LETTERS  PCR #207      (March 8--14, 2004)

 Rick Sousa on "Deadguy's Dementia: the Return"

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Mike Scott,
You pretty much nailed it (Re: Deadguy's Dementia, PCR #206, about the gay marriage amendment.--N). My wife and I had the good fortune to attend a "commitment" ceremony 15 years ago for our good friends Tracy and Joan. The word "marriage" between gay people wasn't a bandied-about term back then. It's the whole idea of committing yourself to another person,no matter who they are that makes a family. They're still together, have two wonderful, normal adopted kids, and could be considered "married" nowadays. It's not WHO you love that matters, but that you love and are loved in return that matters.

Great piece, Mike. Long time,no see.

Richard and Janet Sousa

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