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London Bombings .... Masters of Horror Update
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Cowards....Did You Say Eddie?...Blondie!!!..Passing On....The Juice Is Still Loose....Jaws: The Story, Part 24
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Creature's Corner

Is anybody out there. We'e been sending signals from the north tower of the "Castle" but the Prof tells me that He and Gorblie have not heard any mutterings lately. I've ordered flares to try and attract anybody still out there. I know we just went through a Star Wars, War Of the Worlds, and Land of the Dead marathon but I didn't realize the toll was that high.

WHAT THE H*LL HAPPENED WITH NOLANCON?????? I mean here was a chance for all the "local" guys and gals to show what they're made of. A convention that could have starred many of us on panel discussions about filmmaking (well that's a ___. You fill in the blank.), Nostalgia, and general genre-type lunacy. It was supposed to be FUN. A film festival, U.F.O.'s (where are all those supporters. I guess they were all _______ over the last couple months. Again, you fill in the blank.) Comic dealers, toy dealers, Actors and "Celebrities" (________________, you know the drill.), Wrasslin' she-babes, H*LL, fun for the whole family. I was lookin' forward to being a "STAR" again (yeah, in some universe not even on any star charts. _____________ I know the drill to). You get the idea. We dropped the ball guys. The other team picked it up and ran with it. Now all those who live inside these walls must wait for who knows how long before they can leave the sanctity of this place they know so well. (I'll be honest, I wish they'd get the H#*l out of here once in a while.)

Anyway, does any of this make sense. Probably not (except to the six of you that read this) but that's the point; it doesn't make any sense that NOLANCON should have crashed and burned. We all can share the blame. A little activity would have made all the difference. We need to band together to show the world what we're made of (which isn't much, but, it's something.). If we don't stand behind ambitious projects such as this then we as an entity, a filmmaking community will crash and burn just like The Hindenburg, The Titanic, The Challenger, Columbia, and the Alamo. Some of ______ may think ______ can rise above the ashes like a Phoenix to be reborn unto the next best thing since sliced bread (you'd have to be pretty F*^&$@G good because sliced bread is tops) but remember one thing; The Phoenix is a Legendary Creature and, being a Cryptozoologist (I know, start the laugh track now but remember, laughins' catchin') I don't recall seeing any evidence that the Phoenix exists (well there was a picture in a...nevermind). You know what I mean.

So there it goes, like a thief in the night. NolanCon is no more. Sorry Boss, we dropped the ball, but I for one, am still behind you in whatever you do.

Oh, and yes, sorry about the soapbox, it is very uncharacteristic of me. I apologize for any inconvenience my lunacy may cause. And yes, I did get Scary Monsters # 55 (The one with the add for "NOLANCON.") Have a Great Week. see everybody in seven with a look at "WAR OF THE WORLDS." Go see it. C-ya!!!

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

P. S. Don't forget the "FANTASTIC FOUR." With Jessica Alba in it, how can it go wrong? Later.

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