LETTERS  PCR #201      (January 26--February 1, 2004)

 Jason Liquori remembers "Voyage Into Space"
 Rick Sousa on the meaning of the tattoo
 Lonnie Dohlen on the Captain's Hat
 Andy Lalino on PCR #200 and beyond
 Dr. Paul Bearer fan with a question (and ED Tucker's response)
 Tattoo-bearer with a question (with responses by Ogre and Black Dog)

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Oh my gosh, if this is the movie I am thinking of, I loved it! (Re: A Dr. Paul Bearer Fan With A Question and ED Tucker's Response, --N.) I never could remember the title, but I distinctly remember wanting to see it again. A kid talked to a robot through a watch and they fought a bunch of giant monsters together, right? We didn't get Creature Feature where I lived up north, but we did have "The 4:30 Movie" which was giant monsters one week every three months or so.

I would look for a way to see this movie again, but maybe I am better off remembering I liked it so much, rather than watching it now and perhaps ruining the childhood experience.

Jason [Liquori]


(Re: the reader with the tattoo question---N)
Rick "Vercetti" Sousa responds:
Hey, Amanda, it's an inverted image of the pyramid from the back of a dollar bill, which means it's a sign of the Illuminati. You're marked for life.

Oh, yeah...and what Black Dog said. ;)

Rick Sousa


Hello, Nolan
In response over the recent passing of Bob Keeshan, I don't want to be offending anyone over this, But Keeshan discarded his conductor's hat for a hairpiece or wig, for his character, if anyone asks. Sorry.

Lonnie Dohlen

Lonnie's referring to my observation that Bob "Captain Kangaroo" Keeshan abandoned the conductor's hat part of his costume by the early '60s, I did not speculate why. I probably figured maybe it just got in the way. Heck, I thought he started the show originally with the hat AND the wig! No offense taken, Lonnie, I always want to know the real scoop on anything. If Keeshan revealed more insider stuff during a later interview regarding its use, I didn't catch it, and I thought I'd seen 'em all. ---Nolan


A hearty congratulations to you and the staff of N'sPCR for the #200 milestone. I've perused many Fanboy websites, and let me tell you, none match N'sPCR's magic, charm, and secret recipe of showcasing Fanboy genre memories. (Why thank you, sir! --N) Where else can one, on a weekly basis, check in with friends from all over the world, discussing everything from "The Incredible Melting Man" to "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King"? Pure magic, I tell you! Guess that's why I'm on staff; I have to share the magic with others!

Congrats #2 on the award you all have received for the online publication of "Flash Fantastic"! (Thank you again, I'm proud of that too. The award is being displayed on the the CF homepage this week, but is being displayed on the Flash Fantastic Homepage permanently! --N)

Another big thank you to Ed Tucker, who's quickly becoming my hero, for many recent offerings: His excellent review of the long-awaited "Lost in Space" Boxed Set, which was an excellent review, and the F-Ex Con report. For those who don't know, Ed is an expert on [the late] Dr. Paul Bearer, our local horror host here in Tampa Bay.

I wanted to let Matt Drinnenberg know that I voted in the Rondo Awards, even though I'm bad and didn't see many of the films listed. (Ummm...no, you're GOOD because you voted, so Matt forgives you. I'M bad because I suck at remembering to participate in those things at all, so he's always pissed at me. --N)

I noticed Mike Smith is a fan of Dr. Demento, a radio show which I have never heard, only know about. Very cool Mike! I'm not familiar with Luke Ski, but I can pretty much tell you with certainty I wouldn't dig even a parody of an "Eminem" song (Readers: I apologize for the necessary use of the name "Eminem" in my letter. Ordinarily I would not mention the name of such a "celebrity" in my written piece). (Feelings about Eminem aside, the Dr. Demento show's absence from Florida airwaves for decades is indeed tragic. Fortunately, he still enjoys a robust following in the west. --N)

Like most of you, I'm very saddened to hear of the death of Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), who I grew up with also, along with Sesame Street, Villa Allegre, The Electric Company, Zoom, our local edition of "Romper Room" (which I was on in 1973) (NO WAY, really? Haha, I was on "Mary Ellen" in the '60s...I think), and Mr. Rogers. Not many kid show entertainers left alive from the old days. I read about the passing of Ann ("You Can't Take It With You") Miller, which was sad as well. May they be remembered forever.

- Andy


For years, I have been a Creature Feature fan. I have been trying to locate two movies from that show.

The first one was about a scientist who built a robot with a watch and the first person to talk into the watch, controls the watch. At the end of this movie, the robot took the monster into space and hit a meteor.

The second one was about a Samurai creature who lived in a rock. When he put his hands together and places them over his face one way, he becomes good, if he moves his hands the other way, he becomes angry.

I don't know the title of either of these movies. If you can help in any way find these movies and titles of the movies, I would appreciate it.

Dr. Paul Bearer will always be missed.

Thank you in advance,
Lemuel Williams

Thanks so much for writing, Lem! I replied to you previously that I didn't know the answer but would forward this to my crack staff of film experts. ED Tucker responds below ---Nolan


The first movie this gentleman is referring to is Voyage into Space and it was a compilation film derived from the AIP television series Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. The second film is on of the Majin series. There were three films in this series but only two, Majin Monster of Terror and Return of the Giant Majin were released to US television. Four tapes of episodes from Johnny Sokko were released on VHS many years ago but the movie never was. All three Majin movies were recently released on DVD in their original Japanese language versions with English subtitles. I have Voyage into Space, the entire 26 episode Johnny Sokko series, and both Majin movies on tape, all in their original US English-dubbed versions. None of these were taped off of Creature Feature, though.

I hope this helps.
- ED -

Thanks, ED, absolutely it did! Once again you've proven to be a formidable film historian. Terence and I had the distinct feeling it might be a TV compilation; the "Samurai" reference suggested it was Japanese. That's as far as we could take it, no clue as to identity or title. Thanks again. ---Nolan


Just had a question, don't know if u will even know this but... I have an upside-down pyramid on my lower back, it is black-edged and blue in the center, what actually does this mean, if there is a meaning?

Thank u for ur time!!!!

Amanda [no last name]

Thanks for writing Amanda, but once again I am clueless, so I turned this over to my crack staff of newly-aquired young goth-punks and this is what they had to say:


The tattoo in question could be related to role-playing or video games. In case of the former, the upside-down triangle with black outline and blue interior could signify an arcane relic used to open a rift between the physical world and the spectral world. In the latter case, there is a video game called "Legend of Zelda" where your tattoo resembles the tri-force of wisdom. --- Ogre


What does it mean? It means do not get drunk and get tats, that's what the f&*k it means. ---Black Dog

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