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Creature's Corner

Hello One and All:
Creature here speaking from the archival vault of the castle. We don't come here often, only when we need to scare up some little tidbit or two. Anyway, here we go;

Adam Strange
Last week I mentioned a man named Adam Strange and now I'm going to let you in on who he is. In the late 1950s, DC Comics was still finding success with Science Fiction themed stories. Two heroes emerged, Adam Strange and Space Ranger to take up slots in various DC Comics. Space Ranger faded away after a few years but Adam Strange moved forward. With Julius Schwartz at the helm (yes we've talked about "Julie" before) writer Gardner Fox and artist Mike Sekowsky created one hell of a tale. Adam's origin is an interesting one. While uncovering a site in South America he is chased by very unfriendly locals. Suddenly he finds himself in a strange land with wondrous cities; the planet Rann. His mode of transportation is the mysterious Zeta beam (yeah I know, I thought of it too; Catherine Zeta (Beam) Jones). Anyway, on Rann he becomes a hero and his prize is the lovely, raven-haired beauty, Alanna. He straps on a jet pack, holsters a raygun or two and becomes the champion of Rann. Edgar Rice Burroughs would have been proud. The unfortunate thing about his new found hero status is that after a time the zeta beam wears off and Adam returns to earth. Not to worry though, he can catch his regularly timed zeta beam and return to his beloved Alanna. (Beam me up Scotty. Hmmm)

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and so did Mystery in Space, the title which was home for Adam Strange through most of the sixties. During his run, famed DC artist Carmine Infantino worked on the series along with another DC favorite, Murphy Anderson.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, Adam is back in a new maxi-series called "The Return Of Adam Strange." This time the chores have been turned over to writer Andy Diggle and artist Pascal Ferry. The series looks pretty good so hit the comic shops and check this one out. Who knows; maybe somebody will try and revive Space Ranger as well. One can only hope.

Next; on to the movies. This last weekend we all went to see the new Bruce Willis movie, "HOSTAGE." It was great. Lots of action, great plot twists, and solid acting which added up to a really fun movie. This one finds Bruce playing a hostage negotiator that is confronted with multiple problems that he can't reveal to authorities. A father and his kids are being held hostage by three young hoodlums. To complicate matters, the father is tied up with a group of International crime bosses. He has something for them that the police can't get their hands on so they buy themselves some insurance by kidnapping Bruce's family. The family will be released when Bruce turns over the info. I'll tell you what; this was one wild ride and well worth the price of admission. Go see it.

Anyway, that's all for this week. I hope all of you have a Great Weekend. C-Ya!!!

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

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