LETTERS  PCR #196      (December 22--31, 2003)

•  Happy Holidays From ED Tucker
•  Season's Greetings From Steve Beasley
•  Season's Greetings From Jason Liquori
•  A Note From Director Katherine Leis
•  Lisa Zubek on Matt's poetry
•  Season's Greetngs From the Sousa Family
•  Tony W. Corrects Matt D. on Bob Seger
•  Pop N' Sons Lives
•  To Will Moriaty: Who Was First In The Air?

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


Happy holidays to you and all of the contributors to this wonderful webzine known as the PCR. I can't express to you what an honor it is to be counted among such luminaries in the year-end edition (Re: homepage, "I want to thank...". --N). I thought you might like a few facts to set the record straight so when aliens intercept this webzine millions of years in the future they will be saved for posterity!

First off, you were right on target about my age of 37. I was born in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixty-six (November 20th to be exact if you want to add that to your birthday roster) in Ocala, Florida and well within the signal of WTOG 44. I was blessed with very supportive parents who did, and still do, all they can to help me whether they understand the project or not. I attribute my love for horror and science fiction in large part to the 44 Creature Feature and also to Famous Monsters magazine and the summer Kiddie Matinees I got to go to at my local theater. I have been a resident of Jacksonville since I moved here in 1987 to finish college at the University of North Florida. Jacksonville is rich in its own history of movie making and pop culture and I enjoy exploring it every chance I get. I have been married for almost eleven years to my wonderful, and also very supportive, wife Cindy.

As near as I can recall, we must have met [online] somewhere around September of 2001, not long after Will started his highly enjoyable piece on Tampa's horror hosts. The Crazed Fanboy website has been at the top of my favorites list ever since. The "lost" Dr. Paul Bearer interview actually took place in his home in August of 1991 in preparation for the presentation at that year's Necronomicon convention. I have had articles published in fanzines like Shock Review and the Big Jim Collector's Newsletter (both now defunct) and have had multiple articles published in Scary Monsters Magazine including a cover story in issue #38. I have also had articles published in Toy Shop and wrote a column on collectible toys for the short lived P's & Q's magazine. I even published my own Dr. Who fanzine for a number of years called The Last Incarnation. Those are all stories for another day!

My only regret is that I do not have time in my busy schedule to provide a more consistent contribution to the PCR. I think it is an absolutely wonderful forum for pop culture discussion and it has sparked more memories for me than just about anything else I can think of thanks to all of the great contributors who CAN write regular columns. Among my New Year's resolutions are to 1.) contribute more to the PCR this year and 2.) to at least double my meetings with you from last year (for those counting, that will be at least two!). Keep up the great work in 2004, my friend. No matter how busy my schedule gets, I always find time to read the PCR.

Arthur Edward Tucker, II (but that's just ED to you!)

ED, thank you for one of the nicest and most meaningful letters I have ever received. Rest assured that as long as there's at least a couple working muscles in my body that can compulsively tap on these computer keys, the PCR will live, as will Crazed Fanboy. The long, lonely hours, the obsessive devotion and sacrifices over the last several years' time are made worthwhile by letters like yours that suggest I have touched people's lives in a positive way. And although I dot every "i" and cross every "t" on this website by hand, I'd never have lasted this long, or attracted any serious attention, without the support of talented friends and contributors like yourself. ---Nolan


To all,
I read each and every issue of PCR as if my life depends upon it....it also helps to read the PCR when I'm missing home more than the usual amount.

First of all, I want to thank Nolan for continuing this project (PCR) which started so many years ago and I am also thankful that I was there to witness the creative beginnings. I also want to thank Nolan for enabling me to keep up with the Florida Film industry from halfway around the world.

I thank Will Moriaty for always writing about subjects close to my heart, namely aircraft history and Florida trivia (and cars). We seem to have a lot in common.

A hearty thanks to Terence Nuzum for creating tension within the group (Umm...well, that's not his prime directive, more like a side-effect, but thanks.---N). Even Thomas Jefferson said that the goverment needs to be antagonized once in a while, just to keep it honest. Actually Jefferson's words were a bit different, I am paraphrasing here, folks. I especially enjoyed the uproar when Mack Beasley and Terence clashed ideas. Much safer than clashing swords, eh? (Ah yes, the Top Ten Albums debacle---ha ha, classic stuff. ---N)

Thanks to Mike Smith for the movie reviews, as usual. He generally has similar taste to my own, so he can be trusted to know if a movie is worthy of my gaze.

Thanks to Matt Drinnenberg for keeping up with Forry's situation for us. I only wish I had the time to do it myself.

A "Good on ya mate!" to John Lewis for "Permanent Job", as well as for "Creature's Corner".

Congrats to Brandon Jones for his continuous comic-al updates.

Congrats to Vinnie Blesi for his "Strange Agents" success and also contributing "Couch Potato Confessions" to PCR.

Thanks to all staff writers for their amazing ability to come up with material week after week after week.....ad infinitum. (And ad nauseum, some would say.---N)

On behalf of Middle Earth, I wish a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all PCR writers and readers!

-Steve (reporting from Middle Earth) Beasley
Auckland, New Zealand

Steve, thanks for writing and the greetings are echoed back your way most jubilantly. Readers, it's my understanding that my favorite Georgia Mountain Boy-by-way-of-New Zealand will be returning to the States early next year with Kiwi wife, Sose, in tow! Finally, I can plan on some decent on-location movie help! LOL!---Nolan


It's funny, I was reading the paragraph you wrote about me on your year-end wrap up (Re: "I want to thank..." on the homepage.---N) and thought that I should thank you for showcasing all of my work for me. Writing and filming aren't nearly as fulfilling without an audience.

Happy Holidays. Wait `til you see what I have for you next year.

- Jason

You scare me with talk like that. Ha ha, no seriously, Jason, I'm glad to do it, and I appreciate your generosity. Hopefully we can look back on this time of growth and say we were on the ground floor of something huge. I'll always remember those who were with me from the start. ---Nolan


Hi Nolan,
I guess there is a belated Merry Christmas in order too!

This is Katharine Leis, director of RUN! and Perspective, and actor in RUN!.

I meant to write a thank you to you awhile back about posting Sheri Lawrence’s article on Perspective, but somehow the grey matter failed me on that.

Thank you so much for that, and also for your very nice review of RUN! at Saints and Sinners (Covered in issue #194, scroll down. Katherine, glad to do it, I always enjoy S&S!---N). I just came across it tonight, as I was trying to make out notes from the festival for my article in aXis magazine’s January issue. I linked over from the Icon Film Studios site. I write a column for aXis called “The Independent Filmmaker,” and unfortunately did not get a chance to speak with them, either.

I saw your photos and do remember seeing you at the festival, and I’m sorry we did not get a chance to meet! I look forward to meeting you at the next Florida event.

I will keep this brief since I am struggling to read my chicken scratch notes, but I will definitely make mention of your review in big bold letters and link you from the ikoproductions.com site. (Thank you!--N)

You run a fantastic site and seem to be a very intelligent and sincere person. (Thank you again, and back atcha kid!--N)

Thank you again,



I know I don't write in much these days, but I HAD to drop you a line to comment about Matt's BRILLIANT Christmas poem! (Re: "'Twas the Night...", Matt's Rail, this issue.--N) He has proven that time hasn't dulled his writing abilities one bit. I always did say he was a musical genius... I remember a suitcase full of wonderful songs that he had written. Now he has proven that he has "still got it" (the ability to write prose like nobody's business).

Matt, hat's off to ya, dude... that poem was positively inspired. (You're wasting your talent on these boobs! LOL! Just kidding Nolan, I LOVE the PCR)

A very happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours!

- Lisa [Zubek]

After forwarding this letter to Matthew, I got an IM from him in minutes that said, "Glad I'm still BRILLIANT". Hahaha... He slays me. Lisa, I'm glad you liked his version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"! I did, too.---Nolan


...to all the PCR crew from the Sousa family! Had a wonderful year that saw our daughter start her 2nd year of high school, (Holy Crap! Pass the Geritol!) and I took a year off from work to renovate parts of our house. Am now at a great job in the engineering department at an upscale A.L.F. here in South Tampa.

Best wishes to: Mike Smith (miss ya, bro'), Matt Drinnenberg (likewise, my friend), Corey Castellano, Scott A. (the SAG) Gilbert, Vinnie B., Mike (Deadguy) Scott, Will (Florida Folk Hero) Moriaty, Brandon Jones, Patty "Writer Babe" Henderson, Terence (Devil's advocate) Nuzum, John Lewis and Ashley Lauren, Andy, Jason and Ed!

And of course, Nolan B. Canova, for a great page of entertainment, information, and opinions! All the best to you all during this holiday season, and in the year ahead. Salud! (And to you, too, sir! ---N)

Richard, Janet and Maddie Sousa


Stumbled across your page at http://www.crazedfanboy.com/nolansnewsstand02/popculturereview117.html

There's a [song] covers list by Matt Drinnenberg that has an error. It lists "Get Out of Denver" as a cover by Bob Seeger [sic] of the Dave Edmunds tune. Wrong. Dave covered Bob Seger's tune. You can verify this at:


It's a great tune. But the Seger version is not a cover. Just an FYI.

-- Tony Wesley

Tony, thanks for writing, I've forwarded this to Matt for a possible reaction. I'm not all that knowledgable on Bob Seger, so I apologize for not catching that, or the spelling of his name. Matt was likely writing from memory like we (mostly) all do, but frequently the old memory banks glitch out, I know it does me sometimes. Thanks again for the correction. ---N


I am the daughter of the owner of Pop N’ Sons [restaurants] you wrote about in “Hungering for Memories” (Re: La Floridiana, PCR 149.--N). Thank you for mentioning us, but we are still open at two locations on Dale Mabry [in Tampa]. Love for you to come down sometime. Just north of the stadium.

Allison Watson

Allison, thanks so much for writing! After reviewing the La Floridiana issue in question myself just now, I realize Will and I left it a little vague as to whether Pop N' Sons was still open or not, especially since the article as a whole was mainly centered on nostalgia for older restaurants, long-since closed. It was not our intention to imply your restaurant had closed and regret any confusion this caused. Pop N' Sons figures in our nosalgia to this day AND it is still open for business!
Continued good luck in the future. ---Nolan


Hello William,
I just came across your La Floridiana page on a Google Search for "Aeromarine Airways," which you covered in your History of Aviation, Part II (1920-1941). In it you correctly state that Aeromarine Airways began the first international passenger service from Key West to Havana on November 1st 1920. You go on to state the following:

"It was also here that the most memorable airline in world history, Pan American Airways, got its start in 1925 and provided the first international delivery of both passengers and airmail under the United States flag on a flight in a Fokker F-7 piloted by Hugh Wells, Ed Musick and John Johansen to Cuba on October 28, 1927".

Unfortuntately, that is partially incorrect. This honor also goes to Aeromarine Airways on the November 1st flight which carried U.S. Air Mail, as well as the passengers, under a contract with the U.S. Post Office. This contract lasted until May of 1921, and was renewed late in 1922 until May of 1923. It is often overlooked by later historians of Pan American and the Keys. If you'd like I would be happy to send you a scan of a flight cover carried on this Aeromarine flight, as well as some photographs of that day.

Many Thanks,
Daniel Kusrow

PCR writer William Moriaty says: "Big thanks go out to alert reader Daniel Kusrow for this frequently overlooked piece of aviation history. Part of next week's La Floridiana will showcase Mr. Kusrow's documentation and photographs giving us a better picture of early aviation and Aeromarine Airways in particular!"

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