LETTERS  PCR #181      (September 8--14, 2003)

Terence's Corrections
Steve's Top 10 or so Albums of the '60s
Terence opines on Creature's Corner
Mike's Fan Club begs to differ
Andy Lalino is back!

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.

Ah, correction time. Some do need it.

First off, to Mack Beasley. CCR: Cosmo's Factory and Steppenwolf: 7 are both albums from 1970, Three Dog Night: Live At The Forum is the name of that album. I think Nolan let the 1970 albums go because it is technically the end of the '60s. (Yes, I count "zero" years as decade's end. So, it's not so much a correction, Mack, but a nit-pick Terence and I had over calendar semantics. I agree with you, but really, the '60s didn't end until 1972, after which the catalytic converter was introduced. That pretty much buried the dream. ---N) I have no problem with you Mack so don't worry. (Whew! Now you can get some sleep, Mack!)

While I'm at it, let me go on record as saying Mack's list was one of the most touchingly poignant Top 10 lists we've ever run! I love the angle about the beautiful girlfriend! ---Nolan

Andy Lalino
Now onto Andy Lalino who I do have a problem with and who needs to be corrected (See Andy's letter --N). Ignorance is indeed shameful, Andy. First off calling Cat People (the remake) a great movie is beyond belief. I can't believe my ears! It is not only an insult to the great Val Lewton/Jacques Tournier 1942 original but it also a insult to the screenwriter of the remake, the great Alan Ormsby. Ormsby who gave us the excellent Deranged and Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things and did the make-up for Shockwaves has gone on record as hating this film.

Secondly, you need to do your homework. Calling Bava's excellent Lisa and The Devil an Exorcist clone is preposterous. Did you even watch it? How is a film about a mansion whose servant is the devil showing that the devil is simply servant to man's evil, about possesion at all? Unless you meant the re-edited American cut House Of Exorcism which added scenes at the begining, and shows the main character as a victim of possession, but that cut is not called Lisa And The Devil. As for Ganja & Hess, again, did you even watch it or do you like to just name-drop films like a showoff? Ganja & Hess (AKA The Blood Couple) is about a guy who gets cut with an ancient knife and then has an insatiable thirst for blood. It treats vampirism as an addiction. Hmm, so how does this resemble The Exorcist? You know what? Do your homework before writing letters. You claim that you are sad 'cuz this isn't the '70s anymore, yet you don't even get the films correct.

And one last thing, why, oh why, do you call The Beyond by its American title, The Seven Doors of Death? Do tell me that is not the cut you saw and are praising?

Class dismissed. For more study notes see my series on '70s horror films, The Enlightenment by Terence Nuzum,  Nolan's Pop Culture Review #115.

To Hell With You All,
Terence Nuzum

STEVE'S TOP 10 or so '60s ALBUMS

Of course I have an opinion, but since I only bought.....maybe 2-3 albums in the '60s that would even qualify, I'm having some difficulty coming up with some. In the early '70s I was introduced to some '60s albums that I enjoyed immensely.

In no particular order, my favorite albums in the 1960s include....

(I actively listened to these during the 60's)

1. The Monkees (the album with Zor and Zam and also the one with Magnolia Sims)
2. The Beatles "Rubber Soul" (Norwegian Wood, with its lilting refrain was a fave)
3. Any Sound Effects Album
4. Elvis Presley "G.I. Blues"
5. Alvin & The Chipmunks
6. Bill Cosby "he's a very funny fellow. Right!"
7. Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire"
8. Paul Revere and the Raiders' album. I forget the name of the album but I remember it had the bandmembers all sitting on an army tank. I played the hell outta that.
9. Gary Puckett and the Union Gap   "Woman Woman".

That's all I can really come up with for now.....
(I was actually busy playing Superman and the Hulk for most of those years)

Steve [Beasley]

Regarding Creature's Corner #180...


It was like Mickey Spillane trying to write Poe!

To Hell with it all,
Terence Nuzum


Mike Smith,
How can you give Jeepers Creepers 2 more stars than Freddy vs Jason? (Re: Movie Reviews Creepers and Jason--N) Freddy vs Jason is an award-winner compared to Jeepers Creepers 2 which had the crappiest ending ever...I mean I guess I can give it some credit ...it was almost as scary as Gigli. Freddy vs Jason was really good.

Sorry to know that you didn't like it.


The boss forwarded your letter to me. Sorry you disagreed with my opinion of Jeepers Creepers 2. That's all it was......MY OPINION. If you have been a long time PCR reader, you know that many of us here have different likes and dislikes. I'm not afraid to admit that for almost 30 years I have worshipped at the altar of Steven Spielberg, "Hook" excepted. And because of that I will be unmercifully mocked by Terence [Nuzum] until the day I die. But he knows that it is just MY opinion. It doesn't mean he thinks any less of me...........at least I don't think so! I'm sure he gives me points for also worshipping at the altar of Kubrick, "Barry Lyndon" excepted. But our differences in anything, no matter how big or small, are what makes our venture here great. I would think that if everyone here thought and wrote the same thing each week that soon the only readers we would have would be ourselves.

The thing that disappointed me most with Freddy vs Jason was that it was just a bloodfest. These days so many horror films are filled with nothing but buckets of blood, as if gallons of Karo syrup can make up for any kind of suspense. I can remember standing in the back of the theatre during the most recent reissue of "The Exorcist" and hearing people LAUGH during parts that had scared the hell out of me when I was 17. The fact that the producers of "Exorcist 4: The Beginning" are reshooting to make sure the finished film is more gore-filled worries the hell out of me. It seems that they, too, forget what makes horror films work. The earlier films in the respective "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" series had this in spades. And the audience reaction proved it. In one of my earliest gigs as a theatre manager, I was sent to help out at the Town Theatre in downtown Baltimore. This theatre seated, with the balcony, over 1000 people per show. The original "Nightmare" film ran to packed houses there for weeks. In fact, the theatre was the highest-grossing theatre running "Nightmare" IN THE COUNTRY. Of course, that was back in what I remember as the "good old days," when there wasn't a movie theatre on every corner. The original "Nightmare" opened on only 165 screens NATIONWIDE, compared to the over 3,000 that "F v J" hit. It took in $1.27 million dollars it's opening week, when top ticket prices were $3.50. Per screen average then was $7700.00. In today's age of $8.00 tickets it would have done more then $15,000 per screen, compared to "F vs J," which averaged $12,000. I'm getting off the subject here, and for that I apologize. But I also wanted you to know what I look for in a film. In my opinion, "Jeepers Creepers 2" had more of what I like in a horror film then "Freddy vs Jason" did. And that is why I rated it higher.

Thank you for your note. I'm sure I speak for all of us here at the PCR when I say that our biggest reward is a letter to the boss about something we have written. I hope you continue to enjoy our work and will always feel free to contact us when you have a comment.

Michael [Smith]

It is worth noting the young lady replied to me and Mike in personal emails that she understood about differing opinions, and while she still thinks Freddy vs Jason was great, she likes our 'zine and website, so we like her back! Thanks for writing, Gina, please do keep in touch. ---Nolan


Re: PCRs 179 & 180.
Congrats on getting TWON up and running. Sorry to report that I tried re-installing Real Player on my system (now I remember why I uninstalled it in the first place), but couldn’t get it at work due to username/password issues, so unfortunately I’m still “in the dark” when it comes to TWON. Guess the good news is that I caught a sneak preview at filmmaker Chris Woods' pad. All of us local Florida filmmakers owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude for the support your site has given us through the years. Thank you, my friend!

I’m sorry too about not writing in a while. I’ve been freelancing full-time and it’s been eating up my free time for the most part.

Mike's Rant
AMC Ressurects the GC jingle

Wow! Are you serious? AMC resurrected the famous General Cinemas jingle? How cool is that? Now if they'd only re-create the grape-jelly kaleidoscope background that accompanied it, we'd all be in '70s heaven.

Paul Schrader
Has he made a watchable movie since his brilliant 1982 remake of "Cat People"? "Auto Focus" just didn't cut it (it could have been really good). At first I was excited about the prospect of Schrader returning to horror, hoping that he’d re-create the great ambience of “Cat People” in the sequel to “The Exorcist”, but he seems to have dropped the ball (I guess; this may be all baloney, but I doubt it). Some horror fan I am; I still haven’t seen “Freddy vs. Jason” or “Jeepers Creepers 2” yet.

On a weird note, Weekly Planet film critic Lance Goldenberg had “Exorcist 4” listed in his movie review section, but to my knowledge the film has not yet been released in the Tampa Bay area. Actually, I didn’t even know it was completed! Have any updates, Mike?

I think they should give up on the “Exorcist” franchise. All the sequels were lackluster (part 2: The Heretic was just plain awful, and I’m a big Boorman fan), and the ‘70s were chock full of sub-standard imitators, namely: “Ganja & Hess”, “Abby”, “Lisa and the Devil”, “Beyond the Door”, and Italy’s “Demon Witch Child” (all are a delight to watch, however, if you are a schlock movie fan). There is no way on earth anyone can beat the ’73 original, so why try? This ‘aint the ‘70s anymore (as a tear forms in my eye).

Nolan, you mentioned you recall seeing Tim Thomerson do an imitation of Bronson in an old ‘70s show. Might that have been the great, short-lived series QUARK? God, I’d love to see that show again! It was a favorite! Bronson was indeed a very cool actor. Loved him in “House of Wax” and “The White Buffalo”.

(The old comedy show I saw Thomerson on was a wee-hours-of-the-morning Don Kirsher's Rock Concert-except-for-comedians type knock-off I doubt I'll ever remember the name of. I'll never forget another night the broadcast tape of that same show, different episode, screwed up and I saw Jim Stafford do his whole act at 10 Times normal speed! Defective equipment or malicious operator? Who knows. Sigh...those were the days.---Nolan)

Thanks, Ashley, for coming out to the “Filthy” premiere (thank your dad too). An even bigger thanks for giving it a “B” in your column. It was a great night. We were about 30 seats shy of selling out the theater – and that was without any publicity/advertising whatsoever and a 1am start time! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the movie.

“Filthy” will be playing this Friday (9/12) at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (M.I.F.F.) in Melbourne, Florida. For show time, driving directions, etc. log on to the official “Filthy” website (say it with me, Nolan…) www.filthythemovie.com. (I freakin' say it in my sleep, for chrissakes....--N) Go to the “Now Playing” button and click the M.I.F.F. link.

- Andy Lalino

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