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Creature's Corner

Hey Gang:
Man, things got a little strange around here with the news of the world. Hell, I had the Gate Guardian pull up the drawbridge to keep the restless villagers out of the "Castle." It's weird enough in here on a normal day without adding any more "Chaos."

War of the Worlds
Anyway, as promised, I'd like to talk a little bit about "WAR OF THE WORLDS." I thought it was a good movie and thought that Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, and the rest of the cast did a superb job portraying their fears in the face of certain death by those nasty old Martians. How many times do we have to meet these guys before they go someplace else. I mean, after "Mars Needs Women", "Invaders From Mars" (1953 & 1986), Mars Attacks (both the cards and the movie), "The Angry Red Planet", "Red Planet", "Mission To Mars", "Message From Mars" (1913 & 1921), "The Girl From Mars," "Teenagers From Mars" (...and we don't care! OOps! Sorry, got carried away, That line was from the Misfits song), and... TWO other "WAR OF THE WORLDS" movies I thought we'd had enough. I was wrong; "WAR OF THE WORLDS" is a great movie. Spielberg (uh-oh... he's one of those can't talk about people around here) pulled off another winner. This movie has already made over 200 million worldwide in the first ten days, and that ain't chump change brother.

I don't think I'll give anything away as most of us have surely read the classic H.G.Wells classic tale (or at least the Classics Illustrated version anyway). Those who haven't have probably heard about it through other people. This version takes a decidedly different look at the story than either of it's namesakes. The invasion from Mars is looked at from the viewpoint of a man and his two children who are trying to survive in a world turned upside down by the Martian War Machines (Tripods). The Tripods have been awoken from their long slumber (just like the Sleeper in Captain America # 101, 1967) to wreck havoc among the earthlings while attempting to create a Martian environment here on Earth. The Tripods seem invincible as they cut a swathe of death and destruction across the land. I won't go into any details but I'll tell you what; Like I said last week; Go See It!!!

Were there any problems? Yeah there was a couple but I don't think the problems take anything away from the movie. The ending came on a little abruptly. I think they could have developed it a little better. Then there was the problem several friends of mine warned me about; the "Whining, constantly crying and screaming Child!" I watched the movie and found No excessive "Child" reactions. Hell, let's see how all you macho guys out there would handle the same situation. You probably would find (or make) some hole to hide in until it was "Safe." The movie was real intense and I think the reactions portrayed on the screen were very accurate. I got the feeling of hopelessness during the first two-thirds of the movie as the Martian War Machines obliterated everything in sight (including people). Their death/heat rays found no resistance with any material they were leveled against. Again, I repeat, go see this one. I promise, the S*^&$%^@*^*%$sS will not bother you. This movie was very good, the special effects great. I give it a full "Three-and-a-half Screams" on the Creature Scale. I'll tell you one thing; When this Rip Van Winkle wakes after a million year snooze, all hell breaks loose. So, keep your chin up and your eyes on the skies.

Fantastic Four
Ah, now we get to talk about everybody's favorite forty-four year old property; "THE FANTASTIC FOUR." Yes, Marvel's answer to the JLA invaded theaters everywhere last weekend. I saw it last Saturday and, well, sit down for a minute and I'll tell you what I think. The sawdust in my head was swirling like a tornado after watching this one, contemplating what I had just witnessed.Did I like the movie? OH YEAH!!! A very good movie indeed. The background has been updated to reflect them being on a Space Station rather than an ancient Mercury rocket but otherwise the origin of the team remained intact. No problem. Their returning to earth and dealing with their altered states were accurately portrayed. I even liked the rescue on the bridge that solidified them as heroes,and, a team.. All exciting stuff with a solid story background to string it all together. Then suddenly I awoke from this Utopian dream to find a very different DR. DOOM! Dr. Who was more like it (oh no. we're not getting into that argument again. Get out of here Gorblie, we'll talk about him later). I hardly recognized this guy with all his powers and indestructible physical structure. Hello, HELLO!!! DR. DOOM is a techno freak not a super-powered baddie. His highly advanced technology controlled by his twisted mind is what drives him (well, and his hatred for Reed Richards). Well, with his new physical state he can always get a job as a park statue or switch teams to become Iron or Robotman from "The Metal Men" and "Doom Patrol" respectively.

The special effects in this one were good and the Thing's make-up was great. It was the early Kirby version of the Thing that was portrayed. The Human Torch was very cool.

Finally, as I said, With Jessica Alba in it, How could this one lose. Raking in a cool 56 million at the box office I give "FANTASTIC FOUR" a full Three Screams on the Creature Scale. Go see it. This one is a great family flick. The kids will like it.

That's all for this go-round. I hope everyone out there has a Great Week. Oi.


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