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Creature's Corner

Hello Everybody:
Man, the last couple nights have been quite chilly here in the castle. Add to that the rain and wind and it felt colder than Larista's.... oops, better not talk too much about the resident witch. She might just have a magic trick or two up her sleeve.

The Jacket
Anyway, speaking of "magic," I went to see The Jacket this last weekend and it just kind of lacked the "magic" that makes for memorable movies. Was it a terrible movie: No. It just kind of plodded along, ending in a kind of vague resolution. Adrian Brody did a fine job as a soldier shot and "killed" during the Gulf War. He revives in a makeshift field hospital and is treated for a rather serious head wound. He comes home somewhat of an amnesiac and helps a girl and her mother get their vehicle running. It is snowing and cold. He gives the girl his dog tags and they leave, the mother being drunk, nasty, and un-appreciative. He winds up in a mental hospital after being involved with the killing of a police officer (he's innocent of course). Here fate has brought him to The Jacket which is used in a treatment program that includes, drugs, darkness, and confinement in dark places. Kris Kristofferson plays Dr. Becker, initiating the treatment.

Enough of the play-by-play. He finds himself strangely transported to a world in the near future where, amazingly, he meets up with the little girl who is now an adult. (Good ole' Hollywood, ya gotta love 'em.) She has gone from being a sweet, innocent girl to being a bit like her mom. This is where Keira Knightley comes into the picture. I love Miss Knightley, but not in this role. I just don't feel like she made a very believable bad-ass, but then maybe it's just me. She did turn out a better performance at the end of the film.

As I was watching this movie I was constantly reminded of another character whose travels, while not exactly the same, are similar: Adam Strange. More on him next week.

Anyway, while not setting any box office records (The Jacket pulled in a meager 2.7 million its first week), it was an enjoyable movie. Overall, I give it Two Screams on the Creature Scale.

An interesting note is that I do believe this was the first wide release film from Warner Independent Pictures.

Lizard Battle
Next up is kind of one of those animal stories that I occasionally bring up. The other day I was filming some anoles (commonly called Chameleons because of their ability to change color) in a patch of habitat I set up for them in the yard. I was lucky enough to capture some interesting footage of something I've never seen or read about. Two male Anoles had noticed each other and were moving into position for a dominance battle. Their colors had become real dark, almost jet black, their dorsal folds raising up high on their backs. Now I've witnessed this several times over the years but never have I caught it on film. Well I let the camera roll and allowed the two Reptilian actors to get into position. Then I called "Action!" With camera rolling the two males moved to within about four inches of each other when the animal perched on a garden hose bagan waving one of its feet in the air at incredible speed. A couple seconds later he pounced on the other anole and the two fought. It wasn't one of those knock-down drag-outs I've seen in the past but it was on film and that's all that mattered. They went at each other one more time before going on about their business.

Over the years I have enjoyed many such moments in my "Anole Garden." The world of nature never ceases to amaze me. Do yourself a favor and get out into the wild and just look around. It's peaceful, relaxing, and... It gets you out of the "castle" for a while.

Have a Great Week!!! C-Ya!!!

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

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