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    PCR #205  (Vol. 5, No. 9)  This edition is for the week of February 23--29, 2004.

Florida Indies Film Review: "Not Another Student Film" 2003, A Full Sail Production.
 by Will Moriaty
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Florida Indies Film Review:
"Not Another Student Film"
2003, A Full Sail Production

Produced by: Adam Best, Joyce Kahn, Molly O'Donnell
Joey Rienhart: Steven, Ryan Schroan: Lance, Ryan James: Billy, Alyssa Anderson: Michelle, Gus Perez: Professor Ocale, Nick Bennett: Terrorist #1, David Shakir: Terrorist #2, Jose "Tony" Santana: Terrorist #3, Tom Dennis: Skinny T, Macy Jones: Heavy M, Satan: Himself

Produced by the Full Sail School of Film in Winter Park, Florida, this delightful 35 mm effort is a story about three misfits who are convinced that chemistry Professor Ocale, played by Florida actor and Florida Folk Hero Gus Perez, and his three students ,must all be terrorists as they all four have dark skin and work with chemicals. The three misfit-lunkheads are convinced that these four are planning to use these chemicals as "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

The misfits are comprised of Lance, a camo-dude who believes that a terrorist is hiding behind every tree; Billy, a stoner; and Steve, a love struck nerd who keeps "stalking" Michelle, a cute blonde who jogs past him each day.

While Billy is toking on a bogey watching the Cartoon Network, Lance is covering surveillance of a van carrying four dark complexioned people and several barrels of chemicals. In his limited ability to think, Lance "reasons" that these have got to be terrorists who are creating WMD's in the nearby lab. Lance recommends "action" to his two goof ball buddies.

Don't Stalk
The next morning, lovelorn Steve awaits his jogging Princess and gets a lesson on etiquette. In a wonderfully off the wall vignette, Michelle is immediately joined by two hip hop artists, Skinny T and Heavy M, who gyrate to the rhythm of the music and give Steve the straight dope about the rudeness of stalking.

Once their dog and pony show is over they immediately vanish, Mike Alstott jersey and all, and Michelle continues her jog on her merry way, leaving Steve alone again, naturally.

Battle Plan
Thoroughly convinced that the four dark skinned people he has been spying on are threats to Homeland Security. Lance tries whipping Steve and Billy into a frenzy to stop the "middle eastern" foursome before they blow up or poison someone or someplace. As "Get Smart' is playing in the background on the television, Lance has determined that the three of them will break into the lab of the foreign foursome and kick some terrorist booty.

A lighthearted comedy, "Not Another Student Film" is a well-paced short with a dynamite soundtrack.

Other Gus Perez Updates
"Light of Blood"
The Gusmeister's most current foray is a movie he is currently filming with the title mentioned above. Utilizing location shots he made in Havana, Cuba from a visit he made there last year, the premise of his movie is about the creation of a super soldier by Soviet scientists in the deep recesses of a prison that looks very similar to the Morro Castle.

Taking place in Havana, and also filmed in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida, Gus stars as Cuban soldier Tony Luna. It is written, produced and directed by Gus and Florida Indies film luminary Mark Nash, who also helps with the movie's directing. Nash also has an acting role as the Soviet scientist Dr. Rashidou. Rebecca Holycross plays the Soviet character of Katja, while Ray Nelson plays Dr. Cruz and Michael Chomick plays Colonel Ramos.

I will be appearing in a cameo of this movie and look forward to seeing Gus's final product.

"Brain Robbers From Outer Space"
Gus will recreate his role as Detective Gustavo Perez in Garland Hewlitt's production, "Brain Robbers From Outer Space". Meant as a follow up to the Ed Wood schlock classic "Plan 9 From Outer Space", Plan 9 star Conrad Brooks reprises his role of Officer Jamie, while '50's science-fiction actor Joseph Miller uses his brain robbing (not train robbing) wares on an unsuspecting Officer Perez.

A long time coming, I look forward to the hopeful soon release of this Florida Indies film.

And Now For Something Entirely Different, Clyde Butcher's Latest Book
Clyde's new book, Living Waters ~ Aquatic Preserves of Florida, documents this Florida Folk-Hero's year-long adventure of photographing the aquatic preserves in Florida for a PBS documentary by Elam Stolzfus of Live Oak Production Group.

The result is an excellent film by Live Oak Production Group, a traveling museum exhibit of Clyde's photography, a calendar, poster, and Clyde's book, Living Waters. The premiere opening of the exhibit and PBS film is February 20 in Tallahassee. To order the book and for more information on the traveling exhibit, link to http://clydebutcher.com/emarket2//home.cfm?emailid=77

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