LETTERS  PCR #179      (August 25--31, 2003)

Steve Beasley on Mars
Ashley on Smoking in the Movies

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.

Ya know.....last night at 9:51 (New Zealand time) was supposed to be the best time to see Mars at its closest from here, and when the heavy cloud layer parted......Mars didn't look that much different than it normally does. Someone mentioned a few weeks ago that it should appear to be the second largest body in the nightsky, just smaller than a full moon. Sadly, I wasn't impressed. I mean, as you well know, I love staring at stars and meteor showers and such, but this marked event, at least in New Zealand.....was unimpressive.

It does make me wish that I still had my old refractor 'scope, tho. I truly miss the "up close and personal" views of our solar system.

Steve [Beasley]
Auckland, NZ

Stephen, I'm afraid I can't agree that Mars was -- or is -- unimpressive, just that the media tends to overblow everything to the point where the real thing can't possibly live up to the hype ("slightly smaller than a full moon" is ridiculous. If it was THAT close, Mars' gravity would be causing a lot of trouble here!). However, at my location in Tampa, Mars is currently the only thing that CAN be seen through the light pollution, red glow and all, until close to dawn when Orion clears the treetops. --Nolan

Uncle Nolan,
Twenty-four Attorney Generals have asked Hollywood to reduce smoking in the movies. Who the hell do they think they are? I have watched people smoke in the movies for years and I don't smoke. Smoking is a conscience decision made by one's self. If influence from the movies makes kids smoke, then adults need to re-evaluate their parenting skills. Although, I will say this in regards to kids today: maybe 1/3 of them have half a brain.

It truly is sad...the youth of America.

Ashley Lauren

Let's see...if one-third of them half half a brain, and another third have half, how many thirds and brains would be required to travel from New York to Boston given a speed of 70 mph and 24 Attornies General...UGH, I hate math!!

Seriously, it's just another way of blaming Hollywood for something, just like they always do. I'll tell you what, tho: after a lackluster summer at the box-office, the last people I want to see having an influence on creative decisions are politicians!---Nolan

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