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    PCR #207  (Vol. 5, No. 11)  This edition is for the week of March 8--14, 2004.

Katharine Leis's "Untitled DVD Project, Volume One"....Gus Perez's “Light of Blood”
 by Will Moriaty
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Florida Indies Film Review:
"Untitled DVD Project, Volume One"
2004, IKO Productions: 40 minutes
Produced and Directed by Katharine Leis

I had the good fortune to meet Florida independent film producer and actress Ms. Katharine Leis at the 2004 Mega Con event on March 6th.

I had first heard of Ms. Leis’s fine work in Andy Lalino’s "Oddservations” column in PCR #205. In the closing moments of the Con I managed to run into her courtesy of PCR publisher Nolan Canova and Florida independent filmmaker Jason Liquori.

In addition to being an attractive woman, Ms. Leis is a most gracious lady and once I brought the DVD home, I found out how multi-talented she is. The “Untitled DVD Project, Volume One” is a collection of various films by the Divine Ms. L

“Perspective”: 2003
Joey Bassi: Mr. Niceguy
Barton Anderson: Mr. Meanguy
Sheri Lawrence: Flo
Michelle Wargo; Sally Dogwalker
Beeker: Himself

This is a delightful and heartwarming vignette showcasing the perspective of two customers at Shannon’s Casual Cafe in Orlando. Mr. Niceguy is a mentally challenged man who sees the good in all things while Mr. Meanguy is a brusque and harried businessman who finds little joy in living and shares the misery with others. Where Niceguy admires a beautiful Husky (Beeker), Meanguy leers at Sally Dogwalker. Where Niceguy is thankful and appreciative, Meanguy is pushy, cheap and obnoxious. Niceguy reads newspaper articles about charities; Meanguy reads newspaper articles about robberies. Meanguy gets a free sandwich because he complains about having mayonnaise on his first sandwich. He leaves Flo the waitress a 5-cent tip (when the 95 cents for the coffee is factored in to his one dollar bill) while Niceguy leaves $25.00 for Flo’s kindness, making her day.

As for Meanguy; “What a fink!”

The vignette features an excellent musical score called “Rough Country” by Gracy Studios.

I particularly enjoyed the propeller of a P-51 Mustang doubling as the restaurant’s wall fan!

“There’s A Caterpillar In My Bok Choy” (www.theresacaterpillarinmybokchoy.com): 2003
The three shorts that are highlighted from this movie are satirical ads, all of which, particularly the first, left me in stitches; The salsa music intro was muy excelente!

Katharine Leis and William Moriaty
Photo by Nolan Canova
Katharine Leis and William Moriaty at the 2004 MegaCon in Orlando. PCR publisher Nolan Canova and Katharine met for the first time as well, just moments before.
1. “Dorsk Academy”
Starring: Margo Joy

Ever see those ads with the sardonic faced telephone operator urging you to call right now to enroll in this technical institute or that unaccredited university? This hilarious “ad” features Joy urging you to “call right now” to start your exciting new career as a Race Car Driver, Movie Star, Olympic Gold Medallist, Beauty Pageant Winner, Football Player, or other high profile, high paying dream jobs.

“What are you waiting for? Call right now!”

2. “Rick Steele”
Starring: Jerry Eisenger

This is another hilarious “ad” featuring Eisenger as beginner shyster lawyer Rick Steele (who, if you look at his catawampus diploma on the wall, graduated from, you guessed it, “Dorsk Academy”!) who specializes in dog bites, auto accidents, and his personal favorite - - Murder!

His black cat familiar is most appreciated, but never credited to the best of my knowledge in this film.

3. “The Ab Doo Doo”
Starring: Karyn Brantley

Remember the “Thigh Master” and the “Bow Flex?” Well shapely nubile Brantley waxes pathetic on the virtues of this exercise product that if worn for one minute is equivalent to 210 million sit-ups!

“The Hypocrit”: 2002
Gustavo Flores
Katharine Leis

The morning radio awakens Flores to the news of a fatal hit and run in west Orange County, Florida where the motorist fled the scene. He begins obsessing about personal and societal responsibility, only to be greeted by a most grim sight on his way to work. Leis’s character doesn’t fair much better in this O’Henry like production.

“RUN!”: 2003
Katharine Leis: Jogger
Brad Boyce: The Creep
Beeker: The Dog (also refer to “Perspective” and "Bok Choy Trailer")

Very dark and moody, this abridged version begins with Leis’s character putting on make up prior to her night jog. “Agent 99” provides the musical score with the song “She’s Alone”. Once out on the dark and lonely streets, the Creep stalks the jogger. The music becomes foreboding and violent as the “Shelly Winters Project” launches into the song “I Hate Everything But You”. The Creep follows her to her home, where she left the door unlocked.

He enters the house.

We hear a dull sickening thud...

The remaining shorts are “Behind the Scenes of Perspective” and a “Bok Coy Trailer” (featuring Beeker the adorable Husky, an unnamed Calico cat, and an unnamed black cat (for a second time) - - cats get no respect!).

Leis approaches her movies with depth, wit, character and heart. I am proud to add her to my list of Florida Folk Heroes. Check out her witty web site at: http://www.ikatherine.com

“Light of Blood” Update (a.k.a. “A Monster in the Making”)
We head west from Katharine Leis’s Orange County to Gustavo Perez’s Port Tampa setting where the filming of “Light of Blood” (see “La Floridiana” in Issue #205) was in full swing on Sunday March 7, 2004.

In the scene I watched being filmed, a misbehaving super soldier walks out of a bar with his honey with romance on his mind - - until the real animal in him comes out with deadly results!

The man behind the movie "Light of Blood", Gustavo Perez, readies the camera for action.The making of a monster! Actor, director, and producer of "Light of Blood", Perez begins the first phase of make-up for his Cuban super soldier.
Next we add a little facial hair... Now Perez could really use some Barbasol!
Final monster photo witheld by request. Gus wants you to see the movie!
This is what too many Margaritas and Pina Coladas can lead to!

Next week I will make my own cameo appearance in the film as an American tourist who witnesses the super soldier’s fatal rampage. Stay tuned!

"La Floridiana" is ©2004 by William Moriaty.  Photos of Gus Perez by William Moriaty.  Webpage design and all graphics herein (except where otherwise noted) are creations of Nolan B. Canova.  All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2004 by Nolan B. Canova.