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La Floridiana by Will Moriaty
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    PCR #208  (Vol. 5, No. 12)  This edition is for the week of March 15--21, 2004.

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Florida Indies Film Review: "Light of Blood” Update

Murder in the Morning
The camera began rolling on a windy, cloudless and warm March 14th morning. Amidst the tranquility and soothing sounds of aquatic birds along the shoreline of Lake Robinson in Tampa, which doubles in this movie as a Rio in Cuba, two detectives are leaning over a grisly discovery.

So begins another day of filming for the Gustavo Perez produced and directed feature length movie ‘Light of Blood”.

William Insignares and David Vogel play the detectives.

When not acting, Insignares owns and manages Demolition Comics located at 4049 South Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa. Vogel also acts in his spare time. Immediately after the morning filming, Vogel had to jump in his vehicle and make tracks to Universal Studios in Orlando on a call back for appearance in an ad for the Ontario Lottery. Here’s wishing David the best of luck in securing the job!

The morning filming finished out with me playing an American tourista who witnessed the murder from across the Rio a day earlier. Little did I know 31 years earlier that I would be filmed next to my old alma mater, Robinson High School in a locally produced movie!

Slaughter at Sunset
Much later on that same day, Gus was busy setting up his tripod and putting on his theatric makeup in order to begin shooting a murder scene on a back street in Port Tampa, doubling as a street in Havana.

His super soldier goes on yet another rampage, this time killing a nubile young blonde thang played by local public access diva Robyn Rose. Rose’s real life daughter, Emel, puts in a cameo as the offended witness to the smoochies between the super soldier and the vixen that soon turns deadly.

After the super soldier literally tears the lifeblood out of the vixen, it begins chasing the attractive young lady into the direction of a local law enforcement officer played by actor and all around great guy Peter Melendez. He shoots at the super soldier to no avail. After the super soldier knocks out the cop, it grabs the petite witness and carries her off into the distance.

What happens next? You’ll just have to wait until after this Gustavo Perez movie makes its public debut!
Actor David Vogel hamming it up before shooting of "Light of Blood".Producer and Director of "Light of Blood", actor Gustavo Perez gets his camera angles down prior to the morning filming session.Playing a detective, actor William Insignares surveys the remains of the super soldier's madness from a day earlier.
The three Cuban detectives are baffled by what could have caused such carnage.A close-up of star Robyn Rose who plays a victim to the super soldier's madness.When not playing a cop in the movie, actor Peter Melendez assists with camera shots.
Seen relaxing, Robyn's real life daughter Emel puts in a cameo as a terrified witness.This can happen to you if you don't visit the dentist more often! Gustavo Perez as the super soldier in a close up orthodontal shot.

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