beyond....Oscars Still Doesn't Have a Sense of Humor...."Gay" a Naughty Word in the NFL?....The Crazed Fanboy is Pronounced as Cool
 by Brandon Jones
Movies: Million Dollar Baby vs The Aviator vs Hell's Angels....Comics: The Utimate Iron Man....The Seventh Shrine
 by John Lewis
The Oscars....Mega Conned Again....Latest Kong DVD News
 by Matt Drinnenberg
I Didn't catch The Name....Captured....Oscar Notes....Yo Adrian, You're Dead....Am I Blue?....Movie Notes....Jaws: The Story, Part 8
 by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Hello, and welcome to all...
The giant Spiders that hang out in the ancient left wing of the castle are always waiting to greet their prey (I mean guests). Oh, I'm just kidding, come on in. We had those spiders removed a long time ago. Some spider wrangler used them in some movie about astronauts on the moon with spiders in a cave or something like that). Anyway, all that remains is a couple old webs we left (just in case they find their way back).

We've got a full plate for you, so...dig in. First, the Oscars. I have to admit, I liked Chris Rock. I thought he was very funny and made a good host. I know, some people didn't see the humor, but, build a bridge people, he was just joking. One of the things I found strange was the fact that the songs were all sung by "celebrities" instead of the people who originally wrote and sang them...even though they were in attendance. Not that I mind seeing Miss Knowles several times on one show, but I think that was a ratings thing. And, what was the deal with the awards being handed out at the back of the theater? Are these categories of minor significance or something? I don't think so. Put 'em all back on the stage again next year...please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Million Dollar Baby vs The Aviator vs Hell's Angels
Okay, so I go to the movies saturday, the usual ritual with Ashley, Eddie, Mark, Shaggy (not Scooby's Shaggy), Mark, Al, Andrew, and whoever else cares to tag along (yeah, we usually bring an army). So it was Ashley's night to pick the movie so we saw, "MILLION DOLLAR BABY." We all groaned (except for Al and Andrew who went to see cursed) but went anyway. Now going in I knew it was going to be a good movie but it's just not my kind of movie. So, we sit down, the movie starts, and before I know it...POW...it's over. The story moved along so smoothly that it hardly felt like you were there for over two hours. Clint Eastwood did a great job and obviously it showed at the Oscars (carrying away four Statues including best picture, director, actress, and supporting actor). This movie really deserved the accolades it received. Just when you thought nothing else could be done with a boxing movie, WHAM! I give it a full Four Screams on the Creature Scale (and to think it's not even a monster movie).

Okay, here's the deal, many people thought that Martin and "THE AVIATOR" should have been the winners but I'll tell you what; I saw both movies and "MILLION DOLLAR BABY" was the better of the two movies. Here's why. I was all excited to see "THE AVIATOR" as I had just seen "HELL'S ANGELS" twice!!! If you haven't seen it make it a point to do so. It is a painfully long movie but it never ceases to surprise time and time again. OOPS, sorry... where were we...okay, I saw "THE AVIATOR" and liked it alot. Leo was great in it and Martin captured the essence of Howard's early years with great detail. The problem is that as the story progresses it becomes a little caught up in itself with no place to go. Hughes did so much in his life that to recount it all in a few short hours would be an injustice. Had Martin concentrated on the early years (the years of discovery) he would have gone home with the oscar. "MILLION DOLLAR BABY" kept its focus from beginning to end. That's why it won.

Anyway, Now that I mentioned "HELL'S ANGELS" I don't know where to begin. It was a great movie though extremely long for its time period. Made in 1925-26 it was not completed until four years later. It suffered all kinds of problems, the biggest being the switch from being a silent film to a "talkie." They even hired director James Whale (yes, of Frankenstein fame) to be the dialog director for the actors. As a kid (whew, was that a long time ago), right around the time The Royal Guardsmen bombarded the world with songs about Charles Schultz' "Snoopy" and his ongoing battle with the Red Baron, I heard about a movie that had the most incredible dog fights with bi-planes though noone could remember the name. Well 38 years later, as I watched "HELL'S ANGELS" I knew I'd finally found the movie I was told about. The dogfights in this movie are phenomonal. They even include close pass-bys and head-on collisions. It don't get no better'n that folks. Forget CGI, this was real down and dirty filmmaking. Over eighty Spads, Fokkers, and Sopwith Camels (no, not flying dog houses, the real ones) were used in the making of the movie. Three pilots lost their lives in the filming of those scenes. I have yet to see a dogfight that even compares to it.

The story itself is about two Royal Air Force pilots that are brothers and the things that happen to them during the course of the war. Jean Harlow is in the movie (the first blonde bombshell). One of the most fascinating pieces of the movie is the scene with the Dirigible. For some reason Zeppelins have never fail to fascinate people. They have that futuristic appeal even though they were used a century ago (well almost). Even "SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW" used them with great effect. You really get a sense of how they were used and the advantages they had over primitive aircraft of the day. Their disadvantages are also shown as well. I could go on and on about this movie but I won't bore you with it. If you get a chance, see it. I give it a full Four Screams on the Creature Scale.


The Ultimate Iron Man
On to comics. It seems like there is a never ending stream of new # 1's to talk about but I think I'll concentrate on two in particular that caught my eye. First up, there's something strange going on at Stark Defence Corporation Headquarters. WHAT!!!!??? No standard run-of-the-mill Stark Industries. What is the world coming to? Don't answer that. Anyway, for a new generation Ol' Shellhead gets a new book that could turn out to be real interesting. "ULTIMATE IRON MAN" #1 is here and it looks pretty good. I used to be an avid Shellhead fan but in recent years I haven't been as impressed. Then the metallic Chromium cover of the new book caught my eye. Nice move Marvel. Giving it a glance I noticed the writing chores had been turned over to none other than (insert drum roll here) Orson Scott Card. Yes, Gorbley, the same guy whose books like "Enders Game" and "Speaker of The Dead," you've been reading for years. Yes the guy who's won both Hugo and Nebula awards. A science-fiction guy for a technical Science Fiction book about "Iron Man." This is his first trip through the world of comics. Welcome Orson, I hope you enjoy the ride. Anyway, the book looks good and reads very smoothly leaving you wanting MORE!!!!!!! The art is being handled by none other than Andy Kubert with inks by Danny Miki, colors by Richard Isanove, letters by Chris Eliopoulos and edited by Nick Lowe. I like it and I promise not to give the story away. The Marvel Ultimate line has proven to be very popular so run out and get a copy of "Ultimate Iron Man" #1 before they're all gone. 'Nuff Said!

The Seventh Shrine
Next up (in keeping with our Science Fiction theme) I noticed a neat little book published by Image comics with Robert Silverberg at the Helm. Once again (and in the same week) Sci-fi (I had to use it once) invades the realm of comics with the Robert Silverberg's "The Seventh Shrine." In style this book is similar to the "Kong" book I talked about several weeks ago only this one is done in the square-bound comic book format. It is basically a "picto-novel". I haven't finished it yet but I have scanned it and read a few pages. This one looks good folks and the art, handled by Anders Finer is great. Do yourself a favor and get part one of "The Seventh Shrine."

Anyway, that's all for today folks. Sorry about being so long-winded but I was on a roll. In keeping with our Oscar week I have one thing left to say "If you're looking for Steven Spielberg to direct your next movie and all you can get is me...Wait!!!

Have a Great Week! C-Ya!!!

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

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