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PCR #284  (Vol. 6, No. 35)  This edition is for the week of August 29--September 5, 2005.

Doors Closing, Doors Opening--Part 2
 by William Moriaty
"A Sound of Thunder"
 by Mike Smith
"Filthy" News .... Tampa Comic and Toy Convention....Oddservations Film Reviews: "Contact From Beyond", "The Incredible Comic Book Murder"
  by Andy Lalino
Tampa Bay Comic and Toy Convention....Hurricane Katrina
 by John Lewis
Judgement Day....Movie Notes....The Cable Guys....Sell Out....Passing On....Paging Major Healy....Photographic Memories....Jaws: The Story, Part 31
 by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Hello One & All; From near and Far...
Sorry, got carried away. First and formost; I was in the castle planning some major strategies with Professor 'Ed Shrinker (okay...and Gorblie) when I heard news that the Boss was being treated for an illness. Needless to say all plans were stopped and everyone in the "Castle" was notified. From all here who slither and crawl and walk the halls (sorry, just wanted to make it rhyme, silly me) and fly and...well, whatever..all of us at the "Castle" wish you a speedy recovery. We all missed you at the Tampa Bay Comic and Toy Convention.

Tampa Bay Comic and Toy Convention
Speaking of the convention, there were lots of guests and, thankfully, lots of fans in attendance to keep things moving along. Another successful show for sure. I'll tell you what: I've been to quite a few conventions in my day and Tim Gordon puts on one of the nicest One -Day shows I've seen. If you have not attended one of his shows; WHY NOT!!! It's great fun and I'm sure you would all have a great time.

Anyway, at the show Creature Productions hosted the second Indie Film Fest at the show. This little festival has been created to showcase local bay area filmmakers and give them an outlet to share their creations with others. This time around there were four local submissions (as well as a couple from out of the area). The Guzzo Brothers showed their movie "The Dance", Sheri Lawrence and Paragon Pictures showed "Contact From Beyond", Creature Productions showed "The Incredible Comic Book Murder", and, of course, Andy Lalino graciously supplied a viewing of his award winning movie, "Filthy," for all to see. Everyone had a great time as they all stayed and watched each other's creations. It was another success for the fledgling local film community. If you have not yet entered anything, by all means get something ready for the November show. It's a great way to get your stuff out there for others to see.

Hurricane Katrina
Boy, It sure was sad to see the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as she pounded The states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Looking at the size of the storm as it approached the coast you could tell the Gulf Coast was in for a severe pounding and that the only possible conclusion that could be drawn after it moved through the region was one of total destruction. It was like Hisicane Andrew all over with the added threat of heavy flooding. Adding to the confusion was the predators who came out of the woodwork to create utter chaos in an already dire situation. It is a scenario that repeats itself all too often and one that I hope can be righted as soon as possible.

Seeing the flooded city brought to mind visions of the lost city of Atlantis. The difference is that Atlantis was lost at sea and New Orleans is land-locked so we know where it is and can fix it after the water is drained from the region. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for all who live along the coastline of our southern states.

Anyway, that's it for this week folks. I'll see you in seven. Have a Great weekend!!!

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

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